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Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
Dreidel is now a tabletop game of skill, played competitively and socially by spinners of all ages. No Gelt, No Glory!
491 backers pledged $23,234 to help bring this project to life.

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Friends, Backers and Awesome Spinners,

Hei there and Happy Dreidel Season!

I wanted to let you know that if you filled out the BackerKit survey by last Friday, your Spinagogue has shipped and you'll receive a tracking number shortly. Woo-hoo!

If you fill out the survey by the end of the day today, your Spinagogue will ship out on Monday.

Also, I wanted to give you guys a heads up on some fun Spinagogue coverage coming up:

Viceland TV (The Action Bronson Show): A few Major League Dreidel legends, including Gelta Force and Virtual Dreidel, will be making an appearance on the Viceland channel this month. They'll play a mini tournament in the Spinagogue, give some pro spinning tips, chat about Hanukkah and enjoy some of Libbe's Latkes (Libbe is my amazing mom).

GW Magazine: Major League Dreidel and Spinagogue will be featured in the Winter issue of GW Magazine, due out at the end of this month. I actually majored in journalism at The George Washington University and I'm super honored that they chose to include Spinagogue in this beautiful publication.

The Kibitz Podcast: Next month, host Dan Crane will be presiding over the Spinagogue on this fun and informative podcast about Jewish ideas and culture. Spinners will be taking part in a Major League Dreidel tournament, live on the air! 

There's lots of great buzz and vibes as we kick off Dreidel Season. And most importantly, all of you will have your Spinagogues soon! For most of you, they're currently en route. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, do it today and your game will ship on Monday : ) 

Thanks so much for your love, support and patience.

Let the spinning and winning begin!

No Gelt. No Glory.


They're Heeeere: Last Chance to Change Shipping


Gooood morning,

The Spinagogues are here and will be sent out from our fulfillment center to you soon. Please fill out your BackerKit survey and make any changes to your shipping address before October 24th to ensure your order gets shipped properly. 

Also, you might see the name "Brewskee-Ball" listed as the organization after you fill out the survey and handle shipping. Brewskee-Ball is us, so don't worry. We love rolling Skee-Balls AND spinning dreidels : ) Oh, and we're based in Texas. Just a heads up. The name and the state on the receipt are totally kosher. 

Thanks so much and happy almost Halloween.

Have a spincredible day!



It's Survey Time!


Good Morning Backers and Friends,

Happy October. Welcome Great Pumpkin!

The BackerKit surveys went out last Friday and we've seen that many of you have filled them out so far and finalized shipping. That's awesome, thank you. If you have not yet filled yours out and checked that your mailing address is current and correct, please do so.

The Spinagogues will arrive in Seattle on October 11th and should make their way to our fulfillment center by October 24th. From there it will only take a few days to arrive to you! Please fill out your survey before the 24th to ensure your order goes out right away.

Also, you might see the name "Brewskee-Ball" listed as the organization after you fill out the survey and handle shipping. Brewskee-Ball is us, so don't worry. We love rolling Skee-Balls AND spinning dreidels : ) 

The Spinagogues are making their way closer to you as I type. Fill out those surveys if you haven't already and I will send another update as soon as we get word that the games have arrived in Seattle.

Thanks everybody and enjoy the day. 



Ship and Spin!


Friends and Backers,

Today is a great day.

The Spinagogues have been manufactured and the freight company is picking them up. Today, they'll begin their journey across the sea, where we can handle the final fulfillment to you.

Holy ship, the games are on their way!

They'll arrive to your home by November 12, a month before the first night of Hanukkah. Plenty of time to wrap one up for that special person or rip open the box and start practicing your spin for Dreidel Season!

Our BackerKit Survey will go out to you by the end of next week. We'll ask you to supply the address where you would like the Spinagogue delivered.

And wow, just like that, this dizzy little adventure has reached the home stretch – from a dream to a dreidel stadium at your doorstep.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. And thank you for your patience as we have navigated the unpredictable roller coaster that is a Kickstarter campaign and the manufacturing of a new product.

We had a blasty and learned so much. Can't wait to keep the dreidel spinning...

It feels so good knowing that the Spinagogue will soon be a part of your toy bin or board game closet.

Keep a look out for that survey.

Love & gimels,



Sample ---> Production!


Hei Spinners & Friends! 

I hope this update finds you enjoying the summer wherever you may be. 

I was going to send out a note last week, but I wanted to wait until the Spinagogue SAMPLE arrived. It came in yesterday! 

Due to the fact that we had to make some unexpected artwork changes, we wanted to take extra precaution. We decided to have our manufacturer make a game sample so we could ensure that it was both beautiful and spincredible. 

I'm very glad we decided to do this, as it gave us the ability to tweak some of the new art and make it more precise. However, in getting the sample, we learned that our dreidel manufacturer was unable to produce enough purple dreidels for our needs. So, we decided to go with a white dreidel. That said, it is sad to say goodbye to Shinaynay. She spun, she won!  

As we say farewell to Shinaynay and her purple glow, we welcome the white dreidel into the MLD family. A few names have been tossed out for the new guy. The front runner as of now is... The Great White Chuppah. I'll let you know when we set the date for his official dreidel naming ceremony.

I'm traveling right now and I was not in Austin when the Spinagogue sample came in. So, I had Super Cooper, the MLD "spintern", record the unboxing for everyone to see. His beard may be long, but he's still a curious boychick. Please forgive him for forgetting some of the MLD spinology live on camera. However, we can certainly applaud him for fixing it in post. Thank you Coop!

After receiving the sample and making those final fixes, I'm so happy to report that we gave our manufacturer the greenlight for full production and assembly! 

The Spinagogues are scheduled to ship in time to receive before Hanukkah this year. So, you'll have time to practice for any big dreidel tournaments you plan on hosting or wrap them in festive paper to gift to that special person. 

Thanks so much for your patience as we navigate the squiggly sea of game production. And thank you for your love and support!

I'll update you with a more exact date when production is complete.

Love and gimels,