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Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
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Spinometers Complete!


Backers and Friends,

Hei there!

Summer is spinning along and so is Spinagogue production. We have some excellent updates to report. 

1. The official Spinometers are complete and are being shipped to our packaging company. Check out the fun Spinometer product photos below!

2. The 6 colored official Dreidels will be completed by July 18th and then they will ship to our packaging company. 

3. The bulk paper order is scheduled to arrive at the printing company this Monday.

4. It will take about 2 weeks to produce all the printed paper materials.

5. It will then take about 2 weeks to package all the separate Spinagogue parts and pieces.

6. The Spinagogues will most likely begin their journey to our warehouse in New York sometime mid-August. Our manufacturer will be confirming the product ship date with us very soon. When we hear from the freight company we'll give you an exact date. 

7. As soon as the Spinagogues are in the U.S. we'll be sending out the reward surveys. T-shirts, albums and postcards will ship as soon as surveys are completed. 

Enjoy all the fun in the sun! We'll be sending out another update once all production has been completed and we hear from our manufacturer that the Spinagogues have shipped. 

Love & Gimels,



Back on TOP in June!


Howdy howdy!

Happy June everybody.

Welp, things are really spinning along now with Spinagogue manufacturing. Here are a few things we’ve accomplished since my last note.

*The MLD Spinometers are in production with the new artwork.

*The sanctioned MLD dreidels are also in production. However, we avoided what would have been a real tragedy. Our dreidel manufacturer notified us that they would no longer make our custom dreidels in the color purple. I don’t know about you, but purple is one of my favorite colors, and it’s always been one of the classic six Spinagogue dreidels. She even has a name, Shinaynay! I can’t picture a world without Shinaynay. I’m happy to report that we won’t have to. After many conversations and some creativity, we convinced our manufacturer that Shinaynay was worth it.

*More of the non-Spinagogue rewards will be shipping out this month. Apologies for the delay. We had to focus on recreating the Spinagogue artwork, but now we’re grooving on everything again.

*Now that we’ve started production, we should be receiving a final timeline from our manufacturer soon. Everyone will have their Spinagogue long before the Festival of Lights and the miracle of Hanukkah is upon us this December. We should have a more exact ship date for you in the next update.

Thanks so much and spin ya later : )

It's summertime!



Still Spinning...


Hi Everybody,

I hope you all had an awesome April. Apologies for the delay in reaching out. My plan was to send an update to you once a month as we take steps to manufacture the Spinagogue. This was a busy and unexpected month for us, which led me to postpone my note to you.

Unfortunately, we had to navigate some legal issues with the Spinagogue, but I'm happy to report that everything turned out just fine. However, it did require us to change some aspects of the artwork before manufacturing, which was a bigger task than we initially thought. On top of that, our great friend and designer was going through a difficult personal time. We supported each other, as both friends and colleagues, and with some extra grit we powered through and got the work done.

The revised product art is ready go! Ultimately, there were minimal changes and none of the original fun games were compromised. I'm discussing with our manufacturer how far this unforeseen hurdle will set back the Spinagogue delivery date. As soon as I know I will be sure to update you guys. The in-hand delivery date will of course be before Hanukkah this year.

In the meantime, more BackerKit surveys are going out this month and more of the smaller rewards will ship. Finalizing the modified art was our top priority since my last update to you.

Hopefully it will be smooth sailing (and spinning) from here on out. I will keep you posted with more updates as we take next steps.

Have a spincredible Wednesday.

No Gelt, No Glory!



Rookie Mistake


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Hi Everybody,

I hope 2017 has started off strong and happy for you.

Things continue to spin along on our end and I wanted to update you guys on a few fun things.

1. The Hanukkah Gone Metal digital download rewards will go out this week

2. The Happy Hanukkah postcard rewards are going out next week

3. The Major League Dreidel T-Shirt rewards are being printed next week and will ship soon after that

4. We're finalizing the Spinagogue artwork for our manufacturer

5. You may be getting an email from BackerKit, who are helping us fulfill these rewards

Have a spincredible day and stay tuned for more Spinagogue updates soon as we continue to ship out rewards and manufacture the games.

No Gelt, No Glory!