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The Oru Kayak folds out of a compact box—easily, quickly, and almost magically.
The Oru Kayak folds out of a compact box—easily, quickly, and almost magically.
The Oru Kayak folds out of a compact box—easily, quickly, and almost magically.
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    1. Winfriede Alt on

      Got the kayak yesterday and went to test it today. Great. Even my 9 year old daughter could handle it. We were amazed at how fast it was (in comparison with a Klepper folding boat).
      Once it was on its way I got it real fast. It left California on wednesday and was in Switzerland on Friday the same week.

    2. StupidSquared on

      Got my kayak yesterday and my brother got his last Friday. I ordered both at the same time in the first 200pc production group. Got email on 7/31 requesting shipping info and the first kayak ended up shipping out on 8/19.

      Happy paddling!

    3. Richard Wu on

      My 14 year old daughter loves the Oru Kayak. She said it was very fast and easy to setup and take down.

    4. Missing avatar

      Donali Peter on

      Received both kayaks yesterday! So don't give up hope!

      11/14/12 First batch backer for 2 Oru Kayaks
      7/12/13 Request for shipping info
      8/7/13 Tracking number for 1 Kayak (but both were sent)
      8/8/13 2 Kayaks received (I'm in San Diego area)

    5. Missing avatar

      Donali Peter on

      Email received 8/7/13 that the first of my two kayaks shipped, and the other should ship 8/9 or 8/12.

      WHOOO HOO!!

      So, timeline on me:

      11/14/12 First batch backer for 2 Oru Kayaks
      7/12/13 Request for shipping info
      8/7/13 Tracking number for 1 Kayak

    6. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      By the way, for those who qualified for the "Holiday Special" (free accessory -- choice of dry bag, water bottle, or T-shirt) by ordering between November 23, 8 am and November 26, 8 pm Pacific Time --- I noticed that the automated e-mail did not ask for nor confirm one's choice. So it seems that this another thing where one has to volunteer the info; it will not be asked for. Oru Kayak did not say whether the T-shirt comes in different sizes, but I e-mailed my size anyway.

    7. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Anyone care to share how long from e-mail asking for delivery info to getting a tracking number? I had been told by Matt at Oru Kayak that it would be about a week after the e-mail. But if you got the e-mail on 7/12, that's more than three weeks now.

      I did not get any acknowledgement e-mail but the Google docs form said "Your response has been recorded." Did you see that?

      Prior to getting the automated e-mail request, since Oru Kayak had made no public announcement as to what the expected sequence or timetable was for anything (don't know why this seems so hard to do), I went ahead and e-mailed Oru Kayak volunteering my delivery info, instead of waiting for who knows what when, and got a reply from Matt saying that they would "update their records".

    8. StupidSquared on

      That's kind of concerning if you received that on 7/12 and still have not received the kayak(or even tracking). Geeze.

    9. Missing avatar

      Donali Peter on

      7/12/13 received an email "First Batch Oru Kayak shipping info"

      "Hello Friends!

      We're excited to tell you that First Batch Oru Kayaks will start shipping soon! Thanks for your (early) support and patience.

      Now we just need your delivery information - so please click below to enter your address and any special instructions.


      You'll receive an email with a UPS tracking # and owner's information the day your kayak ships.

      We're glad that you're a part of our community and we look forward to hearing about your Oru Kayak adventures!

      The Oru Kayak Team"

      Clicked on the link that day, entered my info, and... Nothing. No follow-up email saying they got my info, no USPS tracking number... I did the link on my phone, so I was thinking maybe it didn't go through while I was on vacation, so 2 weeks later I did it again (after still hearing nothing) on my regular computer, got the confirmation message from the site itself, but still no emails. I did not get any notice that I had already entered my info, so I do not know if I am now in their database twice, or what. :-( I'm in the first batch, and my pledge was on 11/14/12 for 2 Oru Kayaks.

    10. StupidSquared on

      @Asakky - Same here. The two I bought were like 115 and 116 out of 200 in the first batch. I was also contacted on the 31st for shipping info.

    11. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Must be about 200 people ahead of me (50 Early Bird and first 3/4 of First Batch) but seems no one is volunteering to say, so ... Got contacted by e-mail July 31 asking for delivery info via Google Docs (not Kickstarter survey as stated last December). Shipping is expected to be around next week.

      Corrected dimensions are 34 x 31 x 14 inch.

    12. StupidSquared on

      So any first batchers get contacted yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Right. Finally e-mailed them and was told that they have been collecting addresses by batch, and that so far they have contacted just the Limited Edition and Early Bird buyers, and will be collecting First Batch addresses shortly -- by e-mail next week.

      Also, was told that the shipping dimensions are believed to be 34 x 30 x 13 inch (though unconfirmed with "manufacturing team") and that boat, paddle, and Holiday Special (if qualified, e.g., T-shirt) ship together in the same package.

    14. StupidSquared on

      They are most likely asking for your shipping address as they get close to building your kayak. If they haven't asked yet, you're still further down the line.

    15. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      How did they know where to send the kayak? Was there an address survey that I missed?

      "we'll be collecting the shipping info later via a Kickstarter survey." ---Oru Kayak, December 8, 2012

    16. Terry Kent on

      Just received a tracking number for my Kayak. Can't wait to get it.

    17. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Thanks for the comments. We've been updating by email, since its an easier format to edit and incorporate images (while this is possible using the KS updates, it is more difficult and time consuming). Our previous updates can be found in the blog section of

      Regarding shipments, we are close to completing the Limited Edition Batch (Carl and Terry - your boats were near the end of the line and are scheduled to ship this week). Then we'll move on to shipping Early Bird Specials, First Batch, and then Second Batch.

      If you have a question about your particular order or have not been receiving the updates, please contact us at

      The Oru Kayak Team

    18. Missing avatar

      carl wright on

      Hi Oru Kayak Team, I have come to your Kickstarter page looking for an update on the status of shipping the first batch of Limited Edition Kayaks that I backed. I have given you my address, but I have had no communication since on when you are shipping it. A general update (ON KICKSTARTER) would go a long way to clearing things up. From the comments below, I can see I am not the only one who is looking for information. I respectfully request that you update us all on the status of things so there is a clear expectation to everyone on your delivery schedule. It is clear you have run into some delays, and that is totally ok, but please be in communication with your backers. :-)

      I second Jim's comment: "a big part of why KS is fun is the updates and seeing the progress (as well as the challenges) as they unfold (pardon the pun). Keep working hard guys, I'm so ready for my Kayak!"

    19. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Received an e-mail update today (June 13 21:27 UTC) saying:
      "We've been building and shipping boats as fast as we can—we're finishing up the Limited Edition batch now."
      Early Birds: late June - mid July
      First Batch: mid July - mid August
      Second Batch: mid August - September

      The way it was worded above suggests that at least one Limited Edition boat has already shipped.

      Anyone in the Limited Edition ($1,000) batch:
      -- been Kickstarter-surveyed or otherwise contacted for their shipping address?
      -- got their boat and/or paddle yet?

    20. Terry Kent on

      I ordered the $1000 first 50 and still haven't heard anything. Very disappointed.

    21. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Received an e-mail update on June 1 showing a picture of a UPS truck. Are the boxes shown on the loading dock the actual shipping boxes of the product? Reminder to please let us know ---
      1) What are the dimensions of the shipping box (needed in cases where the shipping is to a forwarder)?
      2) Will all the items (e.g., boat + paddle + Holiday Special free accessory) will be packed into one box?
      3) Will a tracking number will be automatically given?
      4) Will shipping addresses still be collected via Kickstarter, even though Kickstarter seems to have been silently abandoned as a means for updating/communicating with backers (with no clear replacement for where to ask general questions of interest to all).

    22. StupidSquared on

      I messaged them on Facebook and was told it was going to be several weeks before first batch shipped(this was on Wednesday, the 29th of May). They said they would be updating all the backers this week, but I guess that hasn't happened yet. Several weeks is a bit ambiguous, so I hope they update us with something a bit more specific.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Sorta bummed that it won't be here in time for my Colorado trip next week. Any idea when the "first batch" level will ship? Really looking forward to it, and by July it will be blazing hot in Texas. Was hoping to do some Kayaking in June. Please keep us posted via updates here on KS as I don't have a FB account. By the way, a big part of why KS is fun is the updates and seeing the progress (as well as the challenges) as they unfold (pardon the pun). Keep working hard guys, I'm so ready for my Kayak!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Nothing received, although many promises have been made and broken.

    25. Dawn Beaton on

      I can't ask a general question on the Facebook page so I'll ask it here: if anyone has received their kayak, please let us backers know. I realize they are a week to two behind but I'm so eagerly anticipating my kayak but I haven't been asked my mailing address. Please mail mine soon!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      LBaxter on

      Hey Oru Team,

      An update on where you stand on shipping out rewards to your backers would be greatly appreciated! Since posting the photo tease of the kayak skins on Facebook on May 8, you've been awfully quiet about any progress on getting your fantastic product out to your backers. It's great to see you guys out at the Maker Faire demoing the kayak, but it's essential that keep your backers in mind.

      We need updates, we need to know where our kayaks are, and how much longer we'll be waiting for them. Keep us in the loop as the days fly by, and the weather warms up; your backers are dying to get their kayaks in the water!

    27. cesar on

      So? How is going on?? May was the month, wasn't it?

      Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

    28. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Since the end of our Kickstarter campaign we've set up an online store at, where you can pre-order a kayak For the most up to date news and info, check out our Facebook ( and Twitter pages (@OruKayak).

      For people who already ordered through Kickstarter, we've sent out 3 manufacturing updates and have one coming out next week. If you missed those updates or have a particular inquiry about your order, you can reach us anytime at

      The Oru Kayak Team

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Was told that they are no longer updating the Kickstarter page, and to use their website. Last time I checked the website it still only had an update from Jan on it.

      I was also told that an email went out a few weeks ago with an update, however we didn't get anything.

      If you send an email to the team through here or on their website they do respond, but have been given so many different dates now for the prizes that I'm not sure when we'll see anything.

      A real shame to be honest, takes the buzz out of Kickstarter when you get projects like this that just don't update you on progress.

    30. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      "Have been told through messages with the team that they are no longer updating here"

      Any reason given? Any word as to whether this is a temporary situation only but they still intend to update here when they have more news or time to report, or have they decided to shift their attention and future communications away from here permanently.

      Limited Edition Signed Oru Kayak ($1,000+) had an estimated delivery date of March 2013. Wondering if this happened. Has anyone in that group received their boat or any update yet?

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Still waiting on further updates regarding the project and our rewards. Have been told through messages with the team that they are no longer updating here which is a shame. Was told to go to their website, which when last checked only had a few updates, last one made in January. No emails have been received by us with updates, we were told that they've sent some out?! Have been promised on several occasions that they would check our rewards, no news yet.

      Overall very disappointing from the Oru Kayak team. So far the only project I've backed that has been a let down.

    32. Missing avatar

      carl wright on

      Hi Guys, I just want to say you have an amazing product and I can't wait to use my Kayak. I would really like to see more progress updates on Kickstarter though. Even just small updates would be nice. Just like any good adventure, it's the journey that's fun part. In other words, the process is just as interesting to me as the final product. I love what you have created.

    33. Missing avatar

      Abraham Bitton on

      Awesome Drybag. Also thanks for the great picture you sent inside of it. You guys rock! I wish i could have afforded one of these sweet kayaks.

      For those of you curious it is a cyborg in the Oru kayak with the Loch Ness monster behind him.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Still wanting an update on model shipping to the UK, any update?!

    35. Ben Lapointe on

      Hi guys, any update on how manufacturing is going?

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Hi guys, any update in the delivery if the models to UK backers? Thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to delivery. I am in a similar boat (so to speak) as rookiepepe -- will ship to a US-based cargo forwarder. Hopefully, all the multiple pledged items (e.g., boat + paddle + Holiday Special free accessory) can be shipped in one box, as it will cost significantly more to forward separate boxes even if the other box(es) is small. When there is more definite shipping info, please confirm that this will be the case, and let us know the dimensions of the shipping box so we can coordinate with the forwarder. Thanks!

    38. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Hello rookiepepe,
      We're happy to ship to a US address- we'll be collecting the shipping info later via a Kickstarter survey. Thanks for the congrats and well wishes!

    39. rookiepepe on

      Congratulations ! over $400,000. I'm also gald to see this.^^

      I got a question. I live in Korea but I have an U.S address for delivery.
      So I want you will send my Oru Kayak to my U.S address. can you this ?

      Will you ask the address for delivery to backers later via e-mails, etc. ?

      Plese let me know your delivery schedule before delivery start, so I can manage my own oversea delivery and custom schedule.

      I wish the Oru Kayak will be the big one in the kayak world. Thank you!^^

    40. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Thanks Jose and Greg! We're thrilled with the level of support we've gotten- but we still want to take it as far as we can. Please keep spreading the word so we can finish strong! And thanks for all your support and enthusiasm.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jose Maria Isardo on

      Great job!!! Let's go for $500,000......... we still have one day left!!

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. Joseph Rossi on

      Your reward level where you pledge for the day on the Bay says its all day trip. Yet your description and pictures of what you offer says the bay trip is a half day trip. Just wanted to point that out so you can fix both to be right.

    44. Joseph Rossi on

      Can't wait to take this thing fishing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ken Green on

      OMG I want the glow in the dark version! I upped my pledge either way. Good luck hitting the stretch goal. I'll spread the word.

    46. Missing avatar

      Meiyen Layne on

      Is the Oru Kayak paddle suitable for both small-sized and tall-sized people?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Sounds good to me. I was more thinking a warranty from the material mfg, not you, but doubt that would work. Your explanation makes sense. I've upped my pledge to the kayak level. Now it's just a matter of waiting.

    48. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Hello Melen and Jim,
      Thanks for your interest and questions! A product warranty has to cover not only the skin materials, but all other components, and wear and tear in some fairly rough conditions. We've specified the most durable materials and construction we could find, and we anticipate many years of use for an Oru Kayak. Some manufacturers like Folbot have built the cost of a lifetime guarantee into their price; we want to make the Oru Kayak as affordable and accessible as possible.

    49. Oru Kayak 3-time creator on

      Hi Adriana,
      Yes, any 4 piece paddle will fit inside the case. Most medium spray skirts will fit as well- we'll come out with a full list of compatibles.

    50. Missing avatar

      Adriana Valencia on

      Other questions: a) will any/most 4-part paddles fit in the folded oru holder? Or do I have to get the Oru-specific one for the paddle to fit? b) Spray skirt: proprietary as well?

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