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Bingo Love: A Black Queer romance graphic novella. Click the button below to preorder TODAY!
Bingo Love: A Black Queer romance graphic novella. Click the button below to preorder TODAY!
1,950 backers pledged $57,148 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Therese Totten

      Why would people get mad at you, Tee? And why would they ask for their money back? That goes against the whole basis of the crowdfunding platform that is Kickstarter. It's been a while, so personally I don't remember what sticker or cover I asked for, however, the story is THE BEST. I've even shared it with my husband and 5-year old (yes, we're open that way), especially after my son came home one day and said only boys and girls can get married to each other. Hmm. Now I just wish I could get ahold of the backstories mentioned in the main story-- like Hazel's ex-husband's story, etc. Congrats again and when you come out with another story, I'm in!

    2. Julia Starkey on

      I am so sorry people have been berating you. You have done an amazing job and have been clear in your communications. I appreciate the work and effort that went into making not only the comic and also the extras. You are an amazing human and I hope your vacation is restful.

    3. Tania

      Whaaaat?!? I can't understand people sometimes... I've only backed the pdf book (doesn't take physical space! lol), but one of the things that I've liked about this project is that you've done lots of updates. And the updates were really fun to read! Seriously, lots of updates and project quite on time: for me, that's a good Kickstarter project. To those rude people: what's wrong with you?!? How can you be so mean? Shame on you.

      And to you miss Franklin, I wish you a happy New Year. Take the time you need to rest. Big hugs from Canada. :)

    4. Samantha Netzley

      Update: came home from work after writing the below comment to find my copy had already been delivered. Thanks for all your hard work. Please take care of yourself and enjoy your vacation.

    5. Gabrielle Green on

      Sorry people have been rude to you :(
      I got my book last week and am looking forward to reading it on my upcoming long weekend off work.
      I love this project, I love that it was able to come to completion, I love that it will be reaching more people in the coming months when it formally releases through Image.
      Have a good weekend and keep on doing what you're doing!

    6. Samantha Netzley

      How you gonna back a project like this about QPOC, by a QPOC, and then throw N-bombs and rape threats at her when her Kickstarter project runs - unprecedented! egregious! happens with the majority of Kickstarter projects but this one is for sure a scam because #reasons! - A WHOLE MONTH behind? Some people have no home training and I am saddened and sorry you have had to deal with them.

      Take your time, enjoy your vacation, and bump me to the bottom of your shipout list because I genuinely do not care when I get your book and if waiting an extra few months for my copy means you get even one less nasty racist in your inbox I'll consider it money well spent.

    7. Missing avatar

      Clare Gmur on

      WHAT??? I am SO sorry that's been happening!

      I LOVE my book! I don't even remember what variant cover I got, and I DON'T CARE. I tore through it in one sitting as soon as I got it, and I can't WAIT to be able to buy a bunch more to give to everyone I love!!

      You have been amazing, this process has been amazing, I'm so grateful for your work, and that this book exists, and so beautiful, and frak those racist sexist fucks.

      Have a wonderful relaxing vacation!!

    8. Nadezhda Ball

      even if i don't get a book, i'm thrilled to have supported you, and this book! thank you for eveything!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Salva on

      Thanks for the updates on shipping status. I understand and appreciate the challenges. I am sorry there are backers who are badgering you. I decided to purchase a second copy of Bingo Love at Amazon to show my support. I have no problem waiting. Take time off to rest and regenerate. Not everyone is pestering you for immediate gratification.

    10. Iza F. on

      This book is gorgeous, magical and a piece of art. Take your time and take care of your mental health. I'm truly sorry that people are treating you this way when all you did was share your talent and share a bit of yourself. I'll wait patiently for my book and send you as many good vibe as I can.

    11. Terese Eriksson on

      Geez, people can be rude. I hope you have a good vacation and people calm down.

    12. LadyKya on

      Thanks for the update, and for the explanation about backerkit!
      Enjoy your hollidays!!
      I'll wait patiently! <3

    13. Inclusive Press Creator on

      @Bethany, imagine how I feel when I get repeatedly called the N-word in emails, tweets & direct messages since December 1st, because no one had their books.

      Imagine how I feel being called a scammer, a liar, a thief REPEATEDLY. Imagine getting 10 emails back to back from one person threatening to kill & rape you OVER A BOOK!?!?!

      I spare y’all from this and I swallow it, but I’m tired, so if these updates are an “increasingly & uncomfortable read”, I’m not sure what to tell you, because it’s actually an ABC book compared to what I get.

      Anyways, talk to y’all next year!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      You and Bingo Love are the best! You’ve earned an amazing and relaxing vacation.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bethany on

      These updates are an increasingly uncomfortable read.

    16. Lisa Watkins on

      you are doing so much work and you deserve your vacation! get some r&r in and thank you for everything you do!