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Kickstarter project to provide detailed open source docs for smd parts feeders I built for my PNP machine.

I like building things, documenting them not so much. :-)

This is a Kickstarter project to encourage me to document the feeders I built and to release the documentation open source. 

The feeders have some CNCed parts (could be laser cut), and some 3D printed parts (which could be CNCed). They use inexpensive gear motors and simple electronics to advance the parts one "notch" of 4mm.

The design embraces the KISS principal, and the use of inexpensive and readily available parts. I haven't done a detailed analysis on the costs (did I mention I prefer building to documenting?) but the cost per feeder (parts and materials) is about $30.

If there is enough community interest in this project to fund it, I will provide detailed drawings, assembly instructions, hints, tips, source code for CAD, bill of materials, variations on design, pcb gerbers, etc. Enough documentation so that they are easily to duplicate.


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    Detailed and exacting write up of development process for these feeders, including trials, tribulations, wrong turns, mistakes made, etc.

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    A fully assembled and tested circuit board needed for these feeders. Completely assembled and tested, so you get a head start making your own feeders.

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    A fully assembled and tested circuit board, and all the CNCed parts. This would be the sides, and the drive wheel (cog wheel)

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    Everything needed to build one of these, except the 3D printed parts. Circuit board, motor, drive gears, sides, screws, wires.

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