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$47,128 pledged of $100,000 goal
$47,128 pledged of $100,000 goal

Mashable it is!

Hello citizens of Kickstarter,

It has been a while since we did not get in touch with you all. This is not because we did not have any updates, but rather, we did not want to take your invaluable time with tiny increments every single day. Until today...

So, why today? Because it is the day where EL Sajjadah is picked up by the lovely people at Mashable. For the ones who have no idea who they are: Mashable is one of the most influential technology blogs of the websphere. Put it this way, they have almost 3M followers on Twitter!

After their blog post, EL Sajjadah became the trending story and literally hundreds of people retweeted. This resulted in comments like: 'Holy tech indeed...', 'This is actually pretty cool...', 'Incredible new concept...', 'Interesting blend of tech and religious tradition...', 'How convenient...', 'Genious...', etc. Someone even went: 'I might convert just for this...' 

To update you with the latest statistics: 3791 watched our KS video and 665 LIKEd it. 

What we are up to lately, we are:

  • reading 'Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam' which is based on the Hajj exhibition at the British Museum,
  • reading 'Talking About Arabic' which is a wonderful book about how to design in/for the Arabic world,
  • working on EL Sajjadah logo design (with the help of above two),
  • getting in contact with print suppliers for our $25 and $100 rewards,
  • emailing / facebooking / tweeting to the world, literally. 

We are still at 6% of our target and got a good 38 days left. We are still warming up though with press exposure and many more to come on the line. 

As usual, help us out by clicking the LIKE/TWEET button under our intro video and much much better by emailing to everyone you know about this wonderful project!

PS1: Feel free to let the world know about how much you hate/love EL Sajjadah, in our COMMENTS section. 

PS2: Our first logo trials will follow in the next update. Watch this space!

PS3: Any suggestions on how/who to approach with regards to press exposure and/or reaching out people, please let us know. 

Thanks again for supporting EL Sajjadah, all appreciated. 

See you in the next update.

Soner & SOPDS Team


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