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Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
9,737 backers pledged $1,251,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Rockett
      just now

      I'm amused by all the Negative Nacys on the comments. The fact that Apption Labs is still posting updates and showing prototype boards and reporting on problems says this team is still committed to finishing this project. I can't tell you how many kickstarters I have seen or been part of where the creator just disappeared off the face of the earth and was never heard from again. A while back, I took advantage of the offer to buy a single probe at a discount and I can tell you it's awesome. I have used it numerous times with great success and it makes me only that much more excited about the future use of the Meeter Block.

    2. Ken about 5 hours ago

      I digested for a day.......we asked for info...they are giving info....we asked for regular updates...they are giving regular updates......we all want the product we backed and no matter what has transpired in the past, right now, they are trying. They have a short timeline with goals....I like that.....they still don't want to put out an exact ship date just in case....because we all know if something happens and they missed it, we would crucify them.........None of us are happy about the delay but they are trying at this time. The past is the past. You may want to cut em some slack. In my book, they are trying to get this one as quickly as they can and we should see where this goes.....what you have in your book is up to you. We are all upset, but their effort they appear to be putting out should earn them a little slack. That's my .02....your results may differ.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Jones about 7 hours ago

      Still extremely slim odds to get within THREE YEARS of original promise. Zombies may well take over the planet before we receive the blocks. Not sure we'll care what temperature the living flesh is at, at time of consumption. More empty promises, no substantiated progress to buy any belief or confidence. It's good to see there is still one naive optimist proving PT Barnum's tag line.

    4. Bjørn about 14 hours ago

      While they say they have enough financial backing to complete the development, I don't think shipping a couple of thousands of probes and chargers would help the situation.

      If on the other hand it would be possible to use the probe with the block, and given the option to pay for the charger then it might be a feasible idea - but Apption claims this is not possible. Partly due to the single/multiple probes having different firmware (which would imply they cannot be upgraded as bugs are fixed?!) and partly due to the single probes not having the special numbering to distinguish them from each other in a block set (again they could mark them as "1" and ship it with single probe firmware, and have those who wanted to pay for the single charger upgrade it later). Of course there would be quite a lot of administrative overhead involved with such a change, and as always, its nearly done anyway (lol).

      I hope the realistic explanation of why it doesn't happens (i.e. they can't be bothered) can spare you a lecture on the consents of Kickstarter. Apption could certainly benefit from buying some goodwill, but from a practical point of view, shipping free probes would probably not benefit backers.

    5. Graciany Miranda Grajales about 19 hours ago

      We should get a free probe now until we get the block...

    6. Chris McHam about 20 hours ago

      That sound you hear is me popping corn to watch the show.....

    7. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      about 20 hours ago

      I’m not sure that I care with what form they get over the finish line — whether stumbling or waltzing — just that they do get over that line.

    8. Bjørn about 20 hours ago

      Its not their intentions that the problem, its their ability, or lack there of. Sure they'll trip over the finish line eventually, but...

    9. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      about 21 hours ago

      But would they say so clearly that they intend to finish if they, in fact, did not?

      Well, that gets us right back to the question of Apption’s honesty. And there just is no way for any of us to prove one way or the other.

      I choose to accept that Apption is being honest when they say this. Others may choose differently.

      Am I making my choice only based on my naivety or on my insufferable optimism? I don’t think so.

      Apption has completed and delivered — albeit late — the Probe. Apption has completed and delivered — albeit late — the Charging Base. Apption has completed and delivered — albeit late — the App. And Apption has completed and delivered — albeit late — the Cloud Server. They have said several times now in plain language that they intend to complete and deliver the Block too. Based on what they have completed and delivered so far, I am inclined to believe their intention to complete Block.

    10. Missing avatar

      Axel Cortez about 22 hours ago

      yeah, they won't say we are not committed to finishing this...

    11. Missing avatar

      Philip Darling 1 day ago

      So basically the last update says, maybe late 2018 for blocks, thats a big MAYBE and with your track record our money is on you missing that target and at least 3 others before you even cut wood.

    12. Ken 1 day ago

      For some reason, this popped into my head.....for the life of me I have no idea why ..........…

    13. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      1 day ago

      Great update, eh?

      I like this line, “All of us remain 100% committed to this project and to you, our backers, and intend to finish this project and deliver all MEATER rewards. “

      That says it all. They’re gonna finish this thing and we are going to get our Meater Blocks!

    14. Ken 1 day ago

      whew...rough crowd....LOL

    15. Bjørn 1 day ago

      Lol, maybe Ken was trying to say he was looking forward to his friends and family joining him in the BBQ season outside?

      Anyways, rumours has it update is fast approaching, but given the silence I take it they are still doing internal testing, and we already know the lunar new year will hold back any compliance re-testing and production start. So what do we want to know, that it is reasonable they could tell us?

      Would it at this point in time be reasonable to ask for an date they expect to
      - start beta testing
      - order compliance re-testing
      - start production

    16. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Surely you mean sitting outside with a cold beverage. You could quite easily sit out side with a hot beverage. Mulled wine, Hot Toddy, Irish Coffee... ;-)

    17. Ken 2 days ago

      I stand corrected. You are right. However, the season where I can sit outside while smoking with a beverage is rapidly approaching :P

    18. Jornack
      2 days ago

      I recently discovered I quite like Chuck steak.

      @Ken Voss : The One and only True Barbecue Season is already upon us. Its starts Januari 1st and ends the 31st of December :)

    19. Ken 2 days ago

      This one is all on you Daniel....nice going. Really waiting for the update before I chime in on the status though. The season is rapidly upon us.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      3 days ago

      Mr. Schneider asked me to comment. So, I did.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      3 days ago

      Mr. Tou asked me a specific question. I answered it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Greg 3 days ago

      "small minds discuss people"
      well.. as you are discussing Mr Tou.. fitting

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg 3 days ago

      Well if u agree.. ignore it. There is no need to write pointless long winded drivel every time someone writes any comment, either at you or apption..good or bad.. right or wrong.. you are not the appointment arbitrator you appointment yourself as.. yet you won’t learn and won’t be the bigger person because you just have a narcissistic need to write something no matter what

    24. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      4 days ago


      I agree. I don’t know why Mr. Tou wants to discuss why some of us backed other projects.

      “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
      — Eleanor Roosevelt

    25. Missing avatar

      Greg 4 days ago

      Gosh it was nice and quiet.. pity it didn’t last long

    26. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      5 days ago

      Yes, Mr. Tou, I did backer that project. You are quite a detective... though Sherlock Holmes has nothing to fear.

      If you would have read the comments instead of just jumping to conclusions that fit your preconceived narrative, then you would know how much I backed that project for and why I backed it. I’ve kept no dark secret.

      But, since you are too lazy to bother reading, I’ll explain it to you. I backed it for one whole dollar. And I backed it for fun so that I could comment in the forum and see any backers-only updates. (Yes, I know that some people have problems conceiving of this thing called “fun” and especially understanding that Kickstarter can be fun.)

      Even if I had seriously been behind that project, what would be wrong with hedging one’s bet? Maybe both would succeed. I just don’t see the world as a zero-sum game wherein for every winner there must be a looser. I’d like to think that we can all win. I guess that this is just part of being an optimist.

    27. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      I spent a whole $1 on the iprobe, simply so I could access the Backer only sections and be able to comment on the iprobe. (and to caution others *against* backing iprobe)

    28. Pasgro
      5 days ago

      @Chuck Chunder
      If you are so clever and truely believe in Meater then why did you also back: a year later?

      Here is your Profile and if you scroll down nine rows (at the time of writing) then you are also backer of the above project.

      Looking at the comments (particularly yours from September 2017), that one failed and the creators were never heard from again.

      Both @Tzfarfaraway and yourself are the most vocal supporters of this project but neither you have really believed in this one! How much did you lose with that project? $99? $199?

    29. Bjørn 6 days ago

      For someone saying there isn't much to say, you certainly seem to have an awful lot to say about it Chucky :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Doug Raymont 6 days ago

      DANIEL!!! WHY??? It was so blissful! We were all patiently awaiting the next "big" update... I think you should be punished for breaking the silence :) Please consider paying off Chuck with a meater probe under the condition he can't post on here again. Not kidding... consider it.. think about how much better it has been....

    31. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      6 days ago

      Really, what is there to say that hasn’t been said fifty times already?

      None of the re-hashing, none of the repetitive whining and complaining has any affect at all. None of it moves us one minute closer to enjoying our Meater Block rewards.

      As Kickstarter backers, we are — by our own volunteering — passive passengers on this journey.

      So, what is there to say?

      Apption has very clearly restated their commitment to finish this project and deliver the Meater Block just as they have already delivered the Meater Base/Probe, the App, and the Cloud Server. That’s good news for us. But nothing we say or do will accelerate that process. So, the best thing for us to do is just relax and let Apption work.

      Personally, I’m not going to get involved in the childish name-calling and personal attacks. They serve no good at all.


    32. Scott 6 days ago

      @Tzfardaya Both? LOL

    33. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Which one?

    34. Bjørn 6 days ago

      I think Thomas is on to something :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider 6 days ago

      I thought we weren’t commenting so we didn’t have to hear Chuck.....but you just ruined that Thomas. Let him have it Chucky!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl 6 days ago

      people have given up on complaining here because they know nothing will change.

      i dont expect this update to address anything substantial and instead be another of the "we are working on it" updates when in reality you told us years ago you were working on it just to tell us again you are working on it for real now.

      this project was launched telling us you are basically ready to go and all you need is funds to start production, turns out nothing was done and even with years of delay production is still so far in the future that you finally learned not to give us new dates because you have no idea if you can deliver or not.

    37. Apption Labs Creator on February 14

      I've noticed that things have been quiet here, not that I'm complaining. Wanted to give you guys a heads up: we're coming out with an update next week, so please keep an eye out!
      -Daniel R

    38. Bjørn on February 7

      Haha, the FCC seach came uses a fuzzy search and came back with a hit for 2AAIN-MNSTRMBLK - which is a different vendor/product .... but it took a few seconds of "thats odd" before I realized what had happened. Oh well, back to waiting and seeing; however interesting that it took less than a month from the application date to it being published online, so the real Meater Block should be up soon I guess.

    39. Apption Labs Creator on February 5

      @Adam I. Skolnik Everyone at Apption Labs is absolutely dedicated to communicating more often and with more detail. The development team is working around the clock to finish the MEATER Block with a goal of fulfilling all MEATER Block pledges. Our latest update shares detailed information about MEATER Block’s status, including software and hardware developments as well as our next steps. We have another update scheduled this month, and we encourage everyone to visit the site when it goes live for additional information about MEATER Block's development. As always, if anyone needs additional information please email the team at or you can email me directly at

      @Bjorn Sorry I misread your comment about Lunar New Year, and you were correct!

      -Daniel R

    40. Ronald on February 5

      Please Ken, take my money :-)

    41. Bjørn on February 5

      I'll back it if you promise to never deliver ;)

    42. Ken on February 5

      I'm making buttons with STFU Chuck....I'm starting a kickstarter for it LOL.

    43. Adam I. Skolnik on February 4

      @Chuck - now I will join the STFU Chuck Bandwagon. you make me want to upchuck. Their comments and responses to my questions benefit the whole. I am sorry that you suffer from a compelling disorder that you feel you need to but into everyone's comments. It must be sad that it appears your life surrounds this comments board. I wish you the best of luck in life as you interact with others. I don't know if it was bjorn who posted it, but whoever it was please provide the url to block chuck's comments. Thank you in advance.

    44. Bjørn on February 4

      Why, because you're terrified of non-ionizing radiation?

    45. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on February 4

      Many years ago, I had a combined microwave/conventional oven. I recall that it had a mesh strip around the door for RF seal. To use the microwave function, you had to push down on the door handle quite hard which operated a mechanical latch that strongly pulled the door closed compressing that metal mesh to get a good RF seal. If your oven is like this and you did not activate that latch since you were not using microwave, then some RF leakage might be expected and acceptable.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on February 4

      The fact that you got any Bluetooth connection out of a microwave oven is a really bad — downright frightening — sign.

      Bluetooth devices use milliwatts of power. Microwave ovens use 100s or even over a kilowatt of power. It’s five or six orders of magnitude difference.

      If a device emitting a few mW can get enough energy out of that oven to communicate, think how much of the oven’s own KW is gets out. I certainly wouldn’t stand near that oven while it’s operating.

    47. Bjørn on February 4

      Microwave oven is the worst use case for bluetooth and wifi as all three use the 2.4Ghz band - so for the microwave to be safe it is actually designed to effectively block 2.4Ghz radiation.

      Then again others are saying they have similar experiences with other non-microwave cookers so its not all rainbows and unicorns either.

    48. Jornack
      on February 4

      So, I did Pork roast with the Meater probe in the combi oven today. The combi oven is probably shielded because of the microwave function and I already thought that would limit the range, but this was disappointing to say the least.
      I managed to put the phone on a place where it would actually keep the connection. 5cm further away and it would loose the connection:

      Hooks by Ikea. Just imagine having to do that with the Meater Block.

      The internal temperature measurement was spot on, but the Resting feature overshot by at least 5C. I just removed the probe from the meat and stopped the app at that point.

    49. Missing avatar

      Greg on February 4

      Chuckles is back at it again.. you are a useless, repetitive, annoyance chuck.. no one is asking for your input and yet you just can’t not help yourself and have to have your say on EVERYTHING
      Get a life chuck, piss off as so many have asked you to do, and get out of these comments, unless, of course, you are asking your OWN questions towards Apption directly. No one is asked for or looking to you for any input for questions they put here.. if you don’t like what they are saying or asking, KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD and away from here and let Apption moderate themselves.

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