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A non profit website exploring the world of Pokemon with real world tones, looking at biology, science and technology.

A non profit website exploring the world of Pokemon with real world tones, looking at biology, science and technology. Read more
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Heres a sneaky peak at a work in progress piece of artwork...
Heres a sneaky peak at a work in progress piece of artwork...


Heres a video for you guys about copyright:


Hey guys,

We're still a long way from reaching our goal and we really need your help to make this website. Without this money we wont be able to get the high quality website you all deserve. We already have some exciting prospects for the future lined up if we reach our goal:

  • Fully animated graphic transitions on the site such as buttons, page shifts and mini animations
  • A cinematic score created by Gabriel Ryfer Cohen and his team
  • Actual SFX of the Pokemon calls and roars.
  • 3D models of each Pokemon created by our incredibly talented 3D design team. First as realistic pictures but hopefully we can develop and rig them into animated models.
  • The site could be translated into many other languages such as French, Italian, German and Japanese.
  • Bring on game designers to create free mini games. A few Ideas are - 'The Pokemon Academy' where you learn about Pokemon and solve tests and puzzles to find out what kind of Trainer you will be and a 'League simulator' where you manage a team (similar to football manager) through the league right up to the World championships. 
  • A full 'Pokemon Youtube Channel' that collaborates with many other Pokemon channels bringing you the latest news.

So please, please help us by donating and spreading the word so we can bring this unique Pokemon fan site to life.

Thank you


Hey Guys,

We want to welcome some people to 'The World of Pokemon' team.

Biological and Zoological Studies:

Lucy Rose- Wyatt - Got a first in biology from Queen Mary (it's in the Russell group), and starting a masters in ecology & evolutionary biology at the same university this autumn. She works part time as a research assistant to a professor of genetics.

Emma Hernejärvi - A biology student (5th year)

Bradon Burgess - Has a degree in zoology with marine zoology

3D modelling and rendering:

Matt Williams – 3D Artist, studied at the Arts institute in San Francisco (Is also building a team of artists from the same Institute)

Eric Twelkemeyer- 3D Artist, studied at SAE institute in Hamburg, Germany

Ben Pierson – 3D Artist -

Music and Sound:

Gabriel Ryfer Cohen - Is a Film Scoring student at Berklee College of Music in Boston and is assembling a team of talented composers and sound designers (for Pokemon sounds) from the same Institute.

Thank you


If you have any worries or queries about copyright or any other question, please check our FAQ at the bottom of our page. If that doesn't suffice, please dont hesitate to send us a private message and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Thank you


Welcome to The World of Pokemon

My name is Joshua Dunlop, I'm a freelance artist living in Kingston, London. I’ve worked in film and games for the last 6 years, creating monsters and rich story lines for them and even got to get in front to the camera a couple of times. 

Ever since I got my first gameboy as a child Ive been hooked on Pokemon. It builds upon some of the fundamental elements of the imagination, blending science fiction and fantasy. A world filled with fantastical creatures with amazing abilities living alongside humans. Technology far advanced than our own and legends and a world that marvel against our own. With all of this and a collecting element to the game, they created something that would capture the hearts and minds of millions. However, as I’ve grown, Pokemon hasn’t grown with me. Its still aimed at a young audience, and rightly so, but what about their older fans? One day, I thought to myself, why isn't there an older form of Pokemon for a generation that grew up loving it, so thats where I came up with the idea, of ‘The World of Pokemon’.

The Idea

My plan is to build a fully interactive site with huge amounts of artwork and detailed information on the Pokemon world.

'The World of Pokemon' is a non profit website that shows Pokemon in a realistic way.

The website includes:


Anatomical study of a Bulbasaur
Anatomical study of a Bulbasaur
Biological studies of the Pokemon. Types and how their abilities work, how evolving works, their habitats, diets, training techniques and much, much more!

The World

Map of Japan with highlighted regions
Map of Japan with highlighted regions

The World in which the Pokemon live in. Looking at the Cities, Towns, forests and wilds, each with detailed maps and histories surrounding them. Also looking at Gyms etc.

Celadon Gym
Celadon Gym


Ancient drawing of a Charizard
Ancient drawing of a Charizard

A long and detailed look at the History of their world such as lost civilisations, world wars and religion. Plus a look into the natural evolution of Pokemon.


Voltorb (a product of human AI technology)
Voltorb (a product of human AI technology)

The Technology of the their world and how it works, such as Pokeball's, Pokemon storage etc.

The Pokemon League

The League and the different tournaments it provides like Pokemon Battles, Beauty contests, Breeding contests etc.


First page of an online weekly comic
First page of an online weekly comic

The website will also be full of fun extras, such as online comics, fan fiction, areas for fans to talk and share their ideas (which will help shape the website) and possibly even mini games and videos!

Thankfully through the help of my team and Liberty Tech we've already begun to work on it but sadly, we dont have the funding to truly make it happen. Everything costs money these days and without it we can't make this a reality. 

So this is where you come in. If you fund the project you will not only be kept up to date as it goes on, you will even get to help shape what we create. The more funding we receive, the more time we can spend on it as a team, making it as in depth as possible using all the resources at our disposal.

My Role

I have been working on this as a personal project now for almost 3-4 years. I have a large mount of writing and artwork already done. Through out the project I will work as the websites Editor, Art Director / creature designer and head story writer. I will proof and approve everything and anything that goes up on the site. This is my dream, my baby, so I will be there to help it grow until the end.

The Team

Joshua Dunlop

Graphic Artist/ Illustrator and writer living in London. 

Role: Editor and Artistic Director

He's worked in game and television for nearly 6 years now doing freelance work and also studied BA Hons acting for stage and media at the University of West London. 

Robbie Tarrant

Producer, Locations Manager, Unit Manager

Role: Director and Business administrator

Robbie has worked in the film and television industry for the last 4 years working on films such as Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'.

'I first got involved on this project after seeing Josh's art on Deviant Art. With my Film background I could see a huge cinematic potential in the market for reinventing Pokemon and bringing it back to its original fans. Imagine a Transformers meets Jurassic park concept that could be explored in so many avenues, the website is just the beginning...'.

Roman O'Toole-Howes

Director, Cinematographer, Film editor, Stuntman

Role: Filming behind the scenes, Video Blogs, Film Editor

Roman O’Toole-Howes is a freelance filmmaker / cinematographer and trainee stuntman from southwest London . 

'I remember when the first red and blue games came out and the impact it had in the late 90’s on our generation. I feel that this project has huge potential to reignite the sense of adventure Pokémon gave us as kids. I will be providing video content updating you with the development of the World of Pokémon and keeping you involved in the shaping of the world.'

Mark Underwood

Writer / Actor

Role: Writer / Researcher 

Mark Underwood studied a degree in Acting for stage and media and is currently writing plays for Concatenate Theatre Company.

'I'm looking forward to the chance to learn more about the Pokemon World. Creating a rich, vibrant and adult version to match Josh's artwork.'

Henry Collie

Writer / Actor

Role: Writer / Researcher

Henry Collie is an Acting student from Dublin, Ireland. Having a strong educational grounding in Classical history, Chemistry and Biology mixed with his passion for writing and literature he will bring a number of assets to the “World of Pokemon” team. Studying in the third year of his degree he is also writing a play set around World War 1 due to tour in February 2014. As a child Henry was obsessed with the Pokemon world, often writing stories set within it. As he grew however, he also found the Pokemon world became less and less relatable. With your support he hopes to help create a Pokemon world which is still relevant to those who grew up with it by expanding upon the little explored notions of the current Pokemon universe. He will be specialising in the Pokemon world’s history.

Richard Elderfield

Engineer for British Airways

Role: Technical Artist / Technology advisor 

Richard works as a mechatronic engineer at Heathrow Airport. He has experience in technical drawing and experience in CAD.

'I'm excited to be the tech geek in the World of Pokémon!'

Michael Dent and Liberty Tech (

Founder of Liberty Tech, Website designer, Entrepreneur

Role: Website design, Business Advisor 

Michael established Liberty Tech in July 2011 after studying Economics & Management at Merton College, University of Oxford. His aim is to create a web development firm with a totally business-centric approach and outstanding communication. On a day-to-day basis Michael oversees all client relationships, as well as technical architecture and design implementation. He became interested in the project early on when it was still in designs as a book and still has faith in the project to this day.


The £30'000 will allow me to:

  • Website design
  • Pay for the domain for 5 years
  • Pay for advertisement space around the net to get the project noticed.
  • Server
  • Update all my equipment to get the highest quality product coming out to you.
  • Maintenance of the site
  • Merchandise
  • It will also keep the project afloat up to and past the release date.
  • (Hopefully go towards hiring 3D modellers and animators to create 3D videos)
What if you exceed £30'000?

All the money raised will be put towards future work on the website, after all we have 6 regions to get through and over 600 Pokemon to write about. We will also have targets as the kickstarter goes on.

Whats your plan for the future?

Well I'm an ambitious guy :)

  • First I want to get Kanto and all the Pokemon that come with it done within 2 years of the website launch date. Throughout those two years weekly updates will be put up showing new content.
  • Within the next five years I want to have new regions being worked on and a fully established online community on the website.
  • Im playing with the idea of setting up a shop with World of Pokemon merchandise such as Posters, Badges, T-shirts and even utilising 3D printers to create replicas of Pokemon items!
  • I want to get 3D modellers and animators involved to create short videos of the Pokemon in a 'National Geographic' style plus cinematic battle scenes.
  • I was thinking of having Pokemon news videos with presenters once a week telling you of all the latest Pokemon game, film, trading card and series news.
  • Once the website has proved its success I want to take the statistics to the Pokemon Company inc and Nintendo and push for a new 'Older version' of the Pokemon game to be made.
  • Hopefully the success of the website will also push for a live action film to be made with serious tones similar to how 'Transformers' was made.

What about copyright?

The website wont charge its members a membership fee and will be purely funded by advertisements and donations. 

There will be no 'official' artwork from Pokemon displayed on the website, only original artwork and writing. This would be similar to how many fan or art websites work. We will also happily direct people to the Official Pokemon site to see the latest on game, tv and film news.


In the monthly newsletter you will be shown behind the scenes content and videos talking to the people who make the site. 

It will have a polling station on certain things when we need your help, for example: Is Psyduck a Bird or a Platypus? Your answers help build the world.

Sneaky peeks at work in progress artwork etc.

And any other exciting news.

Package Deal

If you donate over £100 you will be sent this very special care package which includes:

An A3 Poster of 'Day of Reckoning- Regigigas Awakens' (Subject to change)

(Frame not included)
(Frame not included)

A selection of Pokemon themed badges:

A Pokemon Academy graduation certificate:

A Pokemon Academy Bookmark:

(Subject to change)
(Subject to change)

Acceptance letter to the Pokemon League:


If we receive the full amount of funding (or more) we will move forward as a team, getting the information ready for the first release. 

Within a year of receiving the funding we will have a screening of the website to which only the 'Beta Testers' will all be allowed to see. We will have a message board open for one week where you can state your likes and dislikes about the site. We will then go away and fix any bugs and change anything that you guys didn't like. 

The site will then launch to the general public with the first lot of content. This will probably include a large amount of Pokemon, a detailed look at Pallet and much much more.

Finally we will begin to give monthly updates with new and exciting things like new Pokemon, Gyms, Tech etc Also possible videos with presenters giving you all the latest news on everything Pokemon (if budget allows).

We will work on a region at a time, very much how you work your way through the games but including information from every source, up until the latest release. This means you will get content out faster and you will be constantly updated with new and exciting things!

Eventually I want to be able to invite artists and writers from all over the world to contribute and offer areas for fans to post fan art and fan fiction. I also have ideas in the far future to involve 3D artists from around the world to create a 'National Geographic' style web series, but this can only be done with backing and community support.


So in conclusion without your help and support to fund this ambitious, but exciting project, it will never happen. It is in no interest of Pokemon to do this as they make so much money on the current franchise.

So lets take it into our own hands and prove to the world that Pokemon still holds a flame in the hearts of those who grew up with it.

Please, help me turn this dream into a reality.

Thank you,

Joshua Dunlop

Risks and challenges

As with any project there can be set backs.
With a project of this scale, time is not always on your side. Certain things may take longer to achieve than originally thought, such as:

Keeping to schedule, obviously there can be set backs, but the more money raised the more time we can spend on the project.

Problems with coding the website. Technology isn't always our friend.

Getting business's to invest in the company by buying advertising space (hopefully with Liberty Techs help we can find some interested parties)

However, we will work hard to try and avoid these problems best we can, and with your help and support we will do our best to get the website launched asap ;)

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We are in no way trying to profit from or claim Pokemon as our own. We are simply creating a fan site in homage to Pokemon.

    Last updated:
  • The money we raise from donations you offer, is purely to help go towards costs of setting up the large scale website. Its funding to pay for all the commodities necessary to complete a high end, high quality website that can accommodate for high amounts of traffic. Websites, especially high quality ones, are NOT cheap.

    Last updated:
  • We will NOT be charging membership fees- This means we make absolutely no profit from the fans who visit our site.

    Last updated:
  • We are a FAN site, this includes both fan art and fan fiction, so no official images on the site. Though we will be using a lot of information from official sources (anime, manga, game) we will elaborate and embellish on subjects, purely to entertain and create a cinematic and naturalistic effect. We DO NOT claim this to be official information.

    Last updated:
  • We don't claim to be the first to create realistic Pokemon, there are a huge amount of talented artists (many of which I am friends with) out on sites like deviant art making amazing pieces of art. We are simply the first to dedicate an entire site to it.

    Last updated:
  • There are many, MANY Pokemon fan sites out there already, that have not been 'shut down' by Pokemon. They use copyright pictures, information and video on their site with no legal action taken against them. This is because:

    1: They are not asking for any form of payment for the aforementioned material, including selling or charging membership for their site.

    2: They are providing FREE advertising to the franchise, and they know it.

    Last updated:
  • Many of these large websites, such as had (and still have) to get funding to afford to keep the site afloat. I talked to the webmaster at Serebii about if we might have any issues with having  advertisements supporting the site and he replied:

    'Basically, in regards to the official Pokémon company, they don’t mind if you have ads to sustain the site. It’s when you actively start monetising is when they’ll start to have issues. They know we’re providing them free marketing so as long as we don’t piss them off they leave us alone.'

    - Webmaster 

    Last updated:
  • Many of you are comparing us to trying to overshadow or even replace them. In fact this is far from true. As a website we want to create a community spirit and connect with sites like Bulbapedia and Serebii and help each other out.

    You see, Bulbapedia is a wealth of official Pokemon information, bringing you stats, moves, game hints and a variety of facts from the anime and mangas. However what we want to do is build upon and somewhat alter these facts in order to create a realistic and more mature 'spin off' from the Pokemon franchise, something to endorse, not replace. For example in the games Charizard is 5'7, which means, in reality, a human adult (even myself) would be far taller. We want to tweak these things in the fan fiction to bring a more realistic feel to our favorite franchise. However, throughout our site we will have links to official sites to back up some of our statements, many of which will refer to the official Pokemon site and Bulbapedia.

    Last updated:
  • We are planning on having advertisement to Pokemon's Official site to allow traffic to keep flowing in their direction.

    We're also planning on having a video blog on the site bringing you news about everything Pokemon, official or not. We hope this will stand stead for both the Pokemon Company and Pokemon fans that we are simply fans trying to support a franchise with new ideas.

    Last updated:
  • We may change the name eventually so not to detract from the official Pokemon site, or in turn have the website as  etc.

    Last updated:
  • Funnily enough that was our first plan, however we didn't want to get tangled up in publishing legalities etc, plus as we were out right profitting from book sales we would be shut down quickly.
    We decided to move to a website, this allows more people to view it, have interactive elements, have 10x the amount of information in it and finally be FREE for all its fans.
    We are only on kickstarter because the size and quality of the website we want to create costs money, especially in the UK.

    Last updated:
  • if your still struggling with what the copyright laws are around Fan art, then please watch this video:…

    Thank you

    Last updated:

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