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Handmade dice using 50,000 year old wood. A new spin on a D20 roll from World Nine Goods.
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The Root Dice

  • Six handmade wooden dice.
  • Bog woods that have been preserved underground for thousands of years.
  • A slim handmade case in oiled canvas and leather.
  • Roll anything from a D4 to a D20 using six sided dice with our unique numbering system. 
  • If you'd prefer, you can get a set of six D6 dice instead. D6 sets come with two dice in each wood.

Bog Woods

Bog woods are a result of a tree falling and then being quickly buried or submerged in water. If everything goes just right, they can be preserved underground for an incredibly long time. Most of these types of woods are found with an entire buried forest so they have developed unique names and histories. We’re using three different types of bog woods for the Root Dice.

Ancient Kauri

Ancient Kauri represents the oldest workable wood on the planet. About 50,000 years ago in New Zealand a major natural event (probably a tsunami) knocked over and buried a huge forest of these trees that had already been growing from some 2,000 years.

Bog Oak

Our Bog Oak was born at the end of the last ice age. Huge oak forests throughout Europe flooded, and the trees died standing and fell into the muck. The swampy conditions have not only preserved these trees, but have turned the wood a deep black color. The bog oak we use is 5,000 years old..

Sinker Cypress

The Sinker Cypress is a product of the logging companies that used America’s rivers as shipping lanes before the Industrial Revolution. As workers were driving these logs downstream to be milled into lumber, some of them would get stuck and sink into the murky river bottom. Now, over 100 years later, they are reclaimed, still showing the beautiful hues of green that cypress is known for.

The System

We came up with a way to roll anything from a D4 to a D20 (and maybe even higher) using a set of six, cube-shaped dice. Each set comes in a slim, handmade case that includes a card explaining the system. Here's the dice in the set:     

2 x D6 in Ancient Kauri

These are standard six-sided dice, with the sixth face replaced with a Root Dice logo.   

1 x Modified Fudge in Bog Oak

Fudge dice usually have 2 plus symbols, 2 minus symbols, and 2 zeros. We have added a plus to one of our zero faces and a minus to the other. This allows the die to be used as a 50/50 coin flip as well, which is needed to accomplish some of our rolls in the full set.

1 x "Fours" in Sinker Cypress

This die has the values 1,2,3,4 and two Root Dice logos. It is used in D4 and D8 rolls. 

1 x "Fives" in Sinker Cypress

This die has faces that are multiples of 5, starting with 0, and two Root Dice logos. Its primary purpose is D20 rolls, but it also pairs nicely with the one of the D6s to make a 20 unit counter. 

 1 x "Tens" in Sinker Cypress 

This dice has multiples of 10, from 10-50, and a Root Dice logo. It is primarily used as a counter to round out the set.

The Root Dice come in a slim handmade case. Oiled canvas with leather accent and elastic closure.
The Root Dice come in a slim handmade case. Oiled canvas with leather accent and elastic closure.

Sample Rolls

We've already found ways to reproduce the most prominent rolls in gaming using these dice in combination, and we're excited to see what else the gaming community will come up with once we get them in your hands. Here's a few examples of how to roll the basics:  

D20 Roll: Grab a D6 and the Fives die. Roll them, and re-roll any dice that show a Root Dice logo. Add them together.   

Simple process right? Here's the math. When you re-roll any logos, you reduce the possible outcomes for the D6 to 1 through 5 and the Fives die to either 0,5,10, or 15. So you have a 1/5 probability and a 1/4 probability for each outcome. Multiply those and you get 1/20, so there are exactly 20 possible outcomes. You end up with same probabilities as rolling a 20 sided die.  

D8 Roll: We'll start by rolling the Modified Fudge and the Fours dice. Once again, re-roll any logos. If the fudge has a + sign showing, add 4 to the Fours die. If not, just use the face value. 

There’s only 4 outcomes on the Fours die, and 2 outcomes on the modified fudge. So the probabilities are 1/2 and 1/4. Multiply those, and you have a 1/8 chance for each number. 

Refer to the FAQ for info on other rolls such as D4, D5, and D12.

We are a Chicago based team of two former game developers turned artisans. We want to create objects that bring back the memories we've made playing the games we love, while also connecting with our adult design aesthetic. 

We still cherish the memory of finding out that Samus was a girl, our first purple item in Azeroth, or the clutch roll that saved our favorite rogue. But we've had a hard time finding quality art that represented not only our deep seated fandom, but also reflected our age and design sense. We want to create objects that you can be proud to display in your home or office and use every day. To us, that means capturing the heart and soul of these games and inserting that into our work, while remaining true to our personal tastes. We’re here to provide you with one-of-a-kind, handmade goods that you don’t have to spend 500 rupees on.

We're getting started with the Root Dice, but eventually we want to make products that fit with all of gaming culture. We hope you'll join us in that mission by supporting this project and coming along for the ride.

Risks and challenges

We have a strong plan in place to produce dice well beyond what it will take to fulfill rewards for our project goal. While procuring bog wood can sometimes be a challenge, we have located suppliers with huge stocks, and a set of dice doesn't require too much wood.

Our biggest challenges will be consistency as we scale up to produce these larger quantities. Our current tools aren't really up to the job of producing hundreds of sets, but the tools we need to nail it are built into our goal.

If something unforeseen comes up, you can count on us to communicate clearly and often about what happened and how it is impacting the project. We are here to develop a long-term connection with our backers, and build World Nine into something great. The foundation for that is trust.

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    The Root Dice. Be the first to get this set of 6 dice handmade from ancient woods. Your choice of the standard set or all D6.

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    Pilot test The Root Dice. We have 20 sets ready to ship and we need feedback from gamers! You'll receive your Root Dice within days of the campaign ending, test them while we are waiting for materials, and your ideas will be reflected in the first production run. Standard set only. Due to shipping timelines, US backers only.

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    Founders Edition: Get any 6 dice you want and choose the woods for each one from a huge selection of rare woods. Upgraded leather case engraved with a founders serial number and your initials. We will only produce 100 founder edition sets.

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