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An eccentric and fascinating game for PC, Mac & Tablets in a steampunk universe by the producers of Syberia & Amerzone and S. Halleux

An eccentric and fascinating game for PC, Mac & Tablets in a steampunk universe by the producers of Syberia & Amerzone and S. Halleux Read More
pledged of $290,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 25, 2013.

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Click here for a full length video including Stéphane Halleux in his workshop, a visit of Mando Productions studio and a global presentation of the game


(pour lire le texte ci-dessous en français, cliquez ici)

The Dead Flowers Case is set in a fantastical, mechanical alternate reality in which flowers and plants have long since become extinct and the world runs to (apparent) mechanical perfection. However, this precise order of things is thrown into chaos when a mysterious crime is discovered. The only clue to his murder are the dead flowers placed by the side of the dead body. 

From this point, the player assumes the role of detective, exploring the game’s world, questioning its strange and colourful citizens, and uncovering more clues that will eventually unravel the mystery as to who committed the terrible crime.

Find out when, how and why this mysterious crime occurred... ...and ultimately, who committed it - and why ?

This fantastic world is coming from the creative minds behind best-selling classic adventure game Syberia and acclaimed Steampunk sculptor and artist Stéphane Halleux.

The Dead Flowers Case is now also presented on steam (in the concept green light section). If you have a steam account, please go there and vote for the game - it will be of a great help.

Click here to go to the steam green light section  

Superb exclusive offers !!! (see details below) 

We've created some amazing limited edition items for backers of the campaign including T-shirts and Artbooks as well as statues signed and authenticated by Stephane himself. There's also a chance to come to Paris and meet with us and Stephane. We're incredibly excited about this project and bringing the unique Steampunk world inside Stephane's mind to life. With your support, we're going to create an amazing game and are very grateful for your backing. Keep your eyes on here for more developments as we add more content during the campaign.


Set in a unique universe from the mind of acclaimed artist Stéphane Halleux, The Dead Flowers Case is an adventure game in which players must use all of their skills to investigate the case and unravel the many mysteries that will ultimately expose the perpetrator of this terrible crime.


Explore the rich game world, meet and interrogate strange people, move from room to room in search of clues with the help of the latest police and forensics technology including the MecaLens (that can detect blood stains, foot and finger prints, plant life…)

the Small Machine (the first steampunk laptop used for remote interrogations) and finally, the Big Machine, an amazing device as big as a wall... which no one really remembers how to use... 

Using the MecaLens – What will it detect on the crime scene? Analyze the clues correctly, interrogate and confront the suspects, and, most of all…follow your instinct. Explore the world, and the strange machines that populate its many corners, feel around, touch, pull on any accessible lever... and press on all the buttons (well, on some at least. Might be best if you avoid touching certain things, can do if you really want but at your own risk...).    

Experience hours of gameplay, riddles, suspense, plot twists and turns in the plot. Discover a fabulous universe with its extraordinary inhabitants, a living world where the characters react to your every action and will often do the strangest things.

Who is who? Who wants what? What is the Chief of Police's real motive? What's a Nevrovitamin? And what time is dinner ? These are just a few of the many questions you'll need to address in... The Dead Flowers Case !

A unique world, born from the imagination of acclaimed artist Stéphane Halleux and the Mando Productions team.

In this incredible universe, life is organized around gigantic autonomous buildings, sheltering production centers as well as the workers’ living quarters. The world is ruled exclusively by order and the mechanical organization of all things and work activities. Seen as too chaotic and free, plant life was eradicated long ago – and nobody has seen a plant or a tree for generations, to the point that the notion of a "flower" has almost become a legend.

In place of food, everyone swallows a supplemental Nevrovitamin pill three times a day. This is the ultimate and complete food, catering to all your needs. Thanks to Nevrovitamin, no need to take a lunch break anymore, you can keep on working on and on and on…

Production at the Automobile Plant is focused entirely on very specific designs. At "Taylor & Stevens", there are only four models : a multi-purpose transportation truck, a taxi, a luxury saloon built in very limited numbers and only made for the top executives/leaders, a very basic single person model. Production chains are very well organized so that workers perform their duty with zeal and dedication. Up on the higher levels of the immense hall is the seemingly inaccessible administrative floor in which the company is managed by a small handful of executives. Sitting amongst these is John, the company's MecaBrain who has managed to memorize all of the company's figures and its darkest secrets. Even higher up is the mysterious and frightening Mr. Stevens, the supreme and quasi invisible boss of the plant.

Should someone criticize the Company : beware ! The secret police - known as the fearsome Shadow Musicians - are watching your every move. Their land deputies are not the most reassuring of creatures either... 

In short, this is a well organized and ordained world. 

A world that nothing can trouble.

Except maybe, one small dead flower...

It's early one morning, deep in the administrative offices of the automobile production unit. 

Everyone is at work when suddenly... 

The alarms start ringing and the automatic security doors slam shut, cutting everyone in the Administrative Department off from the rest of the building.

Inside the plant, the alarm only rings for two known reasons: either to herald an official announcement or because someone has died. But there is also a third and more hidden reason (unknown to most) that will trigger the alarm: the detection of plant life...

That very morning the company's MecaBrain is tragically found dead at his workstation (which as anyone agrees is an unusual event at the worst of times). Even more so in this well-organized world is the fact that dead flowers have been placed next to the body.

The collision of these two highly unusual circumstances will bring the Chief of Police himself to the crime scene. This case promises to be a difficult one.

But then again...

But then again....the case may be an open and shut one. As soon as the alarm sounded, the armored security doors slammed shut, isolating the administration floor from the rest of the building. With all the people now trapped inside, the guilty party MUST be amongst them. It's simply a case of questioning the people who are now trapped in the department and identifying the culprit.

Of course the presence of flowers does complicate things - can you believe it, flowers ! No one had seen any for decades ! The chief of police is a cautious person who prefers not to stick out his neck too far, should there be complications. This is why he’s going to look for the perfect underling to investigate in his place and take all the risks.

So...who would possibly be so naïve as to accept such a risky mission?

Oh hello there! - you look like you might enjoy a bit of detective work...

Stéphane Halleux has been sculpting since 2005 when he first began to create the fabulous universe he's still developing to this day.

He studied at the Saint-Luc Institute in Liège (Belgium), before working as a model maker and coloring for the animation business. He now lives in Namur (Belgium).

Stéphane's unique universe revolves around the subtle alchemy between his vision and the material and elements he wants to shape. He likes to create extraordinary characters...whilst imagining an (almost) perfectly realistic daily life for them. The Nevrovitamin salesman must do his job and sell his pills... providing he does so flying away with a propeller helmet !

From the beginning, Stéphane's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the world (San Diego, Paris, Luxemburg, Berlin...) and again in Paris in November 2013.

His work has won him international renown - including from other creators. Hence, Tim Johnson, animation director at Dreamworks (Antz, Sinbad: legend of the seven seas, Over the hedge...) has said of Stéphane's work: “I’m drawn to Stephane’s work as a fellow story-teller. His sculptures all seem to have popped out of an animated universe. It’s their narrative quality that I find so arresting. They tell you a rich and complicated tale – while simply standing there”.

Michel, Stéphane and Olivier
Michel, Stéphane and Olivier

Olivier Fontenay is production manager at Mando. He has been creating games for over 20 years now, in particular, he produced Amerzone and Syberia with Benoit Sokal, as well as more than 30 other games for PC, Xbox, PS3, Smartphone... He has a passion for adventure and narration and invests a lot in working with creators : Jane Jensen (Gabriel’s Knight series, Gray Matter, …), Bernard Werber (Empire of the Ants, etc), Enki Bilal (Nikopol Trilogy).

Michel Bams is one of the co-founders of Mando Productions. Creating original work for the widest possible audience has always been a priority for him, with no compromise on quality. With a working experience in marketing and publishing, he focuses on the originality of projects and themes - such as Babel Rising, a game that features God and the tower of Babel or Cardboard Castle, the adventures of a knight... made out of cardboard.

Catherine Cuenca has been writing for over 15 years for audiovisual animation series as a scriptwriter and concept author. Since 2009, she has been specializing in interactive creation. She develops transmedia universes mixing audio-visual, web and video games, real and animation images.

Philippe Saisse is a legend in the music world. A composer and musician - he's played and recorded with the greatest, from the Rolling Stones to David Bowie... He's also the man who conceived Nougayork with Claude Nougaro. Philippe has a passion for uncommon images and universes and he loved the universe of The Dead Flowers Case. Ever since, he has been designing sound for this incredible world.

Damien Kochanek is technical director at Mando Productions. For over 10 years now and on almost every existing machine possible, Damien has been programming games (from PC to PS3, Xbox to Windows 8, PCs, Mac, smartphone, etc.) He has put together a team of brilliant programmers, who are able to make the most of an efficient engine - Unity - on a large variety platforms!

...and of course, there is the whole Mando Productions team - about twenty professionals with a passion for their job: programming, game design, level design, 2D and 3D graphic design...

Absolute concentration : Michel, Stéphane, Catherine, Olivier, Lilian, Paul & Guillaume
Absolute concentration : Michel, Stéphane, Catherine, Olivier, Lilian, Paul & Guillaume

Mando Productions is a video game studio, based in Paris, France. The studio's aim is to design and create original games, both in terms of the content theme and graphical treatment.  Mando has developed many multi-platform games in the recent years (including the award-winning Babel Rising, Hills of Glory, etc). Typically, Mando games receive very good player reviews, with an average ratings of over 4.5 / 5 on the major stores.

The Mando team organization:

- Programming : an experienced team managed by Damien Kochanek, developing games for 10 years now for PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii and DS games... Mando projects are designed around the Unity engine, an engine that allows for great flexibility in terms of work and creativity. Damien is supported by a team of programmers who have perfect command of existing platforms: from iOS to Windows 8 and, of course, consoles, PC, Mac, etc.

- The creative team is managed by the two heads of the studio themselves, Michel Bams and Olivier Fontenay. Michel and Olivier have been working on game design together for over 15 years; they started with their first adventure games based on the universes imagined by Benoit Sokal, and have never stopped ever since!

Their first major accomplishment in terms of adventure games is the Amerzone, by Benoit Sokal.

 project video thumbnail
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(Amerzone - Anuman Interactive. Produced by Olivier Fontenay) *

Working with an enthusiast such as Benoit was a true pleasure for Olivier and Michel, and they followed suit with Syberia, a game that met with worldwide success, a reward for the efforts of a whole team, with several million copies sold throughout the world and which is still a major reference to this day for true amateurs.

 project video thumbnail
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(Syberia - Anuman Interactive. Produced by Olivier Fontenay) *

Michel, Olivier and Benoit co-founded a company dedicated to designing artistic universes - with the idea of bringing in talent from other realms than video games. This of course led to "Paradise" and "Sinking Island", two creations of Benoit Sokal, but also "Nikopol' with Enki Bilal, "Crime Scene"  (etc.) - with authors and artists from the universe of Comics, Film, TV series and literature.

Michel and Olivier then founded Mando Productions, so as to continue creating original universes, for smartphone (Babel Rising, etc.) And now, so as to return to the world of adventure with The Dead Flowers Case and Stéphane Halleux's fabulous universe.

(Amerzone and Syberia, were published by Microïds, Paradise and Sinking Island by Micro Application and Ubisoft, Nikopol by 505 Games and Crime Scene by Nobilis. None of these companies is affiliated with The Dead Flowers Case or Mando Productions)

The Statuettes

Several magnificent Limited Edition Statuettes specially designed for the game. Each Statuette is numbered, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is signed by Stéphane Halleux. These Statuettes are exclusive to the Kickstarter offer and will never be re-released.

The statuettes :

  • The Chief of Police
  • The Meca Brain sitting at his desk
  • The investigator
  • The Big Machine
  • And... the culprit (*) !!!

The Statuette(s) will be shipped to you 30 days before to the game's release date, EXCEPT FOR the Statuette of the culprit.

(*) The Statuette of the culprit! This Statuette will be sent out on the game's release date. You will receive it in an opaque and sealed package—up to you to decide when you open it.

First offer for an exclusive Statuette: $340


Art Print signed by Stéphane Halleux

Stéphane Halleux is an artist of international renown whose work is exhibited throughout the world. His popularity is rising fast and this is an opportunity to get a signed print of one of his creations: a beautiful poster and a valuable object all in one!

First offer for the signed Art Print : 220 $


The art book

The Art of the Dead Flowers Case is a superb art book that explains all the details and the process of creation for the characters and the game. Specifically, it includes all the preparatory drawings for the game as well as reproductions of design documents.

First offer for the Art Book : $120


Box Edition & official T-Shirt of the game

PC - Mac boxed edition of the game + original T-Shirt created specifically and exclusively for this kickstarted offer - won't be available anywhere else. 

First offer for the boxed edition + T-Shirt : 75 $

Cross-platform saving

The Dead Flowers Case will be available in one version for PC and Mac, and another for iOS and Android. Several offers enable you to get both versions. Why? Because we've put in place a system for continuous cross-platform play ! Start playing on your PC, then continue investigating on your tablet; and finally, resume playing on your PC or Mac.

The Dead Flowers Case lets you automatically share your saved game between a desktop computer and tablet version. This way, you can start playing at home on your Mac, continue playing while you're traveling or on your way to work on a tablet and even... complete the investigation on your office PC... Anything is possible (including not sharing your saved game if you wish). 

It's free and directly included with the game.

Gameplay Specifics

Some important things to remember :

- The player controls a real-time 3D character (not currently shown in the videos) in pre-rendered graphics (2.5 D adventure game, as Syberia or many other classical games). Specific game plays sequences (as the MecaLens, or the Big Machine or the... Small Machine) are... specific to the game :)

- The game is an adventure game with classic exploration, riddle and dialogue gameplay, but it also features original ideas such as the Big Machine, etc. It can be played entirely with the mouse on PC and Mac, and with touch-screen controls on tablets.

- On PC & Mac, the game will be DRM free

- IOS @ Android version : the game is a premium version, with no inapp purchases nor advertising. Everything is there from the beginning !

Why Kickstarter ?

Because it's where creativity meets funding.

It has become very difficult, even impossible, to find publishers willing to fund adventure games.Itis a genre that still has many fans and a dynamic community, but that doesn't appeal much to the business sector. Luckily for us designers of adventure games there's Kickstarter! It has become the essential platform where innovative projects canmeet the gaming community that wants to support them.

Launching this project on Kickstarter seemed obvious to us from the start. We know that our game will be given the welcome it deserves, and that Kickstarter will enable us to open a dialogue directly with the community—a chance to explain in detail everything that makes our project original and unique.

How will the funding be used ?

Your funding will go towards building the game. Every money that you invest will be spent in making The Dead Flowers Case the best possible experience. The game will be developed by our team, already created and operational, and we will reinforce it in the graphical field.

* (Syberia (c) 2002-2013 Anuman Interactive - Amerzone (c) 1999 - 2013 Anuman Interactive - Sinking Island (c) 2007 - 2013 Anuman Interactive -Crime Scene (c) 2009 - 2013 Anuman Interactive)

Risks and challenges

We are producing and developing games for over than 20 years. Our experience includes a lot of adventure games, and we’ve also developed on all platforms (PC, Mac, mobile, PSN, XBLA…).We have managed small productions such as mobile games as well as bigger ones, such as the titles we did with Benoit Sokal : Syberia, Paradise….
It is true that every project has it's share of risks, but our experience will help us a lot.
For The Dead Flowers Case, we feel that the main production risk is not technical but will mainly be in the game’s fine-tuning. In addition to our own tuning process, this is also why we will regularly test versions at many stages of the production. Your feedback will be very useful.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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