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Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
9,737 backers pledged $1,251,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider about 18 hours ago

      Has everyone who got their MEATER been given shipping notice beforehand?

    2. Michael flowers about 19 hours ago

      So if I backed two single MEATERs and two chargers. Am I in the queue yet? Will I be emailed a shipping date sometime soon?

    3. Chris McHam about 20 hours ago

      Got mine today in texas. Steaks tomorrow

    4. Jeff Bolen 2 days ago

      Just received the meater. Looks nice. Shipped safe, no issues. Can't wait to try it.

    5. Maria Mangione 2 days ago

      Received my Meater probe last Monday one day earlier than what the tracking number listed it for. The packaging is really nice and delivered my Probe safely. It was so simple to set-up, no instructions needed. Today I will use it for a roast on the grill. Final comment: The wait was well worth it! Good luck to all.

    6. Julius Ter Pelkwijk
      3 days ago

      Chuck is right: Once shipped 170 promotion packages. Took us almost a full night to get it done, and people were complaining to me, actually begging me to stop. And when the delivery guy saw the amount of packages pouring in, he was wondering where to put it...

      So yes, when you ship 5 or 10 packages, you don't care too much. But when you are considering to ship around 1000 packages, trust me... Unless you work in a factory for a living, shipping a lot of packages is hell...

    7. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      3 days ago

      "Dunnage" is the term used in new-product development to refer to the packaging for the product. (BTW, the various extra stuff that goes into the box with the product, manual, warranty card, software disk, minor cables, etc., is called "collateral.")

      Consider, for example, package tape. Most people don't think much about it. But a new-product developer has to give it carefully consideration. For most people needing to send a box, you just go to the grocery or office supply store and get a roll of whatever package tape they sell and pay the retail price for it and -- since it's only a few dollars -- don't think much about it. But if you need to ship 10,000 boxes, you may need perhaps 250 rolls of tape. The local grocery store probably doesn't have that much in stock. Even if they do, you'd be a fool to pay the single-roll retail price. You can order 250 rolls from a wholesaler supplier for perhaps 1/5 of the retail price. But what tape should you get? Your grocery store will have maybe two choices if you're lucky. An office supply store may have three or four. But a specialty distributor of adhesive tapes may have 50 or more options for package tape. If the roll you pick up at the grocery store turns out to not be very good or maybe not stick well to your specific boxes, then you just don't buy that brand again. But if you've already bought 250 rolls, then you've got problems. The tape you need may depend on what country you're shipping to. If your product is electronic and the box is going to the EU, for example, then your dunnage including the package tape on it has to comply with RoHS restrictions. Other countries have various rules about different types of products.

      If you are insuring your shipments, your insurance carrier may have rules about what type of tape and how much take and how it must be applied.

      The freight carrier may also have rules you'll need to follow to get the best rate.

      And how are you going to apply that tape to the box? At home, packing one or two boxes, you just pull the tape off the roll and slap it on the box. But how long does it take you to pack a box? I'll bet that it's longer than you think. If you're not paying for the labor and if you're only doing one or two boxes, this is ok. But if you're hiring and paying labor to pack 10,000 boxes, then how long it takes to pack a box becomes very important and you'll start to look at various labor-saving tools for taping packages. But the type of equipment you'll use has to factor into the exact type of tape you'll use and how that tape will come to you.

      So, even something as seemingly-minor as package tape becomes complicated when you're doing it commercially and doing it 10,000 times.

      This is one of the more-common causes of delays in Kickstarter projects, especially when the number of rewards to be sent turns out to be much greater than initially estimated, and especially when things like bonuses and "stretch goals" and reward options are added without giving thought to dunnage.

      So, there you go: dunnage, just one of the many aspects of developing a product.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt. Bowden 3 days ago

      You keep referring to packaging as dunnage. Check a dictionary.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      4 days ago

      Show me where I am saying something that is not true.

    10. Missing avatar

      James Miller
      4 days ago

      "Is it all about you?"
      You keep asking that question.
      In reviewing your posting habits you've engaged yourself in over 110 mostly theoretical campaigns of the "feel good" type that are pretty much guaranteed to fail and, oh look, most of your backings have failed... BUT that has provided fodder for you and your endless commentary on an endless basis (over 850 by now) as the "expert in the room".
      Your dialog is meaningless and constantly self-serving and if I could block your responses from showing up, I WOULD.
      You are a perfect example of one of the "little people" who have found the internet their only avenue to show power in life and have spent enormous amounts of time doing so. If all your responses were deleted, this comment section and so many others would be so much more manageable so people wouldn't have to spend so much time on your SELF-SERVING dribble so "Is it all about you?",
      In your mind I would say yes...
      I'm only looking to publicly have the creators respond with viable options to those of us whose very existence is being threatened by disease whose prognosis is shorter than then continual delays they constantly report (true or not) and their decisions they've made from the gitgo.
      As a former R & D manager in a Radiation Therapy & Dosimetry manufacturing company and with a desire to assist as many entrepreneurs looking to launch their ideas into a company, I KNOW what the pitfalls are and don't have to pitch in from the sidelines with their conjecture. Let the creators be responsible for their comments and let you (with no impact on THEIR product) stay out of the fray confusing the new & first-timers that you (mistakingly) speak from a position of authority. (WHICH YOU DON'T)
      So @chuck, again no reply is necessary or appreciated but since I've called you out I expect the rants to be unending... All of which I'll ignore and hope you jump off the cliff with your self-aggrandizing comments forcing the creators to chime in for a little visit.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andy R 4 days ago

      @Mr. Gollnick, you made a comment a while ago about speaking truth means you can't be a troll. You should look up that word on urban dictionary. You are a troll. Any time you want to leave the rest of alone will be a welcome day. I hope someday you can think about how you speak/ write to people and realize how unpersuasive you are. Learn a different approach.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      4 days ago

      "I shouldn't have to wait behind people who paid less for no reason "

      Why not?

      Apption never made any commitment about the order in which rewards would be sent. You created this expectation in your own mind.

      Apparently there is some problem that is delaying the shipment of rewards packages of two Base units. Why should others whose rewards can be shipped immediately have to wait for you to get your reward first? Is it all about you?

    13. Missing avatar

      The Brady Report 5 days ago

      @Chuck thanks for talking to me from the top of your mountain. Seriously.

      I'm a VERY patient backer but as someone that has managed the creation, production and delivery of hundreds of products in my past, I think I have a clue about what goes into this. Packaging MAY have been an issue but that wasn't what was communicated. And packaging should have been ready a LONG time ago. $1,2M should allow for a little stock right?

      Next time read the post - I didn't say that I should get mine first, I said I shouldn't have to wait behind people who paid less for no reason (or at least none was communicated).

      That I get to wait at the back of the line because I ordered two isn't a good message to give me.
      Do I think I should get mine at least at the same time as people that bought only one? Yes.

      For some of us, this is a seasonal product. I plan to use it for grilling. And while I may grill all year, I would rather not see another summer go by without something I funded 2 years ago.

      Don't bother replying or giving me more of your wisdom.. I'm good.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan Weber
      5 days ago

      Wow!! Got my single probe meater in the mail today! Had written off this project 100%.

      Impressed and glad that although it took a crazy long time the creators are actually honoring pledges.

      Will try it out this weekend!

    15. Timothy Crowley 5 days ago

      It works wonderfully! Tried it out in Chicken Cordon Bleu and it worked great!

    16. Missing avatar

      Pete B. 5 days ago

      Thanks D.H, that did the trick. Much appreciated!

    17. Missing avatar

      D.H 5 days ago

      The ambient temperature must be significantly higher than the core temperature. Hold times the keramic side slightly longer in the closed hand then the temperature should be indicated

    18. Missing avatar

      Pete B. 5 days ago

      It looks like the Meater shipped to me is broken. It does not measure ambient temperature. Is there something I am missing?

    19. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Nah, I probe isn't a good choice..
      Those project creators haven't logged into Kickstarter for over 3 months now.

    20. Missing avatar

      James Miller
      5 days ago

      I guess we all should have been one of the 73 and backed the iprobe or iprobe4... Maybe, just maybe, there's someone out there that can give us a review...

    21. Justus Ackermann 5 days ago

      @Brady Report
      You have misunderstood them, double probe pledges will be fulfilled now, the difference is only between ordes containing (single) probes as opposed to blocks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      "I pay more and i get to wait for all of the single units to ship."

      Are people really so selfish, so self-centered?

      Instead of being happy that the project we all together funded is showing good signs of success, instead of rejoicing that others are receiving their rewards and giving good reports, so many people seem to selfishly demand, "where is mine?" "Why haven't I got mine?" "Why did someone else get his before me?" "When will I get mine?" It's all about me and mine and I, eh?

      Just be patient. Rejoice -- and take relief -- that this project does seem to be going along well.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      Mr. Report asks, "WTH??? How hard is it to put 2 in a box rather than one? "

      Pretty difficult if you don't have boxes big enough to fit two units or perhaps dunnage for two-unit boxes.

      When most of us want to ship something, we just root around and find some used cardboard box that's about the right size and use it. We stuff wadded up newspapers or bubble wrap or something in as dunnage. But when you've got hundreds or thousands of something to ship, you have to buy boxes of just the right size and custom-made dunnage too.

      Not being affiliated with Apption I don't know what the delay is, but I can speculate that something was wrong with some of the packaging materials

      He goes on to rant, "I pay more and i get to wait for all of the single units to ship."

      There was never any promise that units would be shipped in any specific order. You created this expectation in your own head. When you back a Kickstarter project you accept the possibility that there may be delays.

    24. Missing avatar

      The Brady Report 6 days ago

      I backed the Dual Meater award level, funding 2 units, not 1. I emailed the guys to ask when I can expect mine since there is no mention of dual, only singles and the response is that they are having logistic issues and should have them shipped by the end of July - AFTER the single units go out.

      WTH??? How hard is it to put 2 in a box rather than one? I pay more and i get to wait for all of the single units to ship?

      Anyone looking for work, it looks like they need someone in shipping that can count to 2 to solve their logistics issue.

    25. neil aldridge 6 days ago

      Just got my meater (3500 something backer) Have not had a chance to play with it yet but everything loos and feels very nice. From the shipping box to the display box to the storage/charger. All top notch. Looking forward to setting up a link to my wifi so I can go out while cooking all day!

    26. Kyle Nice 6 days ago

      @Chuck, thanks for the insight as to why the numbers might not be lining up.

      FYI, to be clear I am single probe backer.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Miller
      6 days ago

      Steering clear of the comment section decorum, the only true comments that matter are like "But just like the MEATER probe, every decision we’ve made to change and delay the product was to improve and ensure the product will be the best possible version it can be" from the creators matter. As a backer of A LOT of campaigns I'm well familiar with the issues encountered by the creators but when an arbitrary decision that is unending without the compromise of alternate options is made is frustrating. As a minimum of the above quote, I would like to assume that the creators would offer us BLOCKHEADS lifetime warranties for that top notch product we can only believe they would produce. At this point, an option to switch to single units to get a product and forgo the Block is truly worth consideration since the Block seemingly continues to have issues and the true item of desire is now shipping. As 3861 of the original campaign and not the back-up campaign started at Indiegogo to fund the oversights of the original campaign make "a bird in the hand" concept a viable alternative. It's only getting the creators to step up and "do the right thing" now before any "new" issues come up delaying yet again.
      On a previous poking I jokingly made a comment about switching to a Vegan so I would live long enough to actually get a product to use. That's not so far from the truth any more and I would truly like to use the product I backed and helped come to fruition and not have to will it off to my beneficiaries.
      @Chuck - No comment needed or appreciated.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      7 days ago

      Mr. Bauder says, "Chuck, Get a life stop trolling the comment board. You are not adding any value except for adding frustration to those who are already frustrated. "

      What is "trolling?" Saying things that are true, but you just don't want to hear them? Pointing out facts when other people promote falsehoods? Being positive and encouraging others to consider all that is going well on this project?

      Or is it complaining when you really have nothing to complain about? It it dwelling on the negative? Is it promoting frustrations that really aren't there?

      I don't think I'm "trolling." I do think that calling me a troll is just another ad hominem attack.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      7 days ago

      Mr. Nice,

      Off hand, I can only speculate that some backers dropped out before the end of the funding period and/or some backers were released by Apption for some reasons such as hardship.

    30. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Blocks aren't being shipped yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Henley 7 days ago

      Hi Guys, I'm backer 7054, when can I expect my meat block shipped to New Zealand.....regards John.

    32. Kyle Nice 7 days ago

      Sorry if I already missed this, but how can there be a backer 10,016 from PA that received their meater when there are only 9,757 backers on Kickstarter? Also I am in PA and my backer number is in the 7k range, nothing yet.

    33. Jeff Bauder 7 days ago

      @ Chuck

      Get a life stop trolling the comment board. You are not adding any value except for adding frustration to those who are already frustrated. I agree other options should be made available to block backers who were initially misled with their original pledges.

    34. Missing avatar

      Philip Darling 7 days ago

      Sound familiar everybody, right down to the already on sale at retail outlets…
      I like the 350 complaints and the OR Consumer Protection investigation

    35. A.J. Minotti on June 21

      I'm backer 6,463, and I got my Meater yesterday. Got it set up, stuck it into a pork tenderloin, and it turned out beautifully! It's been a long time coming, but I'm very happy with the final product. Looking forward to rocking this guy all summer long!

    36. Jornack
      on June 21


      In one of the latest updates they said: "Shipments are by backer number (earliest backers first) by region. "

      We don't know the regions, but if backer #10k was second in his region and you are 2381th in your region then that explains why a backer in the 10k range received his/her pledge before you did.

    37. Don Gorman on June 21

      Chuck that's nice just exactly what order are they shipping in as they have not clarified any order but maybe you know

    38. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on June 21

      Apption has clearly said that they are not shipping in backer number order.

    39. Don Gorman on June 21

      Simply amazing Backer #2381 for a single Meater and not a word from Apption on when I will get notification while backers in the 10000 range get their Meater.

    40. Eric Fink on June 21

      Just got mine yesterday, backer number 10,016 from PA. As everyone is saying the quality and workmanship is top notch, all the way down to the packaging. The backplate and mounting magnets are a nice touch. And While I didn’t have time for a cook, I did play around with the app. Very polished and easy to navigate. Well worth the wait.

    41. Kip Wittchen on June 21

      Got my meater yesterday! The kickstarter gift was 4 wood coasters in the same material as the charger unit.
      Soooo for the part people are really interested in. I let the meater charge for an hour and then stuck it in a chicken breast. The meater app was a breeze to pair to the meater and set my cook up, signal strength was just about what I was expecting. I have a 22" weber charcoal grill, these things are basically air tight and reliable range was less than 8 feet. That said, whenever close to the grill my phone would immediately reconnect to the meater without missing a beat. The final result was delicious perfectly cooked chicken! It's been a LONG wait but honestly, I am so far very impressed with this product and will not hesitate to buy another one/the block once they've fulfilled kickstarter orders.

      Next time I'm going to try placing an old phone near the grill to use with meater link to hopefully improve my range.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bruce K on June 20

      @Chuck - First, I never asked you a question as my comment was directed at the backers. Second, if you want to play mayor that's fine, but I am not one of those who called you a shill or just kept complaining about being ripped off so I am the wrong guy to snap at. I am very sensitive to customer service issues and think these guys are just doing it badly. I agree I backed a project and there are risks that I have agreed to take, none of which are monumental in my life.
      In this case, the core of the project is being shipped and higher level backers are being told that they need to wait. At best it is poor customer service. I have had similar situations in several campaigns I backed and received a partial shipment and quite frankly it makes me feel better to know the creators are sensitive to the trust backers have placed in them
      There are many of ways they could handle this. As I suggested allow some pledge adjustment, or offer to sell a charger for $x and allow the block backers to decide if I want the probes now by buying a charger. Get creative, but saying we are sorry and we have no idea when things will be resolved leaves a bad taste.
      I have been part of 2 successful KS campaigns as a creator, so I understand the deal better than most. That being said on any campaign I have been involved in organizing the highest level backers would never be left in the cold, it is not something I would think of doing from a customer service perspective.

    43. Missing avatar

      A.J.P. Bonte on June 20

      Backet #2901. No shipping info yet...... European customer.
      BBQ season is in full swing so I am eagerly awaiting my Single MEATER. Any shipping info for me?

    44. Kip Wittchen on June 20

      Backer #4,125, got the tracking info for my single probe, should be here (NY) by Thursday!

    45. Missing avatar

      Joe G on June 19

      Backer #4839. Received email on Friday that 1 x MEATER + Kickstarter exclusive gift (KST-MT-ME01) is on the way. I should see it by Wednesday.

    46. Missing avatar

      on June 18

      Would be an accurate description *if* Chuck was out advertising and drumming up new sales for Apption. Simply posting here trying to calm existing backers is not being a shill... It's crowd control.

    47. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on June 18

      As I have said before, I have no relationship to Apption or our Creators other than being an enthusiastic backer.

      But people keep accusing me.... wait a minute, the ad hominem attack is the recourse of someone who has no factual argument to make. If you can't dispute the facts, then you attack the person. Ok. It just shows how shallow your argument is.

    48. Missing avatar

      Steve Porreli
      on June 18



      1. an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tim Hof on June 18

      Hopefully not far off now. Disappointing to see that the early backers are still waiting (I'm #1,635) whilst those as far as 10,000+ have already received or are closer to receiving theirs.

    50. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on June 18

      Mr. K whines about the delays in the Block rewards asking, "So why would you keep block backers feeling slighted."

      Block bakers who feel "slighted" chose to feel that way. They chose to feel disappointed because an expectation that they created themselves has not been met. Apption never promised to ship rewards in any specific order.

      Some people chose to feel slighted because Base backers are getting their rewards first while Block backers who, for the most part, contributed more, are waiting. "This isn't fair!" they protest. Well, "fair" is something that really only exists on the face of a barometer. If you allow yourself to be maddened because something isn't fair, you're going to spend a great deal of your life being angry because life in general is not fair.

      Apption has been very open about the necessary decision to delay Block and redirect resources toward completing the all-necessary Probe. Had this not been done, had we insisted on "fairness," the project entirely would have been endangered; we could have all ended up with nothing... which, I guess, would at least be fair since we'd all receive our nothing at the same time.

      Apption's testing of this next round of Block prototypes which should commence any day now, will be very telling. Hopefully, the tests will be very successful and we Block bakers will receive our rewards in a few months.

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