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Easily turn moments into cinema with just your smartphone
Easily turn moments into cinema with just your smartphone
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New tracking number for Hong Kong & Macao

Posted by SIRUI (Creator)

Dear Hong Kong & Macao Customer,


The above link was about the new tracking number only for the shipping address in Hong Kong and Macao.   

Hong Kong and Macao customer can check the related tracking number by this link. 

The logistic company told us that they will deliver to you within this week.

 Thank you! 


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    1. Markito on

      I also saved my tracking number but could never get any results from DHL website. But GOOD NEWS! Mine arrived today! And I live in Toronto, Canada. It's weird that the package came from the US but at least I received mine. Chin up, I hope yours arrives soon!

    2. Missing avatar

      Angus Stenhouse on

      Hi. I received the stabilizer this week and looking forward to using at the weekend. There is a problem that it will not charge. The red indicator light comes on but within 2-3 seconds it goes out. My impression is that this element is faulty and how do I return/exchange it for a replacement? Angus

    3. Missing avatar

      Joan Li on

      Backer from the Malaysia, update from December cannot be displayed or tracked, until now without any follow-up, pls update asap!

    4. Missing avatar

      J1mm7 on

      Backer from the Netherlands, update from December cannot be displayed or tracked, until now without any follow-up, pls update asap!

    5. Missing avatar

      eyraud on

      Hi I am backer from france , where is my tracking number? When will I receive product?

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Wisher on

      This must be a fake item I haven’t received anything more than fictitious updates about my reward

    7. Missing avatar

      Rachel Stelmach on

      I’ve had 2 tracking emails but neither worked nor did anything arrive yet. Boo Hoo, what do I do?

    8. Missing avatar

      Don Ramos on

      I haven’t received mine too, from the Philippines. Pls update

    9. Carol on

      Singapore supporter here.
      Item received!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jingylen S. Erum on

      The tracking number on mine worked for a brief period of time saying that it left HK on the 20sh date(Dec) Link does’nt work but it doesn’t matter as I have ‘em now. Just have to check your local post as mine was actually received by our receptionist on the 19th of Dec, but forgot to inform it to me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Owen on


      From the UK and the link you have provided does not work. Please advise


    12. Missing avatar



      I am from Malaysia and I haven't receive my stuff yet.

    13. lifecoachonlineltd on

      Hi I am backer from UK London , where is my tracking number? When will I receive product? Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      Merryl on

      I'm in Canada and the tracking number on the spreadsheet no longer works. How is that possible? Previously it was stuck in the 'enroute' status. Now just an error.

    15. Missing avatar


      bonjour.Nous sommes 03/01/2019,et je n'ai toujour pas de nouvelle de mon colis qui était prévu milieu Décembre.le dernier suivi il semblerait qu'il était à Macao.Depuis pas de nouvelle.Pouvez vous me dire quand il va arriver.J'ai vu un autre projet concernant une camerasi je pouvais voir en Français.Mais avant je veux etre sur de bien recevoir mes colis.Je vous remercie et vous dit a bientôt.Cordialement.

    16. Richard Drew on

      Frustrated... I am sure it will turn up eventually, but the communication issues do not help. I tried the link above - does not work.

    17. Missing avatar

      J1mm7 on

      Still waiting since last week, any update? Link has been corrupted too!

    18. Missing avatar


      Je ne peux pas cliquer sur le lien pour le suivi.Mais vous pouvez peut etre me dire ou se trouve le colis aujourd'hui.Merci.
      Bon journée.

    19. shami Ahmed on

      I have an issue to open this link, can you please reconfirm if it is working

    20. Missing avatar

      Aim on

      Received, and thanks 👍

    21. Missing avatar

      Siddharth Porkkattil on

      Were we not supposed to receive the delivery by now? I'm based in Singapore, awaiting delivery

    22. Missing avatar

      Helios Tan on

      What about singapore?