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We're two Brooklyn-based painters who have planned a six-week road trip from NYC to LA where we will document the nation's landscape.
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99 Degrees in Motorcity!


Hey guys!

    So we are currently in the middle of a heatwave here in Detroit, making it challenging to paint outdoors but not impossible.  The city is beautiful, but almost overwhelming considering the amount of information we have to work from.  Hundreds of vacant factories and buildings sprawl across the landscape.  Our current morning set-up is inside the ruins of the Packard car manufacturing plant, which has been abandoned since 1958.  Scrappers have accelerated the decaying process of the 3.5 million square foot factory, making it an awe-inspiring place to paint and photograph.

    Jackson and I have been utilizing the night-time hours to work on paintings as well.  Last night we had a good session on the front porch of our hosts in the mini-city of Hamtramck, centrally located in the Detroit area.  Hamtramck has a large immigrant population of people from Bangladesh, Yemen, Poland, and the Ukraine.  The neighborhood-feel of the city is comforting and also reminds us of our blocks in Brooklyn (except for the rent - many of the houses nearby can be can be PURCHASED for $10,000!)

     That is all for now, I'll be attaching some photos as well.  Enjoy!


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    1. Creator John T. Farrell on August 8, 2011

      There's a fascinating and troubling book of photographs, The Ruins of Detroit (, that this entry reminds me of. I can't wait to see the results of your painting.