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Inspired by your city and the Great Outdoors, the Urban Collection are sunglasses designed with color, texture and style in mind.
Inspired by your city and the Great Outdoors, the Urban Collection are sunglasses designed with color, texture and style in mind.
177 backers pledged $12,097 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Boris Yordanov 2 days ago

      Any update will be apriciated.

    2. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on December 7

      @Kyle I am sorry that this campaign did not meet your expectation. We appreciate your support in all of our campaigns. The prototype of the orange Bomber glasses are awesome and we are hoping that in the future we can expand the lens and frame color options with all our Urban line. Our Gunnison glasses in our Timbermine line offer a orange mirrored lens, if that is something that interests you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kyle on December 6

      In the prototype phase, you guys showed the Orange Bomber glasses and that's what totally sold me on this line. Now I'm sad to find out I have to rely on the community to market Westwood just to get achievements? Disappointing to say the least.

      Honestly, I wouldn't have considered backing this line as quickly had I known this was going to be the way things were handled.

      This will be my 3rd Westwood pair of glasses too.

    4. Missing avatar

      Evan Tobias on November 12

      I know we haven’t reached the stretch goal, but I would greatly appreciate a hard case instead of a pouch

    5. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on November 2

      @luke, Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our delivery. This kind of feedback is very important to us and we truly appreciate it. Thank you for backing our new line and your continued support for Westwood.

    6. Missing avatar

      luke on November 1

      Backed as I really like the Rusty glasses style, however must admit am a bit put off with the spammy 'encouragement' to promote your business everywhere...

      I'm happy to help by 1. making a project happen (after all, I want the item) and 2. Get better rewards (because who wouldn't) but I'm not too keen on being told how to do to be honest. I think you are the first project I backed where I get an instant message asking me to share the kick starter project :/

      Then the achievements... Where do I begin on that.

      Finally, I think with an expensive pair of glasses some kind of case is required - be it a simple cloth bag and you in fact provide this. An upgrade to a hard pouch isn't that necessary IMHO and becomes obsolete if we reached the final goal so seems kind of meh?

      Secondly wooden decal... this just comes to this whole "advertise us" theme and honestly... why waste our money on making this? What is it even for than to add to landfill? OK, I would use it as a coaster.

    7. Boris Yordanov on October 27

      Hopefully it will get many more backers. It's good for all of us.

    8. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 26

      @Boris, thanks for the feedback. We've been surprised in some of our previous campaigns at how quickly the backer count can grow. We're going to push hard to make it as big as some of our previous campaigns and we hope you'll share about the project as well. Regarding taxes and duties, they are the backer's responsibility (see note at the bottom of the campaign).

    9. Boris Yordanov on October 26

      Also I was hoping for a hard case from the beginning. I don't see how the project can get 500 backers.

    10. Boris Yordanov on October 26

      Thank you. What about customs fees and VAT for European backers.

    11. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 25

      @HecticlyRelaxed thanks for putting us over the top!
      @Boris we've posted an update with stretch goals and we're pulling together some FAQs based on feedback we've received so far. We'll get FAQs posted soon too

    12. Boris Yordanov on October 24

      Any update would be nice

    13. HecticlyRelaxed on October 24

      Yay! One of my favorite companies and I got to purchase the pair that kicked them over the $10,000 funding goal!

    14. Missing avatar

      Shaun Hollinger on October 15

      Once the campaign ends, will we then be contacted to select which pair of sunglasses we want? The pledge form didn't ask us to pick one.

    15. Tom Geier on October 14

      Oh I see, I didn’t take into account my pledge also includes shipping, sorry about that.

    16. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 13

      @Tom Geier, the early bird is $60 and the regular is $70.

    17. Tom Geier on October 13

      Wait so the early bird costs $75, but the regular cost $70. What’s the go with that?

    18. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 12

      @annie The rate at which your first pledge is, just double it. So If you are a early bird at $60 then if you want two it would be $120.

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick Mahan Jr
      on October 12

      Awesome! Take my money!

    20. Annie
      on October 11

      So I'm an early bird if I want 2 pairs just increase pledge by another $50?

    21. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 11

      @Patrick, @Ashraf what you can do is increase your pledge amount and at the time of the survey we will make sure we send out two pair.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ashraf Hossain on October 11

      Echoing my fiance and I love your glasses and want to support this campaign too. Needed to get in before the cap, but we want to get in for two pair too if we can!

    23. Missing avatar

      James Smith on October 11

      Welp you got me a third time now....

    24. Missing avatar

      Patrick Mahan Jr
      on October 11

      Yes! More Westwood greatness! Previous backer on both campaigns and constantly informing people in Jersey about you guys. Any chance I could grab two pairs at the super early $50? I already backed one pair but would love to get the gf a pair at that crazy rate too.

    25. Boris Yordanov on October 11

      Thanks. I found it on the website. I'm using the app and I guess there is no gallery there.

    26. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 11

      @Boris, just below our video on the main page is a box that has a green button that says' view gallery." It is right before it says "About this Project". Please let me know if you have trouble finding it and I'll try to explain it better. Yes the lenses are polarized and they are 100% UV protection. They are great quality!

    27. Boris Yordanov on October 11

      Also what is the sun protection and are the lenses polarized and of good quality

    28. Boris Yordanov on October 11

      Hello, on the camping it says to see the prototype gallery. Where can I find it. Thanks

    29. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 11

      @Annie this is a great suggestion. We're concurrently running a sale on the website during the campaign, so you can get a great deal and get the sunglasses from our previous collections without having to wait. It would be effective to offer them as an add-on during the backer survey to save backers some shipping. We'll talk it over with the team. Thanks for the suggestion.

    30. Annie
      on October 10

      Would you guys consider adding your other collections as add-ons during backer survey?

    31. Westwood Sunglasses 4-time creator on October 10

      Thanks so much Nikolas! We are super excited about this new line!

    32. Nikolas Obrenović
      on October 10

      Woohoo backed last two projects....great quality best of luck on another Kickstarter campaign.