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UPDATED—See 3-minutes of footage! An animated puppet parody of the first season of The Walking Dead.

UPDATE! See nearly three minutes of The Wobbling Dead!

It's true: the more serious the content being parodied, the funnier the parody is.

So imagine how funny a parody of a zombie apocalypse TV show could be!

Last year, I created a parody of an old Star Trek episode, fulfilling a longtime dream of mine. Kickstarter was there for me and "Stalled Trek: Amutt Time" came out on time and made a bunch of fans laugh pretty hard.

It was a great year for me, doing conventions and hearing from people who really enjoyed my cartoon. A highlight was getting to see it with a laughing audience! Real life strangers laughing at a cartoon I made!

With Stalled Trek finished, I started looking around for another show I could parody and after many false starts, I realized The Walking Dead was parody gold! I went back and re-watched the first season and this time found myself laughing a lot. It practically writes itself.

So what is The Wobbling Dead?

It's an animated puppet parody. That means it's really an animated cartoon, but the characters look like puppets. Puppets are easier to animate and since I'm just one guy, making it easier makes it possible for me to do a full cartoon in a reasonable amount of time.

Whereas Stalled Trek parodied a single episode, The Wobbling Dead will parody the entire first season of The Walking Dead. This means it's going to be a bit longer, I'm thinking in the 25 minute plus range. I'm of a mind that parodies work better as short subjects than long features (Mad Magazine got it right!)

I'm in the early stages of production right now, so there's not a lot to see. I'm still beating the script into shape and working on storyboards, but over the next several weeks, I'll be updating with images from the production. My goal for completing it is Halloween this year.

Why am I doing a Kickstarter Campaign? What do I need the money for?

The Wobbling Dead has a much larger scope than Stalled Trek did. Not only will it take me much longer to do, but I'll also need more equipment and software to produce it. Also, though I am able to do much of the work myself, there are some things I am simply unable to. Scoring the music for one. I also realize that I need to be able to travel and show at some of the bigger conventions if I'm really going to reach an audience. There will also be production costs with replicating the DVDs. I greatly underestimated these things with Stalled Trek. I also learned the hard way to think about things like shipping costs and sales tax. :-)

More so than the money, though, I need your faith and belief in this project! Doing Stalled Trek was like climbing a mountain and I truly believe that the support I received from Kickstarter last year was responsible for me reaching the top. I think I could have easily faltered or slowed down, but knowing that I had backers depending on me and who were so upbeat and positive about what I was doing kept me from even considering that.

I'm going to need that even more this time out! This mountain's a whole lot higher!

Lastly, I don't want to just have generic zombie puppets. I think it would be way cooler to have actual people represented and it's a way for you to be a part of the fun! If you've ever wanted to see a zombie puppet version of you in a Walking Dead parody, you're in luck!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There will always be challenges. I believe every creative project is mostly problem-solving. This can be frustrating at times, but it can also be the fun part and it's definitely a rewarding part. Having completed Stalled Trek on time, I have no doubts about completing this project. It will offer it's own unique problems, but none that I can't overcome (it's 3D animated puppets, how hard could it be!)


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