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Bingo Love: A Black Queer romance graphic novella. Click the button below to preorder TODAY!
Bingo Love: A Black Queer romance graphic novella. Click the button below to preorder TODAY!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Vizcarra on

      Hi Hi! sorry, i wasn't sure the best forum to reach out to you, but I live in California and haven't received the hard copy yet. I was waiting for the dust to settle to inquire. Is there a specific way to follow-up?

    2. Christina Devlin on

      You are a rockstar! Please take care of yourself and your family.

    3. Laurie Burkand

      Folks, Kickstarter is not a store and project owners are real people, not giant corporations! Most projects are created and fulfilled by regular people who are usually running their campaigns with passion but not a lot of experience. Running a campaign is a huge time commitment which can be overwhelming to many project owners. If you think you should be able to plunk down your credit card and get your 'purchased' item immediately, please think again. If that's what you want, wait until your item is listed on Amazon. Then you can pay the Amazon markup and miss out on the chance to positively impact a project owner's success with their campaign.

    4. Shervyn von Hoerl

      I love the book. It's amazing! And I am so sorry some people are being abusive. It is unacceptable.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sheri Shipe on

      Thank you so much for Bingo Love! Everyone in my house has finished it and it's making the rounds with my 14 year old niece and her friends!

    6. Jameka Haggins on

      OMG you're gonna be at Amalgam!? I live in Philly, I think I surly will be coming on down to check this out!

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Rhodes

      Some people are unfortunately scum, one month isn’t even really late by KS standards. Don’t let them stress you out and remember the joy you are bringing to many people

    8. Karen Wolfer on

      I, too, am so sorry people have been unkind and impatient. You are doing just fine! It is usually people who have never done a project like this who do not understand the incredible amount of work it can involve. And you are doing it with a child that has been seriously hurt plus your own challenges. I don't know why people get so angry, so quickly at the smallest things, but I suspect it has to do with their own life frustrations and they mistakenly think it is OK to take it out on others. Sigh. Stay strong and know that you are doing the best you can. That is all you can ask of yourself. I still appreciate your incredible talent and what you are bringing to the world! Thank you!

    9. Monique on

      So I am confused which survey are we suppose to fill out :( I've been eagerly awaiting this book but the sign up time and place has been weird.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Best on

      Sorry to hear that people are being unreasonable. I received my book and love it! I don’t think It has anything to do with you... every Kickstarter I’ve been on has people in the comments acting crazy. There are certain people that can never be pleased, and like you said, you’re doing much better than a lot of kickstarters!! Don’t let anyone get you down, do it at your own pace.

    11. Inclusive Press Creator on

      If you’re looking for the survey, please check previous updates.

    12. John Romkey

      That kind of behavior sucks... you shouldn't have to deal with that. Thank you for hanging in there and good luck with your daughter's healing!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chloe on

      I can't remember if I filled out your survey or not. Do you need my shipping address? If so, where is this survey of yours that I can fill out?