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When the past and the future of video games become one.

When the past and the future of video games become one. Read more
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Brian Abell
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Brian Abell

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The Game Plan-

This project is something I have been planning for a very long time. I didn't have the funds or the hope of bringing my dream to life until I found kick starter. I am raising funds in order to create a prototype of my device. I plan on hiring a few electronic engineers that I am in contact with, and also a few exceptional programmers that I happen to know personally. I want to revolutionize the way developers and gamers connect with each other by appealing to every type of gamer. The Game Gate will also have a level of connectivity that is much more in depth than just playing with a friend online.

I chose the name Game Gate because it is literally the gateway to the gaming world. The Game Gate itself will come in a multitude of colors, and will utilize technology that is not currently used in other game consoles. But I'll have to keep further details under wraps!

©Brian Abell 2014 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

A Few Specs-

-Linux-based OS for easy game importing

-1024x768 Screen Resolution

-512 MB RAM

-Intel quad four processor

Risks and challenges

I am very optimistic about the project as a whole, and that's coming from a realistic person. As far as development goes I have gotten the most amount done that I can alone. I have the design,layouts, and I have chosen most of the hardware components that will be used to make the device affordable and portable. I am currently working on how the UI for the menu's will look and work seamlessly, as well as trying to get solid measurements of the casing. Once I have the circuit board complete I will be able to give the exact measurements and dimensions of the device. The casing of the device will be printed using a 3-D printer that I have access to. So, overall the device is in stage one of development, but has a very solid base to build upon. If my Kick Starter reaches its goal, then the other components will fall into place. My entire plan for the Game Gate is extremely specific, which gives me a very good sense of what exactly is needed to my this dream a reality.

I believe possible setbacks could arise when it comes to the amount of time it will take to create the device. It will be a piece of work, especially with the extra additions that are a must have, and the online store. But I am confident over all that the Game Gate will turn out excellent. I am beyond excited to show the world what I have in store!

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