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The first stepping stone in creating a meadery starts with good recipes.

The first stepping stone in creating a meadery starts with good recipes.

The first stepping stone in creating a meadery starts with good recipes. Read More
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Here’s the problem: its 2014. When is the last time you went to the bar or the liquor store and b̶o̶u̶g̶h̶t̶ saw a bottle of mead? Have you ever even tasted mead? Ok, but you do know what mead is, right? Obviously there is a problem here in the US, and it’s a shortage of fermented honey, honey-wine, more aptly known as mead. Mead is wine made from honey to give one of the most delicious and delectable alcoholic beverages on the planet. Here is a solution: I’m a biologist and chemist by training - I’ve got the wits to have learned all the science, and the passion to make some great mead.


Mead is going to come back, it is destined to do so. It is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man, and at the time of the Roman Empire, one of the most popular. It’s delicious in many forms, and the forms are nearly limitless. Unlike wine, which is categorized only by the grapes used, honey has so many more variations; different varieties of honey are only the start to this complex drink. Mead is enjoying a revival, and I’m here to be part of it (and so can you)!


Who do you want making your mead, a classy old couple who cherish mead, making suggestions to customers to never pour more than one glass in a sitting, or a young guy who loves the smell, taste, effects of mead so much he wants to share it with the WORLD – EVERYONE? 


Mead Revival! That is it. That is what I want to see, and that is what you can do here. Lets bring mead the attention it deserves. Let’s bring a new meadery to the stage.

& Last words;

What you’re funding is stepping stone one of the creation of a modern meadery – a place and person to bring Mead to the 21st century. I’m working out of my garage now, but I’ve got big visions for the future, and they all involve bring mead to you. This will go towards to formulation of our final commercial recipes, or pilot batches.

10 x 6.5 Gallon carboy fermenters - $350  

8 x Primary fermenter buckets - $160  

180 lbs of honey (organic) - $600  

Bulk Herbs (organic) - $100  

Bulk fruit juices & fruits (organic) - $250  

Yeast, nutrient, finings, and stabilizers - $100  

Total: $1500

Let's get the mead revival in full swing and have a greater access to this honey wine! Supporting this will get your foot in the door for making your own mead recipes alongside me.

The revival is upon us!

Risks and challenges

The main challenge of this is going to be the additional steps. Going from a nano-brewery sized producer to one that can serve a large, consistent customer base is a big leap in both commitment and expense.

The biggest risk from start up is loss of product - fermentation temperature swings and sanitation errors can cause batches of mead that are undrinkable for years (but most can settle with age).

I have worked in the biology field for 4 years and sterile environments are not new to me. Part of this funding may go towards sanitation equipment and temperature control units to circumvent these risks.

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  • 1 Gallon is too small to get a large variety of opinions on each batch.
    5-6.5 gallons I can get a lot of product which means a lot of potential opinions, at an affordable price.
    20 gallons is just too large to manage in trying to explore as many recipes as quickly as possible.

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    You will receive my entire journal of mead making with the batches funded by this kickstarter. I'll be filling it out religiously and with great detail, if you're interested in mead making, this will help a lot!

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    All of the above + my cheat sheet to mead making! Which includes some 'secrets' of mead making, as well as 5 recipes.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    All of the above + at bottling your name will be on a specific bottle label as a favorite supporter! If our travels coincide, you'll have your hands on your very own "Your Name Here" bottle of mead!

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    All of the above + you will help construct a recipe with me for a 5 or 6.5 gallon batch of mead. If you don't have any ideas, I will get your gears going. Mead really is endless in possibilities. Mmm, delicious!

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