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A new volume in the acclaimed, award-nominated series that gathers off-beat fantasy & sf tales by both veterans and new talent.
A new volume in the acclaimed, award-nominated series that gathers off-beat fantasy & sf tales by both veterans and new talent.
A new volume in the acclaimed, award-nominated series that gathers off-beat fantasy & sf tales by both veterans and new talent.
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The official CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 4 table of contents, and other important progress updates

Hello, Kickstarter backers. I hope that so far the new year has treated you well.

It's been a little while since the last update, and I have a lot of exciting things to share to bring all of you up to speed. This is a long update, but please scan it all, down to the bottom – it's chock full of things backers need to know, much of it time sensitive.

First and most exciting, I'm thrilled to be able to share the official table of contents of Clockwork Phoenix 4. Anita and I have finalized the order in which the stories flow, and you folks are seeing it here first of anyone.

We received more than 1,400 story submissions during our reading window, and we whittled them down to sixteen short stories and two novelettes that all together total 87,000 words, making this the largest volume in the series by far. All of the writers have received their contracts and I've begun sending them their payments. This crucial stage is what the Kickstarter was all about; I wouldn't be able to pay the writers at all, much less offer them a worthy pay rate per word for their work, without your generosity and support.

And here are the stories:

This is a truly international anthology – with contributors hailing from seven countries – that encompasses off-beat takes on sf, fantasy, horror, or combinations of two or more, as well as interstitial works that just can't be easily classified. Most of you will be receiving copies of it in e-book and/or paperback form, and I'm looking forward to putting it in your hands.

There's a number of steps remaining still: I have an introduction to write, acknowledgments to assemble (more about that below); the electronic and print versions both need to be laid out, and then there's proofreading, preparation of advance review copies, brainstorming and following up on promotion strategies and taking the finished product to press. The work doesn't end then, but in terms of actually producing this book, this is what needs to come next.

I'm aiming for a June release, and then an an official reading and launch party at ReaderCon in Boston in July, the same convention where I officially launched the Kickstarter last summer.

Obviously the assembly of Clockwork Phoenix 4 is the largest and most important moving part of this Kickstarter – and I will not be sending out official backer surveys for most reward categories until I'm closer to having the books ready to ship – but there are many other moving parts, too. I'm now going to go over some of the other pieces that need updating. 


Your name will not appear in the acknowledgments section of the completed anthology if it isn't on the list I'm maintaining at the Clockwork Phoenix website.

That list can be viewed here:

If you're a backer and you don't see your name on this list and you want it to be there, send me a message at, or through Kickstarter showing me how you want your name or Internet handle spelled. I will start laying out the book shortly, so it's urgent that you contact me ASAP.


Two of the 11 backers at this level still have not filled out the surveys telling me which two e-book editions of Clockwork Phoenix 1, 2 or 3 you want. If you're one of those two people, I am hopeful that you will see this and get in touch.


I want to generally remind everyone that the e-book editions of Clockwork Phoenixes One through Three and the three e-book bonus stories (“She Who Runs,” “Sleepless, Burning Life,” “Stolen Souls”) are available now to backers in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. If you don't want to wait until I send out the official Kickstarter surveys to receive your copies, contact me at and let me know what format(s) you want them in, and I'll e-mail them right to you.


I wanted to add that if you've read any of these e-books, posting a review on your own blog, on Amazon, on Goodreads, or wherever you have access, helps the cause overall by building buzz – and not just for these individual books; it also helps build anticipation for Clockwork Phoenix 4. I just wanted to suggest you think about writing one, if you haven't done so and if you're so inclined.


I've drafted the layout for the special chapbook edition of Cherie Priest's short story “The Immigrant,” and that draft is now with artist Paula Friedlander, who will create a wraparound cover and five interior illustrations. I am guesstimating that I will be able to put the finishing touches on the chapbook in April or May and then send pages to Cherie to sign. For you backers who are getting copies, the chapbook will be shipped along with the trade paperbacks of the finished anthology.


If your backer reward level included a subscription to my poetry journal, Mythic Delirium, you should have received a copy of Issue 27 in November. If you didn't get one and you were supposed to, please drop me a line.


If you pledged at a level that guaranteed you one of Anita's unique Clockwork Phoenix jewelry pins, you should have it in hand. They were all shipped in December. If you were supposed to get one and you didn't, please, please drop me a line.


If you are one of the three people who pledged at the level that guarantees you a detailed critique from myself and Anita of one story of up to 6,000 words, you are now free to send in your story to us at whenever you are ready.

That is all … for the moment. (But there's still a lot more to do.) Whew!

I'll keep reporting in as things progress.


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