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The Deck Hook clips on to any 2 strap backpack and can carry any longboard, skateboard or eboard.
The Patent Pending Deck Hook clips on to any 2 strap backpack and can carry any longboard, skateboard or eboard.
The Patent Pending Deck Hook clips on to any 2 strap backpack and can carry any longboard, skateboard or eboard.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Long about 1 hour ago

      Hi I emailed you guys with no reply in a week. I have a broken deck hook because it can't hold a boosted board. When will there be an update on if the remade deck hooks will be sent out? If there's nothing soon, I would like a refund.

      Thank you,

    2. Missing avatar

      Jurriaan Katsman 2 days ago

      Hi, I have the same problem as Aaron Wee, the tracker says its back to the sender for over a month but no new info from deckhook about this.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron Wee 3 days ago

      Hi, I've been sent the old tracking number which shows that it has been returned to the sender again, could you ship out a new deck hook and a new tracking number?

      I have replied to the email sending me the tracking number, hoping that you'll be able to follow up

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Björk-stiernström 3 days ago

      @robert simpson.

      I have not recived any email.
      But thanks then i know its on the way.
      Estimated shipping time?

    5. TimO-The Dean Stockstill 3 days ago

      Still waiting on a response from my first 2 emails..

    6. Robert Simpson Creator 3 days ago

      @TimO-The Dean Stockstill Please email us on

    7. Robert Simpson Creator 3 days ago

      @Shanon N Brian Cimbura please email

    8. Robert Simpson Creator 3 days ago

      @Simon Björk-stiernström We replied just yesterday with the following:
      Hi Simon

      For some reason the Deck Hook has been returned to sender.

      We have arranged a new Deck Hook to be sent to the address you provided.

      Many thanks

    9. Robert Simpson Creator 3 days ago

      @Sarah Blumenberg Pleas email us on for all enquiries.

    10. Sebastian Sandrock 3 days ago

      Just got mine today in Germany. Thx

    11. Missing avatar

      Sarah Blumenberg
      4 days ago

      Whoops- reread my backer survey. Should be two deck hooks and two wall hangers. So I have received half my backing now. Is there an email address you'd rather me comment on than commenting on the main page?

    12. Missing avatar

      Sarah Blumenberg
      4 days ago

      Hi there- I pledged for the 2 deck hook 1 wall mount combo, but received 1 deck hook and 1 wall mount. Is the other deck hook being sent desperately?

    13. TimO-The Dean Stockstill 4 days ago

      @Creator My backer number 987. Please send me the details about my order.

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Björk-stiernström 4 days ago

      I did send a email over 10 days ago to, no reply at all....
      I sent a new email to today.. lets see if i get a response now.
      Not very impressed that you dont follow up on customers emails.

      My email is :

    15. Missing avatar

      Shanon N Brian Cimbura 4 days ago

      @creator Please help. We have not received our hook. How can we email you? (Where is your email address located?)

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Klassen 4 days ago

      Hey Robert :)

      I emailed you, that I didn't received my hook, any tracking number or a respond from my email. :)

      PLS Help

    17. Robert Simpson Creator 4 days ago

      @Simon Björk-stiernström This is usually when an address is incomplete or cannot be found by the delivery driver. Please email us with an alternate address and we will get a Deck Hook out to you ASAP.

      Many thanks

    18. Robert Simpson Creator 4 days ago

      @Aaron Wee We have just emailed with updated tracking. Many thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron Wee 4 days ago

      Hi, I've dropped emails regarding my shipping being returned to sender and another one for my new tracking number, could I get a response from the email to confirm something? :((

    20. Robert Simpson Creator 5 days ago

      @Mario Cabral Glad you got it! Sorry for any delay!

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Björk-stiernström 6 days ago

      Still havent recived my deckhook and i was a super early backer.
      Did get a shipping and it says that the package has been returned to the sender.
      What is this?
      When will i recive the product?
      Backer 60.

    22. Alexander 6 days ago

      Wrote an email on Give me my tracking information, please. Backer # 1134

    23. Sebastian Sandrock on March 10

      No Deck Hooks, No respond to my E-Mail. Backer-Nr. 870

    24. Mario Cabral on March 9

      Just got mine today in Canada. Hang in there if you’re still waiting.

    25. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @Yann Please email us on and we can reply with your tracking there.

      Many thanks

    26. Missing avatar

      Yann on March 9


      I'm in same case of @Colin Slater, (1st mail the 19th Feb., 2nd 27th Feb.). When can I expect some infos?

      Many thanks. (Backer 857)

    27. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @Colin Slater Hi Colin

      We have updated you via email today.

      Many thanks

    28. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @JD Please can you provide us a little more information via email. Searching our emails brings up 'JD' as Erin to whom we already refunded due to an imperfect deck hook.

      Many thanks

    29. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @michael jasper please send us an email with your info and we will get a new and improved one to you. We did experience a few Deck Hooks which weren't perfect but this is typical of every brand new product. We have worked hard with our manufacturer to iron out these issues and we have perfect deck hooks available to everyone now.

    30. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @Hyung kyu Huh Sorry for the delay! We will send tracking details as soon as we can via email

    31. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @TimO-The Dean Stockstill Please email us with your backer number and we can chase this for you. Please dont pot your address or personal details on this public forum. Many thanks

    32. Robert Simpson Creator on March 9

      @Stincone Glad we got you sorted out. There are always teething problems with new products and so sorry that you were unlucky enough to receive a non perfect Deck Hook! But so happy that we have fulfilled on our promise of a great product!

    33. Missing avatar

      michael jasper on March 8

      Got mine and the 4th time i used it the fidlock snaps broke now theres no way to hook it to my bag....Tried emailing and posting on there social media sites but no reponse...Dont support this product!

    34. Missing avatar

      JD on March 8

      Dear Team, several messages have been sent to you (through K/starter and incl. over 10 emails) requesting an update to an existing query. Nil response has been received beyond me providing essential information as requested. Grateful if query could be answered.

    35. Missing avatar

      Hyung kyu Huh on March 7

      Okay. I left 4 comments, 5 emails so far asking about the tracking information. Can you please answer my email??

    36. TimO-The Dean Stockstill on March 7

      Great to hear @Stincone but I have yet to receive one.. Good or bad..

    37. Missing avatar

      Stincone on March 6

      Just got my third and final deck hook! Finally a great product. New and better straps and better stiching. So just cut them some slack. They send me three deck hooks for just ond plege. OK, the first two where just bad. But they did not give um and did not run away as some supposed. keep up the good work now.

    38. Robert Simpson Creator on March 5

      @Stephen M. Godinez Deck Hooks are shipping and we are working through orders chasing them up with the distribution company. Our fulfilment centre was closed for 3 week for Chinese New Year which has slowed things down somewhat. We certainly have 'took the Kickstarter money and fled dodge'.

      Many thanks

    39. Robert Simpson Creator on March 5

      @Aaron Wee Hi Aaron. Unfortunately the address your provided wasn't complete. Please email us with your full address and we will be able to get another on its way to you ASAP. We have chased the shipping company to see what the issue was too or what part was missing.

      Many thanks

    40. Stephen M. Godinez
      on March 4

      Yeah, pretty sure these guys just took the Kickstarter money and fled dodge. Just like everyone else, no deck hooks, and no response to emails. Tho I suppose what goes around comes around so there’s always that.

    41. TimO-The Dean Stockstill on March 3

      I'm still waitimg to receive my order!.. emailed the distribution center.. NO RESPONSE...

    42. Andreas C on March 3

      I want to return mine I’ve sent several emails, please respond

    43. Colin Slater on March 3

      I've already emailed and received a response saying you'll chase up my order and see where it is. This was on the 19th of February, I emailed asking for an update on the 25th of February and it's now March and I have no deck hooks and no communication. Please can I get an update and if you can't deliver then please can you refund me.

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron Wee on March 1

      Hi, my product was not delivered to me, but delivered back to the deck hook team based on the tracking information... I’ve sent multiple issues regarding this and have received no response, I would like a refund as i didn’t not pay so much for such ridiculous bad shipping. It looks like I will never receive the product

    45. Missing avatar

      Tim on March 1

      I have emailed about my tracking number but still have not received a reply. Is there a better way to get in contact to get my product?

    46. Robert Simpson Creator on February 28

      @Kenneth Jang Hi Kenneth, please email us rather than commenting as we cannot share personal information in these comments. Chase us on and we will process your refund.
      Many thanks

    47. Robert Simpson Creator on February 28

      @ErinHG When you back a project with kickstarter, it is kickstarter who hold all of the card information rather than us. For this reason we cannot refund to your original card method. Paypal is the easiest and fastest method to refund anyone who has had an issue. Rest assured we are in touch via email with those wishing for a refund. We are working hard on the issues that the initial batch had and making sure that the Deck Hook is nothing but a perfect product.

      Many thanks

    48. Missing avatar

      ErinHG on February 27

      Heard back from DeckHook in regards to the refund I have requested. They are claiming that refunds can only be given through PayPal, which is not how I paid.

      A lot of unhappy backers here for sure ... we will see where this goes. There are plenty of unsatisfied customers on here to raise enough ruckus about this product.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Jang on February 27

      Messaged asking for refund. Please respond.

    50. Missing avatar

      Ly Pascal on February 27

      Hi, I haven't received the deck hook yet. Could you please check ? (from Singapore).

      Many thanks

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