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By chris
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We are a group of young guys in our early twenties, just itching towards starting to develop our sound. And of course money is always at play here, and that is what we are short of right now. 

We recently got together about a month ago but we started as a band about 2 years ago but fell apart due to being in different parts of our lives. Their names are Luke and Reid. But now we are back with a vengeance and we plan to take the music industry by storm, and try and harness what was once in the air or something because nothing can explain why only a few generations spawned such great musicians and great bands ultimately.. like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and so on...

We know we have what it takes to fullfill our dreams and make a mark on this planet.

We all are all working our crappy jobs just to make ends meet. But it is okay because it is all worth it holding on to our vision as a band, knowing that we will create something that not only we are proud of but for others to be proud of our music as well. We just want a chance to share our ideas and really put something into existence, and it would be really nice to have a professional set up for us to hear us through a PA system so we can hear each individual perfectly as it would serve a purpose for our vocalist and myself ho is the lead guitarist. what we also plan to do with part of the money is to spend it on copyright fees and recording our original songs in the highest quality we can achieve, because we are all very critical within ourselves and our music, let's juts say we have high standards.

As of course all this cost money so we ask you for any kind of support for us to help fulfill our dream.

We have recently started creating our own songs, and all of the music seems to be writing themselves, so this is why we are so serious about this happening because we can see the bread crumbs. now all we got to do is keep going and sticking with this and making music!

Risks and challenges

Some of our major challenges is not having enough money to invest in equipment, because as a musician this analogy should help shed light on our amount of dedication... musicians are one of the few people who will spend $10,000 on equipment, and a vehicle to travel 5,000 miles to play for a crowd of 50 people. These numbers are certainly exaggerated but I hope my point has gotten through. Our major challenges right now are finding a decent spot to practice, which we have but we are only limited to practicing once every other week, because our practice space is owned by a mutual friend whose adult kids are coordinating when we can play or not and it is very inconvenient for us.

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