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NZ$ 0.00 pledged of NZ$ 200,000 goal


To stream, is my dream. 

I am extremely passionate about gaming. I love every aspect of it, from the heart-wrenching feels of games like Metal Gear Solid and Beyond Two Souls, to the fast paced competitive action of Counter-Strike.

My goal is to be able to share this passion with the world through mediums like Youtube and Twitch. I want to make people laugh. I want people to be able to share my victories, and to learn from my defeats. I want people to look forward to my stream going live, like for so long I have done with others.

Most importantly I want to be able to give like the greats. I want to be able to share what I possess with those who deserve and desire it.

To do all this, I need certain things. I need a gaming capable computer. I need a decent internet connection, and I need start-up funds for things like giveaways. This, I believe, you, the greater world, can help me with.

Even the smallest fund will mean a lot to me, and I firmly believe that it will mean a lot to my viewers down the track, who hang with me everyday!

One of the extremely important parts of the streaming process is the internet connection. My current residence is beautiful, but the internet connection leaves something to be desired. To rectify this, I need at the least the starting costs of upgrading our areas connection. This doesn't just benefit me. There are close to 20 permanent residents and about 50 houses in the area, and each of us shares the one connection. This upgrade would greatly enhance the lives of all the residents in the area, as well as increase the attraction for new permanent residents.

Risks and challenges

This project is relatively risk free. There is no risk in building a gaming rig. And services like Youtube and Twitch are more or less free.

The only variable is the work I put in, which I can assure you, will be the maximum possible. No where is outside of my comfort zone when it comes to making my dreams a reality!

The upgrading of the internet connection holds some inherent risks. The costs are great, and I have to convince the national telecommunications contractor to undertake the project. The risks are not without rewards, though. The entire area will benefit from the project, and this project does not need to pay for the entire upgrade. As long as I can pledge the starting costs, the rest will be covered by the government, given the proper communication between them and I.

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