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Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
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    1. Rafael Mederi
      about 3 hours ago

      I am waiting my tracking number.

    2. Missing avatar

      Allan thrige about 6 hours ago

      Now than everything is going so well, according to you, Can i then get a refund my block❓

    3. Edwin Chu 1 day ago

      I get a msg(Jul 31) that tell me my MEATER shipped and I will get it in 2~4 weeks, but dont have any tracking info. Is this normal? I have no idea where my MEATER are now.

    4. Missing avatar

      Louis @ Apption Labs Collaborator 1 day ago

      @ Andy R: From our tests, we've found that a fully-charged probe can last 24+ hours before it needs to be recharged.

      @Philippe Albouy: We'll send you your tracking info shortly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andy R 1 day ago

      @Wonderwazek I think the idea is people (including me) would like to know actual results and how they compare to specs. Of immediate concern is single charge life, not how many charging cycles they last for.

    6. Wonderwazek 1 day ago

      @ Thomas Winnerl / All


      Q: How long is the lifecycle of the probe's battery?
      A: 1000+ cycles/usages.

      Q: Is there a way to check how much battery life of the probe?
      A: Currently, you won't be able to check the battery life, but you'll get a warning if you are starting a cook at less than 50%. At less than 20% battery life, it will have a low battery display.

      There is no battery level on the phone ...

    7. Jornack
      1 day ago

      Thomas Winnerl +1

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl 2 days ago

      to the people that already got their meater, how long is the battery life of the probes?

      will they last for 12-14 hours of smoking pulled pork or something similar or will i need to swap probes in between?

      do they tell you the battery level on the phone

    9. Philippe Albouy
      2 days ago

      # 187 !!!
      and still no mail, no tracking number and NO MEATER :((
      can you at last send me my meater and tracking ???? at last give me an answer ?

    10. Demetrios Hadjistavropoulos
      2 days ago

      Just got my two probes with chargers. Just waiting on the block. Looking forward to using them.

    11. Wonderwazek 3 days ago

      # 1.879

      I've been using the Meater for about a month ( chicken, beef, pork ) ... everything works perfect ...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jaakko Rastas 3 days ago

      Most of the invoice is DHL service fees. And DHL even happily told me that the package apparently is not my whole pledge. So yes this has to do with Apption and I have to discuss this matter with them, but just a heads up that the international backer fulfilling is, not surprisingly, screwed up by Apption. And you will face a lot of extra fees.

    13. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      That extra invoice was likely your country's customs department adding the import tax/vat/duties, and has nothing to do with apption.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jaakko Rastas 4 days ago

      Didn't receive information that it has shipped but got notification from dhl, whoch promptly sent me extra invoice for the shipping of 150€. Glad I van finally have this but thanks a lot for the extra invoice!

    15. Chris Barrett 4 days ago

      Looks like people that ordered probes with blocks have to wait even longer. Only those that ordered probes w/no blocks are getting them.

      Almost two years...

    16. Chris Barrett 4 days ago

      Looks like people that ordered probes with blocks have to wait even longer. Only those that ordered probes w/no blocks are getting them.

      Almost two years...

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy R 4 days ago

      I got a positive response from a message I sent to Apption that for all of us block only backers they're planning to throw is a little bone. It's not some freebie and there was no comment on exact timing, but I will say as someone who has been frustrated by this project, it was very encouraging. I'll leave the specifics for the folks at Apption, but wanted to implore you to continued patience as I believe they're attempting to do something positive for us.

    18. John Urquhart 5 days ago

      Received my two probes in Australia today.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neil French 5 days ago

      Backer 4,854 in the UK on a dual probe deal. I responded to my Backerit survey on August 4th and got shipping notification last night. Looks like the probes are being sent direct from Hong Kong.

    20. Alberto Alfaro 5 days ago

      Hi guys, just as FYI. A couple of weeks after resending my survey I got the two meaters I had ordered! :) I haven't used them yet, but they look and feel very nice, they appear to be high quality.

      Give it a little more time. Yours are coming soon if you don't have them already ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider 5 days ago

      Sorry for those of you who do not have yours yet, but I assure you it is real and I just used it for first time. I cooked a thick ribeye. I set it for medium (wife not a fan of rare). I took it of and let it rest when MEATER instructed. Steak was fantastic. You have heard this before but range does suck (10 ft). The only other complaint is you could not use on anything remotely thin. I understand there is "technology" inside so it would be hard to make smaller. Overall very happy. Wait did suck, but I would do it again!

    22. Stephen Gough 5 days ago

      @Louis @Apption Labs
      Almost 2 weeks ago i completed the survey confirming that my address had not changed.
      the response was that my pledge would ship next week.

      Can i have a tracking number?
      Any clue as to what is going on or is this just something else to stall all the questions?

    23. Missing avatar

      Joni Nuorivaara 5 days ago


      Backer #6970, single probe to Finland.

      Just received an e-mail telling that my Meater has been shipped. Also received a tracking number.

      I already had given up...

    24. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      Thank you Mr. McGrath.

      You are a bit more concise than I am.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon McGrath 6 days ago

      Oh, and per Mike Pruitt's response: "You Guys suck!!!!! Keep my shitty fucking thermometer"... he doesn't want his so I will take it hehe.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brandon McGrath 6 days ago

      Maybe those of you lacking common sense should review the terms and conditions before you buy a Kickstarter project. If you funded the project then it's your own fault if you lose your money so quit bitching on a public forum.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      Mr. Alvarez,

      If this upsets you, then you absolutely should not be backing Kickstarter projects.

      Every Kickstarter project inherently contains risks. When you signed up to be a Kickstarter backer, you acknowledged and accepted in writing those risks.

      Those risks include the risk that some projects may fail completely and the backers will receive NOTHING, no reward and no refund, nothing. I've had a few of those myself.

      Those risks include the risk that the reward may be delivered but be useless, worthless crap falling way short of the descriptions and promises. And you will have no recourse except to just throw the piece of junk away. I've had a few of those myself.

      And those risks include the risk that the project might run late... sometime very late. And your only recourse will be to wait patiently. Most of the Kickstarter projects I have backed have run late. This is one of the most-late, true. But it's also a complicated project.

      Here is the good news: this project has not failed.

      Here is more good news: many backers have reported receiving their Base rewards.

      And here is even more good news: those who have received their Base rewards just about all report that the product is very good.

      It looks as if, of the risks I spelled out and which you agreed in writing to accept, this project is only going to be late. And that's pretty good as Kickstarter projects go.

      But, if that's not something you can accept, it it's raising your blood pressure, then you are best off not being a Kickstarter backer.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Copperthite 6 days ago

      When is this gonna ship? I think I got scammed. Blocker #5,822

    29. William Alvarez 6 days ago

      Backer #294. I guess another year without. And this is why I hesitate to fund other Kickstarter projects.

    30. Missing avatar

      Philip Darling 6 days ago

      Another useless update, another month gone by still no probes, still no block. Still stealing money from people and still offering no explanations except the proverbial "we are testing", "we are working on it" 2 YEARS AND STILL WAITING #ripoff, #stole our money

    31. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      One more time: if you would have read the comments and updates, you would know that Apption has said that they are NOT shipping in order by backer number.

      Large Kickstarter projects rarely ship rewards in order by backer number. The carriers give substantial discounts for shipping by geographic region.

    32. Mike McMonagle 6 days ago

      Backer #1860, 4 probes and 1 block. How are backers in the #9000 and up getting their shipments and I haven't gotten mine?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ken Voss 6 days ago

      You said LAST month you were starting FCC certifications and now you say THIS month you are starting FCC certifications....a direct question: Have you authorized your testing lab to apply for a FCC Grantee code ? ...Yes or no ??

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Pruitt on August 12

      You Guys suck!!!!! Keep my shitty fucking thermometer

    35. Robert Horwich on August 12

      How exactly did Backer #9429 below get a block and two meaters since the update we just got today says they're still in development.
      Ken Goldenberg, how did you get something that still is in development?

    36. Ken Goldenberg on August 12

      Oh yeah, warning 1, don't try to pull out meater with bare hands, just about burned myself. Doh!

    37. Ken Goldenberg on August 12

      Backer #9429, 2 meaters + block. Received in SF Bay a few days ago. Very nice form and finish. Although packaging is extremely nice, pain to open box, sorry don't have press on nails. Did my first cook on some filet mignon and came out very nice on my traeger. Range pathetic , had to keep phone within 8 feet of BBQ, and use my iPad to watch from further

    38. Missing avatar

      Axel Cortez on August 12

      where is my block?

    39. Missing avatar

      Axel Cortez on August 12

      where is my block?

    40. William Harmon on August 12

      @Louis, backer #7012. Just need two single probes, but no email from Backerkit yet. Are there still Backerkit emails being sent out, or should I have gotten it by now?

    41. Missing avatar

      Jayson Chang on August 12

      I'm backer 6093 from Sydney Australia. I still HAVEN'T received my meter block and 4 probes yet. Please provide me with details on shipment and the ETA of delivery

    42. Missing avatar

      Andre Martinez
      on August 12

      Hello checking to see if my items have shipped?
      Thank you

    43. Missing avatar

      Felix Edwards on August 12

      I'm backer 7869, shipping to the UK, could you confirm if mine has shipped yet? Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Eric MacKnight on August 11

      Second attempt worked a lot better. Cooked a 6lb chuck roast to 135F, Meater said the peak was 136F. I started it in a really hot oven, then kept dropping to the temp so it roasted long and slow. Came out really nice.

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven English on August 11

      Thanks for the info, Lou. Both of the 2 I have so far have now been tested as functional. Out of curiosity, why the decision to obscure the ambient value until different?

      I pulled one back out of the box and it was registering a +10 degree difference out of the box. On the other one, simply holding the square end warmed it up enough to create the discrepancy.

      Consider the previous review retracted...

    46. Todd Yarbrough on August 11

      How many units have shipped? My backer number is 3768, but I still haven't received my unit, or even gotten a tracking number.

    47. Missing avatar

      Louis @ Apption Labs Collaborator on August 11

      @Don Gorman, @Leigh Cook: We didn't want to post your personal information publically, but we've emailed you the tracking numbers for your packages.

      Unfortunately, we're still working out the best way to import tracking numbers to Backerkit so that they can be easily accessed by customers, but in the meantime we're always happy to look up your information if you ask! Thanks for being patient with us!

    48. Missing avatar

      Louis @ Apption Labs Collaborator on August 11

      @Steven English: The "-" (dash) symbol appears when the probe is indifferent to the current ambient temperature.The sensor will display a temperature as soon as you start cooking. If the ambient temperature drops to within 10°F (5°C) of the internal temperature value, the '-' symbol will appear once again. If you have any more trouble, shoot me an email at and I'll be happy to help you troubleshoot!

      @Ron Quek: The MEATER Block you pre-ordered is still in development, but we estimate that Blocks will begin shipping early in Q4 of this year. Thanks for your patience!

    49. Missing avatar

      Steven English on August 11

      Back #6038 here. Received half my pledge yesterday and the ambient sensor does not work on either of the two I received. Wishing this product would work, but I have only received half of them and we are looking at a 100% failure rate so far unless there is a trick to getting the ambient temp to show something other than a dash. Very disappointed.

    50. Ron Quek
      on August 11

      any update? i;m still waiting

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