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Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
9,737 backers pledged $1,251,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      about 1 hour ago

      Reverse Sear is a great method. I often use it myself as it can give 90% of the results of Sous Vide in 1/3 of the time and without setting up the water oven. Of course, unlike Sous Vide in which it's all but impossible to over-cook, Reverse Sear requires precision monitoring of the internal temperature, something Meater is perfect for. But, my GUESS is that Reverse Sear is a use case that Apption hasn't considered and "dialed in." In the future, they may even add a Reverse Sear mode to the Meater app... maybe.

      My experience has been that, like Sous Vide, Reverse Seared meat needs very little "resting" time. Because the majority of the meat mass was brought up to final temperature slowly and evenly -- only the outer-most fraction-of-an-inch got the sudden thermal shock of the sear -- the juices remain fairly evenly distributed.

    2. Jornack about 6 hours ago

      @Alexander: The standard practice also takes into account that the temperature still rises when you wrap the meat in foil.
      So you basically ran into the same problem as HK with the reverse sear: You were using the final target temperature as an indicator for a follow-up step during which the temperature is still rising.
      I do wonder what the result would be when resting without foil. (The temperature would decline, I guess.)

      Other than that : keep the reviews coming!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      about 12 hours ago

      Beef, Stilton and chutney sandwiches!?!

      Lucky you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Salter about 13 hours ago

      Another test on a huge chunk of Beef.
      Tip: Don't rest your meat in foil!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim McKain about 20 hours ago

      Estimated delivery of January 2016. Now nearly May of 2017 and still nothing....

    6. John Osman about 21 hours ago

      Checking to see if there has been an attempt to ship my order, please?

    7. Justus Ackermann about 23 hours ago

      Sure, I know, delays are part of the game. And Meater surely is quite tricky. But what I repeatedly have tried to make clear is that I am not frustrated because there were delays, but with how Apption communicated in the post-funding phase.
      But I am going done that road again which I do not want to do anymore...

    8. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      about 23 hours ago

      My point is... well, are... that it's not unusual for projects, especially complex projects and especially projects that end up significantly over-subscribed, to run considerably late. And, while some projects do fail (I've backed a few of those) most do eventually succeed and deliver good rewards. Patience paid off with Lumu and I have high confidence that Meater is not far behind.

      What is Lumu? It's a photographic light meter... but more than that. It's also a colorimeter. Lumu is a light measurement instrument. Lumu replaces about $10,000 worth of equipment with a $150 thing smaller than a golf ball that attaches to your iPhone.

    9. Justus Ackermann 1 day ago

      Very nice to see more and more Meaters appear! And that it seems to function as intended!

      Errr, yeah great. There is a project I've backed before Meater which has still not delivered and ones I've backed way later which I already enjoy using for months, so what's the point?

    10. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Thats great.... But... What *is* a lumu?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      1 day ago

      Lumu is here!

      "What," you may ask, "is a 'Lumu'?"

      It's another Kickstarter project I backed just about the same time I backed Meater. Lumu was supposed to complete and deliver about the same time Meater was. Lumu also ran into some delays... including Apple certification.

      But Lumu is here... and it works. Just keep the faith people. Meater will be here too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Darren Black 2 days ago

      I see #1050 was delivered. I'm #1174. Is it really happening...?!

    13. Jornack 2 days ago

      +1 for implementing a reverse sear protocol.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Rabe
      2 days ago

      Baker #369 in Germany and got mine today. It looks and feels really nice.
      Setup was easy and works with bluetooth and also the forward via wlan.
      The ambient temperature was not displayed but I hope it will display something when I put the probe in the BBQ. Maybe it does not start when in room temp

      Will make a pulled pork on the weekend and report here for you guys who have not received it yet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tony Jenkens 2 days ago

      Backer 693 in the USA and still nothing...but it sounds like it might be on its way?!

    16. Missing avatar

      HK 2 days ago

      I can confirm the probe is working. Couldn't wait for BBQ time and I found a nice slab of sirloin about 1.5 inch thick. I tried low oven heat followed by reverse sear. Meater is ideal to follow the progress, but for the reverse sear it doesn't take into account the increased heat input, so I overshot from medium rare to almost rare. Still nice and juicy. Thumbs up for meater. And a request to allow for a reverse sear. Probably need to start sear at desired core temp minus 10-12 C.

    17. Jennifer Huber 2 days ago

      I'm backer 2398 & haven't received my Meater yet. The fact that #1050 was received in the Netherlands gives me hope...

    18. Rick R 2 days ago

      They’ll be up to the 6000s before we know it! I wonder where the indiegogo probes are for fulfillment... Grabbed a couple there for gifts.

    19. Justus Ackermann 2 days ago

      Sweet, thanks for letting us know! Happy BBQ'in

    20. Missing avatar

      HK 2 days ago

      Just had my MEATER delivered in The Netherlands. Backer number 1050. Now charging. I think the BBQ season can be officially opened this weekend :) (If the probe connects after charging...)

    21. Justus Ackermann 2 days ago

      About that guarantee, well if you use Meater to cook your steak and it does not have the right temperature, you can send it to Apption and they will send you a replacement steak back.

    22. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Most online purchase warranties (kickstarter included) begin from the date you receive the product.

      The point of possible entry for water into the probe is the seam where the handle and shaft meet. The marking on the shafted that indicates appropriate insertion depth seems to be several centimeters from the seam. Meaning juices from the meat should not reach that point. Also, it may be watertight enough to prevent water dripping from penetrating, but the forced pressure of a dish washer may be enough to penetrate.

      As to the guaranteed cooking each and every time, I assume that is the responsibility of the user to setup the probe and app appropriately and pay attention to the app cues... When the app says to take the meat off heat and let it rest, you do so.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      3 days ago

      Phil M,

      Thanks for the good report. I'm sure we're all looking forward to hearing how your Meater actually works.

      I was that the iPhone app got a huge update today, so work is still ongoing there too.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      3 days ago

      Thomas observes, "LOL, dude is giving out deadlines now for a response."

      And if his demands aren't met, I suppose that he will... well... ah... umm.... fart in their general direction I suppose.

    25. Missing avatar

      Phil M 3 days ago

      2 single Meater probes arrived this week (also awaiting a block once they start to ship).

      They look awesome, the level of quality for a kickstarter project (for the product & the packaging) seems very high on first inspection, the extra development & testing time seems to of been well spent.

      Have not tried to fire them up yet (so can't vouch for the functionality yet!), hoping the weather holds out this weekend to give 1 a proper try!

      Thanks to the Meater team for delivering, good luck on the rest of production, I have a lot of respect for you guys delaying until you were happy you'd worked out the kinks, despite the long delay, I'd much rather have a good quality working product than another rushed dud-kickstarter that soon gets chucked in a draw as it didn't work as expected (or at all!), I unfortunately have a small growing collection of those from other crowd funded campaigns (unrelated to the Meater guys!), this seems like it may live up to the hype & avoid the scrap graveyard!

      To other backers still waiting, have faith, the guys seem to be delivering on the promises & worth will hopefully be worth it. (I do feel block backers should of been offered a single probe early (& only get 3 shipped when the block is sent) or offered a single at a discount, I was just lucky I added some single probes to the block pledge (originally as gifts), so I have something for this summer. Hope everyone get's there soon...

    26. Jornack 3 days ago

      Apparently, I'm part of the 1%...

      Somehow I expected that to be different though.

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider 3 days ago

      LOL, dude is giving out deadlines now for a response.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex Maclean 3 days ago

      P.s guys sorry to be pushy but I will need a response within 10 business days either public or private (I recommend public), as I have been looking through my records. other questions.

      . you offer a one year warranty, is that from date of purchase or delivery or use?
      . you describe the product as being water resistant and is not allowed in the dishwasher, how does this compare to being in the side of a marinated piece of meat in the oven, and how would that be claimed under warranty?
      . you also state that you will cook perfectly cooked meats every time "guaranteed" can you explain this?
      Without prejudice.

      We are all looking to hear from you soon.

      thanks Alex

    29. Missing avatar

      Alex Maclean 3 days ago

      I'm pretty much with everyone here, we all pretty much know that one probe is probably enough for %99 percent of us %99 percent of the time. I got the block was for that %1 of the time, but mainly to support you guys. you are letting the people down that helped the most, I live in Australia and it was a lot of money for me. I haven't even brought up the courage to look up if I can buy a similar product elsewhere. we need updates weekly! or offer refunds! or let us know when accurate timeframe is. or let us know if you cant make them. good luck I do want the product. just a year or so ago! sorry guys but this has been going too long. cheers Alex

    30. Jornack 3 days ago

      As far as I know Apption Labs has offices in the US and UK. So it's not weird that both US and UK/EU Backers are starting to receive the probes.

    31. Georgi Penkov 3 days ago

      @Thomas I'm backer number #847, from Bulgaria, where we never get stuff on time and I got mine Monday.

    32. Georgi Penkov 3 days ago

      @Justus, I did not receive any mail whatsoever, usually I get one with a tracking number. It was a complete surprise the office manager delivered the package to my desk.

      I'll probably grill something this weekend and give some feedback.

      Here is proof for the conspiracy theorists here:

    33. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl 3 days ago

      that projects dont ship per backer number is nothing new as it makes absolutely no sense, instead you ship by region and distribute locally to save on shipping costs.

      what bugs me is that we have people from the US and from the UK receiving their units so it's not even shipped by region.

      something is wrong here.

    34. Missing avatar

      clint 4 days ago

      Backer #872 received his meater and posted a review.... they are not sending the probes by backer number (even though they said they were in their recent update). Something isn't right.

    35. Justus Ackermann 4 days ago

      Always good to hear that people got their Meater!
      By the surprise of some of the backers I take it that there was no email announcing the shipment?

    36. Missing avatar

      blongdon 4 days ago

      I am backer 483 for a single probe and nothing here either. I am hoping it's close!

    37. Martin Opdam 4 days ago

      Just at the moment you don't expect it anymore. My Meater just arrived by mail today, and it just looks AWESOME!! Can't wait to test it out. (FYI I was Backer 331)

    38. MUFC 4 days ago

      I am not sure I believe everyone one here, I am 649, pledged for just a single probe and I still have nothing.

    39. Nick Martin
      4 days ago

      Got my Single Probe here in the UK - The Packaging is awsome & NO Customs or Duties to pay! Yay! Gonna be using it over the Bank Holiday Weekend! Excellent Project!

    40. Jornack 4 days ago

      @clint: why doesnt it make sense?

      Backers receiving the Meater are mainly regular end-users and not reviewers. Anyone can take a picture of his/her food with or without a probe in it, and it’s easy to complain about a product, but it’s not easy to write a good constructive review.

      Also, the backer number doesnt really mean anything in relation to the shipping order, because not all first 800 Backers ordered a single probe.

    41. Missing avatar

      clint 5 days ago

      Something's up. If 800 people received their product someone would have posted a YouTube review or something more. Doesn't make sense.

    42. Missing avatar

      VHF 5 days ago

      @Alexander Salter - your use of the increasingly infrequently heard phrase 'Brucie Bonus' in your review has completely and utterly made my week. Strong work

    43. Jornack 5 days ago

      Besides that, informing backers of every detail would not guarantee a better product at all, nor would it speed up the outcome. In my case, it would only satisfy my curiosity, which would add up to… nothing productive.

      It will be done when it's done. It will be here when it arrives.

      On the other hand, being backer #6230 who pledged for a Block and 1 additional probe, I think I just prayed to the barbecue-god(s) to please unwire my probes.
      I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing �

    44. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      5 days ago

      Mr. Clayborn says, "They may be figuring it out as they go along."

      That's often what new-product development is. I've been doing new-product development for over 25 years now and I still get surprised frequently. My favorite summary of the new-product development process is to quote the boxer Mike Tyson, "Everybody's got a plan, until they get punched in the face." Some projects are just a series of punches to the face. Meater is a very unique project with lots of new stuff to figure out. My guess is that they've been punched in the face a time or two.

      As to why they don't share more specific details of what they're figuring out, what punches they've taken, how they're recovering from those punches, what problems they've encountered, how they've worked around them, etc., well, we've been over that. Sharing that information only helps would-be competitors. When you discover a gold mine, you don't publish the map. You don't even publish a list of places you prospected and didn't find gold. It's reasonable and sensible for Apption to keep the details of the development process confidential.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      5 days ago

      Mr. Penkov,

      Good news! Please let us know how it works for you.

      It's very exciting to see the backer rewards starting to roll out. Keep in mind that only a small fraction to backers typically comment upon receipt of rewards in most any Kickstarter project.

    46. Jason Roager 5 days ago

      Here is the original ship date: "Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Jan 2016" Here we are April 2017 and just got the email update; sounds like another summer with no Meater! Wish I got a real update.

    47. Justus Ackermann 5 days ago

      Yeah but that is not really much better. Either they are on top of it and just deliberately keep us in the dark, or they have no real idea about their own production process.

    48. Michael Clayborn 5 days ago

      I think that maybe the lack of communication comes from not knowing what is going on themselves. They may be figuring it out as they go along.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ken Voss 5 days ago

      Actually glad to hear some are receiving their product and that it works. Gives a glimmer of hope. Still agitated as #411 I don't have any information about the block I bought. If only they communicated better, none of this would be an issue.

    50. Georgi Penkov 5 days ago

      Backer #847, single Meater just arrived. Looks great and packaging was very good. Can't wait to try it out!

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