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Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
Meater is the only wire-free meat thermometer that will guarantee perfectly cooked meats every time you cook.
9,737 backers pledged $1,251,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bjørn just now

      @Alex can you provide some links to the reviews? Should make for interesting reading

    2. Bjørn 1 minute ago

      I was just going to ask when we can expect the next chapter in "How not to do product development", or an update as you guys call it?

      @Morgan, I'm sorry to say but Kickstarter can't, and Apption won't* issue a refund - and issuing a charge back on your credit card is probably way too late; you'll actually have better odds of getting your reward than a refund - but only marginally..

      *)Apption can issue a refund, but they have no obligation to do so, and they've made it clear they have no intention to do so either.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Boo 1 day ago

      For those of you who are getting desperate whilst waiting - hunt out the sales reps on facebook (they're often in BBQ groups) and offer to do a review, they're handing them out like candy. I know of three people who have scored freebies in the past week or so to do a review for their 10 subscribers on youtube.

    4. Morgan Velociraptor Chase 1 day ago

      How do I secure a refund?

    5. Missing avatar

      Luke Frank 2 days ago

      Meater, I'm sad. I'm cooking a prime rib on my grill right now. I'm sure it will be delicious. But I have to walk outside every few minutes to check ambient temperature, and then stick my kitchen thermometer into my beautiful hunk of meat to check internals. Your product excited me, and I thought would greatly improve my carnivorous preparation rituals...but I'm still waiting. Send me one of the buggy duds, I'll make due.

    6. Scott 5 days ago

      Hello, creator. I’m about to finish a damn lovely rotisserie chicken thanks to the MEATER. However, in the hour or so it’s taken to cook with 4 minutes remaining the ambient sensor finally caught up to my oven thermometer in the grill. Is something being done to improve the responsiveness of the ambient temperature? Since I grill with charcoal it’s imperative that the ambient be more responsive. The point of the probe is to let it do the monitoring so I can socialize during a cook. If I need to manually check the grill temperature periodically it completely defeats that purpose.

    7. Ken 5 days ago

      We are now in the late stages of the project and ready to move forward with finalizing the product and get to mass production.

      THAT is what I agreed to back. A product that was claimed to have been developed and was ready for production. I did not back a project to develop... I backed a project already completed and ready for production. Per their own words. So chuck... STFU !!! There it is... black and white. Plain as day in their own campaign page. I backed a nearly finished product. As for the rest of your bull crap... SHOVE IT UP YOUR DUPA !!! I’m sick of this shit. We are heading toward year 3 of. Project that was ready for mass production. THEIR WORDS... NOT MINE. That’s what I backed. I didn’t back their r &d for 2+ years. Yes they have posted more, yes they have given us more information.... but we are almost 3 years into this shit with ANOTHER delay. So chuck...STFU !!! You are so damn lucky you live on the other side of the country. I’m a pacifist, but I have never wanted to kick someone’s ass more than I do yours just so you would shut up.

    8. Missing avatar

      Axel Cortez 7 days ago

      Great now we have two...

      Yes we accepted the risk of the project to be delayed

      This was supposed to be shipped January 2016 a delay is to get the product in May (mind you 2016) and if you follow back all communications, they were shady and dishonest.

      Would I recommend this company, never, buy another product the same

    9. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      So... You're saying you don't sleep soundly then? Since you did agree to the kickstarter terms of use when you created your account. So you are also sleeping under that kickstarter agreement blanket.

      From section 4 of the applicable/current terms of use page.
      "backers must understand that when they back a project, they’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There may be changes or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised."

      Changes or delays... You accepted this risk. Period.

      Yes apption could do better about posting updates and comments for us backers, but they are accessible via dm and email. So they are abiding by the kickstarter requirements of honest communication. (also section 4).

    10. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on April 13

      But what is “the ethical high road?”

      Is it ethical to expect — much less demand — something you’re not entitled to?

      Is it ethical to assume that Apption is in bad faith, dishonest, or even criminal?

      Is it ethical to forget that you agreed to accept specific risks including that the project may run late and that there may be changes along the way?

      Is it ethical to castigate Apption when dates we all agreed to accept as estimates and subject to change are missed?

      Or is it ethical to keep your word and do what you agreed to do?

      Apption agreed to develop the Meater product. As far as anyone can tell, they are doing that. They have developed the Probe. They have developed the Charging Base. They have developed the App. They have developed the Cloud Server. And as far as we can tell, they are working on the Block.

      We all agreed to be backers, not gloom-saying critics. We all agreed to support Apption, not to actively work against them. We all agreed to accept changes and setbacks as they inevitably happen. We all agreed to accept certain risks including that the project might run late.

      Apption is doing what they agreed to do.

      What is ethical for us as backers to do is the same, to do what we agreed to do, to do what we said we would do, to keep our word. That is what is ethical.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug Raymont on April 13

      I don't see why this requires explaining but it isn't usually the validity of what Chuck argues; it is how he does it and how often he does it. Read his late latest post. First: He takes it upon himself to jump on David's opinion. Second, he takes David's "expectation" and amplifies to a "demand"; lastly he goes on to insult David by telling him he is looks like a "raving impotent idiot" for having an opinion that Aption could take the ethical high road and provide some form of consideration for the huge delays.

      Success is gauged not only on the eventual outcome; but also on how you get there. To each his own, but my moral compass would not allow me to sleep soundly under the blanket of the Kickstarter agreement.

    12. Missing avatar

      on April 12

      Why? Because you can't refute his arguments so have to resort to insults?

    13. Missing avatar

      LEHMANN on April 10

      News about ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider on April 6

      I disagree, if anyone ever deserved it, it is old Chucky!!

    15. Scott on April 6

      @Doug - Yes, Chuck is quite loquacious and he is very optimistic about this (as am I but probably to a much lesser extent), but that hardly calls for insulting him. It really accomplishes nothing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Raymont on April 6

      So says the forum's raving impotent idiot.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on April 6

      I had one last month that delivered rewards BEFORE funding was even complete. And, I got one the other day that was almost a month early. But, those were exceptional. Most Kickstarter projects do run late.

      The Kickstarter User Agreement has no penalty clause for that. And I’ve never seen any Kickstarter creator give any sort of “compensation” for that beyond maybe a handful of stickers or some such thing. So I have no idea why anyone would expect any significant “compensation.” I have no idea what basis any backer would think he has upon which to demand any such thing. And, as I have said before (all of this has been said before), when you strut around making demands you can’t force, you just make yourself look like a raving impotent idiot.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Schroeder on April 6

      I am truely impressed that in 2018 we can have a product that is nearly 3 years behind delivery be so positive with their posts. At this point I would expect they refund half the original deposit or double my probes (from 2 to 4) in my meater block. I have backed numerous Kickstarter campaigns and everyone new one I do out does the previous one in delays. Sad........

    19. Brian Leight on April 5

      Well there goes another BBQ season without this thing.. I’ll back back in December I guess to see if there are new excuses.

    20. Apption Labs Creator on April 4

      Hi everybody. We’ve had a small setback with the MEATER Block and are adjusting our timeline. The main PCBs (printed circuit boards) did not pass final inspection, so the supplier is reworking them with an expected ship date mid-April. We now project that beta testing will start the last week of April/first week of May since we will need a few weeks to validate the new boards. In better news: all of the mechanical components of the Block have arrived, so everything will be ready for fast assembly once the new PCBs come in. We’re really sorry about the delay, but the big picture is this won’t interfere with our promise to deliver a quality product! Please look forward to another update later this month. Thank you for your patience!
      -Daniel R

    21. Brian Leight on April 3

      So much for that promise of prompt communication...

    22. Brian Leight on March 31

      Hey @Apption, did the new printed boards come in yet? Is there an eta from new printed boards to beta test start?

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schneider on March 27

      15% with code BUNNY15

    24. Ross Beattie on March 27

      Is there still a discount code for backers as considering picking up a single?

    25. Missing avatar

      on March 23

      Hasn't been 3 years... January 2019 will be 3 years delayed...

    26. Jeremy Smith on March 23

      Has it really been 3 years? Thats just a wee bit embarrassing..

    27. Apption Labs Creator on March 21

      @Nick Durrant - I reached out to you via email to help troubleshoot. In case you don't see it, can I ask if the charging contacts on the MEATER probe clean are clean? Soot, oil, and food debris can get in the way of charging your probe. Often scrubbing the flat ambient tip clean with a sponge and warm water will fix the problem by allowing the probe to charge.
      -Daniel R

    28. Michael Wells on March 21

      So in the time it’s taken you to build an app and a wooden box, I’ve bought a house, made a kid who is now almost crawling and launched a business of my own.

      Why is this taking so long and how is it so different to the single probe version? - it makes no sense at all. I can understand months but not years for development.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on March 21

      Even after all of these delays, Meater is still the only truly wireless culinary temperature monitoring system available.

      I have iGrill and it works well; I like it. But it still has wires and it’s useless for rotisserie. I remain eager to get my Meater Block rewards and go totally-wireless.

    30. Pan M. on March 21

      So disappointed and there are already other products that can work to my expectation on the market because MEATER is taking too long.

      Would appreciate for refund.

      It’s taking too long that even if you ship my product I would feel to angry to use it.

    31. Missing avatar

      RahBah on March 21

      Well winter is never going to end here in New England, so at least it's not really BBQ/Smoker weather yet.

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Smith on March 21

      I've read the latest update including the timeframe but what isn't clear is when we are expecting to receive them if everything follows the plan described? This summer? Next summer?

      Is is possible to lay out any kind of timeframe with the caveat that it will change if issues are found along the way?

    33. Ken on March 21

      Sigh......good info....moving forward.....but...sigh.

    34. Missing avatar

      nick durrant on March 21

      So what should I do if my meater longer connects to phones at all? Given that I've only 'used' it about 5 times (because the range issue is such a function breaking problem), it shouldn't have stopped working entirely yet, right?

    35. Bjørn on March 19

      I'm always thinking of myself Ken, but I'll take it as a compliment :P

    36. Rich Phelan on March 19

      Block backer here and still patiently waiting. Just one of the silent ones that's content to wait.

    37. Ken on March 19


      a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.
      Psychoanalysis. a person who suffers from narcissism, deriving erotic gratification from admiration of his or her own physical or mental attributes.

      First name that pops into your head....and GO !!!!!

    38. Bjørn on March 17

      Paula, check that you completed your survey and you can't find it, send your shipping details to the mail address they've been posting?

    39. Missing avatar

      Paula Morrissey on March 16

      I have not received my meater probe and charger. It's been so long I thought I was waiting for a block but checked and that is not the case. I now realise I should have got this months ago. Please look into this immediately.

    40. Bjørn on March 16

      Lol, was that the only intervall you found where it wasn't you Chuckie? Good for you..

    41. Apption Labs Creator on March 16

      Hi Guys!
      I wanted to let everyone know that we're planning on posting an update early next week. We're really excited to share our progress with you, and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding.
      -Daniel R

    42. Mackenzie Calhoun on March 16

      One could just as equally argue that the vast number of block backers have written off the item. There is just as proof for that with their lack of posting here as there is for the claim they are happy to wait for another year or more...

    43. Missing avatar

      Doug Raymont on March 16

      EVERYONE NOTE- Chuck was not the most prolific poster "last month".

      And sure -- it's completely logical that people are happy with Aption because they don't post on here.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on March 16

      Being an engineer, I ran some numbers. By far, the most prolific poster here in the last month is Mr. Bjorn. But he has become much more of a discusser of ideas.

      I also noticed that a substantial number of the posts from several people consist at least in part of ad hominem attacks on me. But, I just remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss other people.”

      Only seven people made more than one post in the last month. When you compare that with the total number of backers Meater has, it becomes clear that the vast— really vast — majority of Meater backers are content to wait and see, to be patient and let Apption complete the project as they have repeatedly promised to do and seem to be making progress toward. And that really is what being a Kickstarter backer should be. The “kick” in Kickstarter is about kickstarting projects to try out new ideas and create new things, not to kicking creators and other people in the butt when things get behind. The vast majority of people seem to understand that idea.

      To paraphrase an old adage, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and everyone else whines and complains.

    45. Missing avatar

      on March 15

      Lollllll wow. I come back to this project to check on it over a month later and Chuck Shillnick is the fourth commenter down helping Apption sell that snake oil. Just... Wow. Dude must live here.

    46. Mackenzie Calhoun on March 15

      Chuck comments about a "like" named product struggling to flip a steak because of those pesky probe wires.

      Yes sir, no problem for us block backers on flipping our steaks, no pesky probe wires OR PROBES to get in our way going on 3 years from initial delivery promise.

    47. Bjørn on March 15

      @Edon I considered this format, but found kickstarter to be more cost effective

    48. Edon van Hees
      on March 14

      Still no Meater...
      But the comments here are hilarious!

    49. Missing avatar

      Chuck Gollnick
      on March 14

      Enter the Meatrix... the Meatrix System.

      It’s just the latest culinary temperature monitoring system aimed at grilling meat to launch on Kickstarter. And it’s fully wired. It their demonstration video, you can see the cook struggle with awkward wires as he flips the steaks.

      Meater remains not just the first, but the only truly wireless culinary temperature monitoring the system.

      Meater is a great idea and I am proud to be a backer of it.

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