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Pet GPS Tracking and ID with Apple and Android Apps

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About this project

Pawda Keeps our Pet's Safe and Gives Us Peace of Mind.

Making sure your pet gets the freedom to run around and having the peace of mind that it will not get lost or worse is something we all wish for. This is why we came up with Pawda™. Once Pawda™ is attached to your pet's collar, it syncs up with an app on your smartphone. Then, if your pet wanders outside of your designated safety zone your phone not only notifies you, but it also tells you exactly where they are. It is waterproof, so you can even locate your dog if he or she has decided to go for a swim.

Pawda Project Team

Elias Poulos - Engineering and Design

Elias has been responsible for for the design, we have designed three different prototypes in the two years of development leading up to the final prototype. Elias has also been responsible for setting up our manufacturing. We have the first 100 Pawda's currently in production to use in final testing and certification purposes.

Ross Lambert - Marketing and IT

Ross has been responsible for the marketing of the project, including press releases and media distribution, social media and advertising. Product design and packaging has also been part of Ross' role in the team.

Ross has also been intimately involved in the creation of the website, the web-server and the each of the apps.

Sam Lambert - Web Designer and IT

Sam is our web designer and IT guru who makes all the technical stuff not just work, but really hum! Sam had had a number of other technicians working with him to create the site and the Apple and Android apps. 

How does Pawda work?  

Pawda is a small lightweight GPS tracking devices which securely fastens to your pet's collar. It tracks your pet wherever they are using the same network as your mobile phone. You set a virtual perimeter or 'safe zone around your home and if your pet wanders off and crosses the 'safe zone' then you will receive an alert on your smartphone via the Pawda app. A map will then appear on your 'phone and you will be able to see the location of your pet or pets on the map. You can then find your pet and return them home safely.

Pawda™ is available in Australia, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the United Kingdom, and North America. It syncs up with the map device on your phone or tablet to help you find them anywhere in the world. You can even monitor their movements in real time. 

The Pawda Website

Once you purchase a Pawda you will be directed to set up you account in the Pawda Website and add the details for each of your pets. You can also use the website in addition to the app to track your pet.

More reasons to love PAWDA 

  • Ease of Use: Attach  Pawda™ to your pet, download the App, activate the  Pawda™ SIM card with your app and start tracking your pet. 
  • Peace of Mind: The best part of Pawda™ is that it is constantly working in the background. Once you have set the virtual fence around your home for your pet, you don't have to do anything else. It will automatically let you know when your pet has strayed outside the safe zone.
  • Low Battery Notification: The Pawda App will send a three 'low battery notifications' when the battery is getting low on charge,reminding you to charge your Pawda™.

Pawda™ Prototypes

The very first prototype was completed in September 2011 it was shaped like a watch and came with a docking station for charging as you can see in the images below. 

Prototype Version 2 – June 2012

In June 2012 we produced prototype number 2 - a whole new look and feel for Pawda™. 

One of the original Engineering Drawings
One of the original Engineering Drawings

The black button on the top Pawda™ is a ‘walk’ button which disarms the Pawda™ when you take your pet for a walk. This is because the Pawda™ starts to send a signal every three minutes once the virtual perimeter has been breached. 

There was however, some strong feedback regarding the clips and the bottom plate which despite being very practical we decided to see if we could dispense with these creating a simpler sleeker design. 

Prototype Version 3 – May 2013 

Since then we have been refining Pawda™ to make the device as small as possible and at the same time maintaining its long battery life and superior transmission capabilities. 

The latest prototype is around 30% smaller and lighter. It also uses more advanced mapping features and has a longer battery life. We are still testing even smaller and lighter set-ups to see how effectively they sync up with major GPS satellite systems. 

The final version (below) is stunning, it is small and light whilst maintaining quality satellite contact, and a serious battery life of up to seven days, up to ten days in some situations. All data is sent as secure packets, and we have optimised the app to work with all major smartphone operating systems. 

Pawda™ Development 

Developing Pawda™ was not just about the technical specs. It was also about figuring out how it would be used in the real world. This meant studying how cats and dogs interact when they are outside. We had to make sure that the device would not be bothersome to your pets. 

Microchips Are Not Enough

Many dogs are micro chipped. Microchips are a very small chip which is inserted under the skin of a dog or cat near their shoulder. The chip is read by special readers which are used by vets and the local dog catcher. You cannot track a pet using a microchip.

Secure Attachment 

Pawda™is attached to your pets collar using a velcro sleeve. Simply fold the sleeve around the collar and press the velcro sleeve together. Your Pawda is now attached safely and securely.

Pawda's Qr Tag

Each and every  Pawda™ will come with a qr code tag which following activation will be synced to your account .The tag can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone and by using the information revealed from the QR code the finder can contact you the owner of the pet. The finder will also be able to see the pets name, and any special things about the pet that can assist the finder in caring for the pet until the owner can pick up their dog or cat.


Pawda™ weighs just 55 grams, which for even the smallest dogs is virtually unnoticeable on their collar.

Geography and Languages 

Pawda™ will work globally which includes Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the United Kingdom. The app will be eventually available in all of the major languages in those areas including Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, French and German.    

Ease of Use

Attach Pawda to your pet, download the App, activate the Pawda SIM card with your app and start tracking your pet. 


Pawda™ will have a recommended retail price of $ 249 AUD. This includes a Pawda™, a universal charger, a Pawda Tag (to identify your pet when found). the first months sim card subscription after which sim subscription is $9.95 AUD. However, you can 'pre order' your Pawda for just $149 AUD (a saving of $100 AUD) from this Kickstarter Listing in the Rewards Section to the right.


What is the battery life?

Up to seven days, in certain conditions up to ten days.

After I purchase Pawda are there any ongoing costs?

You can purchase a 'Pre Order a Pawda using one of the pledges to the right of this page. Once launched the purchase price of Pawda is currently set at $249 AUD and this includes the first months subscription for the SIM card included in your Pawda. After the first month there is an ongoing subscription fee of $9.95 per month, for the sim to connect to the GPRS Mobile Phone Network.

Are there additional charges or fees?

 No, there are no additional fees or charges..

How accurate is the GPS system?

It can locate your pet within three metres feet of its current location.

How does Pawda talk to my phone?

It uses SMS and GPRS technology, just like your mobile cell phone.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes. We can send it to anywhere in Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Can I take Pawda with me on vacation?

Yes. Pawda is designed to be mobile. You can take it with you anywhere in Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

How do I link Pawda up with my smartphone?

Search for the app in the app store and download. To activate Pawda, simply register on the Pawda website and enter your sim number which is included with your Pawda when it arrives.

Is there a warranty with Pawda?

Of course, Pawda comes with a full 12 month warranty. Apart from normal wear and tear we will replace or repair you Pawda should it be faulty within the first twelve months.

Where We stand 

The final prototype is now complete and so to are the Apple and Android apps. We are almost ready to launch the website and our back-end web-server. 

 Pawda - The Future...

We set out to design a GPS tracking device for pets that was light and comfortable for our Pet's to wear, yet, had a battery life of at least seven days. We also wanted the product to be user friendly appealing aesthetically and be waterproof. The unit needed to accommodate more than one pet on the same app and be available on each of the mobile formats.

Pawda has been in the making for over two years and we are very proud to say that we have put ticks in all of the boxes.To move forward now to the next phase of Pawda we need your help to take Pawda into mass production. We know that 'pet lovers the world over will want the 'peace of mind' that Pawda will provide. As pet owners ourselves we truly want to keep our pets safe and no better way than with Pawda.

Risks and challenges

We are now on the home stretch and hopefully, we have ironed out any of the bugs. We are realists though, and even though we have over fifty combined years of experience, one should always be prepared.
Probably the biggest challenge we face is delays in the production of the product. Pawda is coming from a very large manufacturing facility which manufactures products for some of the largest companies in the world, so hopefully delays won't be an issue. So fingers crossed we will have our product launch in April 2014 as planned and Pawda will be highly successful.

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