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Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
491 backers pledged $23,234 to help bring this project to life.

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Spinning into 2018!


Hei Backers & Friends,

Wishing you lots of love and long spins in 2018! I hope you all had a fun and cozy Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years. 

We had such a blasty at the 2017 MLD Spin-Off! I wanted to share some super sweet coverage of the event with you. Just click on the images below to watch the videos. 

Check out this spintastic piece by Sports Illustrated about Major League Dreidel's Spincredible Hulk (aka John Fisk). It's an action-packed look inside the 2017 Brooklyn MLD Spin-Off at Full Circle Bar. The night was filled with friends, fun, gelt and glory! Thank you to all the MLD stars that lit up the Spinagogue.

The gelt melting music you hear throughout the video is from Gods of Fire's festival classic, Hanukkah Gone Metal. Mazel tov to Geltasaurus Rex (aka Kerry Tallarico) on winning the BK Championship, and to Dr. Dreidel (aka James Gregg) for taking the 2017 National MLD Title. 


And here is an excellent little piece by FOX5 News about the 2017 MLD Spin-Off.


Happy New Year guys, may your dreidel never drop : )



T-Shirts & Postcards Shipped! (Plus, Fun Press)


Good evening Spinners,

I wanted to let you know that both the t-shirt and postcard rewards have shipped and will arrive to you soon. 

Below is a photo of Dina modeling the Major League Dreidel shirt for you : )

Also, I'm psyched to share some really fun MLD and Spinagogue press. 

GW Magazine recently published an article that does a beautiful job telling the full story behind Major League Dreidel and the Spinagogue. Click here or the image below to read the piece entitled "Home Spun".


Major League Dreidel (MLD) was a question on the most recent episode of Cash Cab. And they got it right! Mazel tov Spindiana Jones and Oscar De La Menorah on the sweet plug. Watch the clip below!

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And, be sure to tune in to the December 13 episode of The Untitled Action Bronson Show on VICELAND. My mom (Libbe Latkes), my dad (Virtual Dreidel) and MLD sensations, Gelta Force, Ruth Bader Spinsburg and Keith Spinandez will be featured – along with rappers Fabolous and Jadakiss.


And lastly, Sports Illustrated will be at Full Circle Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn filming the 2017 Major League Dreidel Spin-Off. It's on Friday, December 15 at 8 p.m. It's free to play and anyone can spin. You can find out more information about this tournament on the Facebook event page by clicking here

Some of you have asked about order deadlines to receive a Spinagogue before or by Hanukkah. If you or your friends still want to receive a Spinagogue by Hanukkah this year, it's still totally possible. Order by December 8, you will receive it by December 12 (first night). Order by December 15, you will receive it by December 20. Just head to 

That's all for now everybody. 

Thanks so much and enjoy the night,


Shirts, Spinagogues and 2017 SPIN-OFF!

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Good morning friends and backers! 

A few of you have asked about the Major League Dreidel t-shirts. We were just waiting to receive everyone's shirt size before making and sending them out. I'm psyched to say that the t-shirts will begin shipping out this Monday : ) Also, the postcards are mailing out on Monday as well. If you got the "Hanukkah Gone Metal" album as a reward, you should have received that digital download by now.

We've heard from so many of you that have received your Spinagogue. Thank you for the kind words and sweet compliments. We're thrilled you're enjoying the game and practicing your spin. It's gonna be a great Dreidel Season! 

In other news... The 4th night of Hanukkah will no doubt be the brightest this year. It's a Brooklyn vs. Austin Spin-Off for the 2017 Title of America's Top Dreidel Spinner – and Sports Illustrated will be there to capture all the spinning, winning, gelt and glory! It's free to play and anyone can spin. Check out the poster and see below for more details. 

Also, if you, your friends or family want a Spinagogue by Hanukkah, that's still totally possible! They are currently available at If you order by December 8 you will receive it by December 12. If you order by December 5 and live in NYC or Austin, you can choose to pick it up at the December 15 event and don't need to pay shipping.



Sponsored by ModernTribe


Full Circle Bar – Brooklyn (318 Grand St in Williamsburg)



11PM – Holiday After Party (Free Skee-Ball Tournament!) 

Full Circle Bar – Austin (1810 E 12th St at Chicon) 



10PM – Holiday After Party (Caroloke – Sing all the holiday hits!)

The Championship Spin-Off between Brooklyn and Austin will be live-streamed


 –Brooklyn Champion wins a Spinagogue 

–Austin Champion wins a Spinagogue 

–National Champion wins $180 Gift Card to

ModernTribe is your source for Judaica from all over the world with a modern design aesthetic. We strive to include only products that are truly well-designed, clever, and beautiful. From bagel + lox earrings to emoji dreidels to handmade silver menorahs, we have cool Jewish products for your lifestyle.


Thanks everyone and Happy December!


Eric, MLD Knishioner



Friends, Backers and Awesome Spinners,

Hei there and Happy Dreidel Season!

I wanted to let you know that if you filled out the BackerKit survey by last Friday, your Spinagogue has shipped and you'll receive a tracking number shortly. Woo-hoo!

If you fill out the survey by the end of the day today, your Spinagogue will ship out on Monday.

Also, I wanted to give you guys a heads up on some fun Spinagogue coverage coming up:

Viceland TV (The Action Bronson Show): A few Major League Dreidel legends, including Gelta Force and Virtual Dreidel, will be making an appearance on the Viceland channel this month. They'll play a mini tournament in the Spinagogue, give some pro spinning tips, chat about Hanukkah and enjoy some of Libbe's Latkes (Libbe is my amazing mom).

GW Magazine: Major League Dreidel and Spinagogue will be featured in the Winter issue of GW Magazine, due out at the end of this month. I actually majored in journalism at The George Washington University and I'm super honored that they chose to include Spinagogue in this beautiful publication.

The Kibitz Podcast: Next month, host Dan Crane will be presiding over the Spinagogue on this fun and informative podcast about Jewish ideas and culture. Spinners will be taking part in a Major League Dreidel tournament, live on the air! 

There's lots of great buzz and vibes as we kick off Dreidel Season. And most importantly, all of you will have your Spinagogues soon! For most of you, they're currently en route. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, do it today and your game will ship on Monday : ) 

Thanks so much for your love, support and patience.

Let the spinning and winning begin!

No Gelt. No Glory.


They're Heeeere: Last Chance to Change Shipping


Gooood morning,

The Spinagogues are here and will be sent out from our fulfillment center to you soon. Please fill out your BackerKit survey and make any changes to your shipping address before October 24th to ensure your order gets shipped properly. 

Also, you might see the name "Brewskee-Ball" listed as the organization after you fill out the survey and handle shipping. Brewskee-Ball is us, so don't worry. We love rolling Skee-Balls AND spinning dreidels : ) Oh, and we're based in Texas. Just a heads up. The name and the state on the receipt are totally kosher. 

Thanks so much and happy almost Halloween.

Have a spincredible day!