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Start your own modern homestead! Learn to grow, store, pickle, and can your own food with our book and organic/non-gmo seed sets.
Start your own modern homestead! Learn to grow, store, pickle, and can your own food with our book and organic/non-gmo seed sets.
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Free Bottle Offer for Repeat Backers for our new Kickstarter!

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Hi guys! 

Have ya heard? We launched a new kickstarter last friday (on Earth day!) to launch our two new flavors of farm-to-bottle hot sauces, and the world's first hot pepper CSA. 

As a special thank you to our repeat backers, we are offering a FREE full size bottle of hot sauce (any flavor) for anyone who pledges at the $10 level or above.

Check it out:

We also have copies of my book, grow your own plant kits, and all sorts of fun stuff! 

Thanks again all, and hope you are having an amazing spring!


Get a First Look at our New Kickstarter!

Hey guys!

I am so excited to share the big news----today, we launched a new Kickstarter to make it easy to grow your own organic food anywhere! Check it out:

We transformed the takeout container into the easiest grow kit on the planet. See how fun it is to plant + grow organic food from seed. Whether you are looking to start an entire garden's worth of food, or just looking to grow a basil plant, our new mini greenhouse kits make it easy and come with everything you need, with 8 varieties to pick from.

And, good news, early backers are guaranteed their shipment in time for the holidays! Kits start at just $12. 

Go to to check out our new Kickstarter!

Varieties for this new collection include Basil, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Habanero Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Nasturtiums, Tom Thumb Peas, and Dino Kale!

Here's how it works:

Our mini-greenhouse takeout design heats up for quick sprouting, our custom peat-free enriched soil encourages healthy roots, and our sustainable coconut fiber pots allow roots to grow freely, and can be transplanted directly into a larger container or directly into your garden. All using organic, peat-free and sustainable growing materials. There is no other comprehensive grow kit like this out there.

Why Kickstarter Again?

Kickstarter is where Homesweet Homegrown began---thanks to people like you, believing in our company, our mission, and our products, we have done some really great things together. So we are bringing our new collection of Grow Kits to Kickstarter, and offering them to you guys first! We are forever grateful to our backers!



Time to Get Planting: Update From Homesweet Homegrown!


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Some exciting news: Announcing Homesweet Homegrown Hot Sauces on Kickstarter!!

Hey guys!

Hope you are having a great year and getting ready to grow all sorts of fun stuff in your garden! We are gearing up for a new season and have some exciting news----we just launched a new kickstarter to help raise funds to start the first homegrown hot sauce, using all natural, heirloom ingredients with no GMOs, fake colors or chemicals (we even use chia seeds!). We have been perfecting our three signature flavors---Orange Crush, Aramingo, and the super hot Punch Drunk (featuring ghost peppers, guinness and our own smoked garlic) and are trying to raise funds to expand our pepper field this year!

We have plenty of great rewards to give away this time, including bottles of our three hot sauces, along with homegrown smoked ghost peppers, signed copies of Homesweet Homegrown, and even the chance to have a kickass homegrown brunch for you and your friends in our field. Check it out here: and thanks for spreading the word;) You guys rock---thank you again for all of your support in kicking off our book tour last year, now we are trying to keep the homegrown movement growing!


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Special Holiday Shout Out for our Kickstarter Friends!

hey guys,

Wow, this has been an absolutely amazing year----and you guys were a huge part of it. Thank you again for helping make it all happen! 

20 Percent off for Kickstarters at the Homesweet Homegrown Store

I hope you all are enjoying your books and rewards, and if you think our little book would make a good gift for the gardener/diy homesteader in your life, well, you are in luck because we are sharing a little holiday love, and giving you kickstarter guys a special 20% off discount at the Homesweet Homegrown store! 

To cash in:

Just go to, click on store on the top righthand side and enter the code homesweetholiday to get your discount---and we promise to get these orders out asap in time for holiday shennanigans. Orders by this wednesday in the US will still make it in time for xmas!

We have a big sale right now on heirloom seed kits, signed books, water kefir grains (to make your own probiotic drinks/soda) along with Homesweet Homegrown Boovaboxes for your bike! 

There's also a lot of fun stuff in the works, including a new web site which will include a ton of pics from the tour, so stay tuned! Thank you again, and happy holidays,


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