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Arkis Vir is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac, and Linux, where players compete to control the galaxy.

Arkis Vir is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac, and Linux, where players compete to control the galaxy. Read More
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Arkis Vir is a turn-based strategy game with the goal of bringing the best qualities of 4X board games to the computer. Inspired by popular board games such as Twilight Imperium and Eclipse, we are looking to bring a similar experience to the video game world. To accomplish this, we are building an e-sports platform on 4X games that will be accessible to those that are new to the genre, as well as challenge veteran players by giving them competition from around the world. Arkis Vir contains a mix of traditional turn-based strategy mechanics, and Euro mechanics, to bring you fast-paced yet in-depth matches that can be finished in one sitting.

Choose one of four races and capitalize on their unique abilities to outlast, outrun, outfight, or outsmart your opponents. Experiment with a variety of technologies to catch your enemies off guard, or stick with your tried-and-true tech combos. Test different play styles to find your niche, but no matter which technique you choose, you must conquer the galaxy.

The Colony of Gsudoon are an insect-like race that specialize in expansion and colonization.  Players who want power in numbers will enjoy this race.

The Terran Matriarchy, devastated by the destruction of their home planet, will travel far and wide to find a new place that is suitable for them.  Their proficiency in exploration will allow your empire to reach far and wide.

Don't let The Uubariat fool you.  While their appearance is less than impressive, their ability to exploit and coerce more than makes up for it.  Players who enjoy political agendas and backstabbing will find their place with The Uubariat.

The Legion of Ryxe are a noble race, yet ferocious fighters.  They excel not only in battle, but also in their expert command.  If you like to overtake your enemies by force, then the Legion of Ryxe is for you.

Arkis Vir has a variety of units to choose from, each with a multitude of modifications so your fleet can be used to suit your strategic needs. Below are descriptions of each unit:

Orbital Construction Facility

The Orbital Space Station serves as a building ground for your units. It pulls resources from its host planet, so be sure to build them on planets with a high resource count. Orbital Space Stations are immobile by themselves, and can only be taken from one planet to another if towed on a carrier. Their design also supports the addition of space weaponry so they can participate in space battles.

Infantry: Groundforce

Infantry members serve to control planets from the surface level. Dropping infantry from your ships allows you to interact with a planet’s inhabitants and battle hand-to-hand when necessary. Unsuitable for space travel by themselves, Infantry may travel through different ships or can be left on planets to ensure your control.

Binary Fighter

A small and inexpensive ship, Binary Fighters must travel with other ships and provide great protection or extra attack during space battles. They do not count as a ship in your fleet allowing for mass production of this unit. A technology upgrade allows the Binary Fighter its own movement, making it a very fast and versatile unit.

Scout Ship

Scout ships are highly mobile units that can traverse the map faster than any other ship in the game. They can carry one ground force, but their capacity is not very useful for ground invasions. The scout ships most useful upgrade grants it stealth capabilities. This is useful for adding unexpected fleets to a battle, blocking off an opponent’s retreat, or spying on an enemy’s technology advancements.


The Carrier ship specializes in carrying your army from system to system. Each carrier can hold up to 6 ground units and/or binary fighters, making it a necessary resource for ground invasions.  You can also set your sights on a more explosive payload with the "Nuclear Transport" unit modification, which sacrifices carrying capacity for a nuclear strike that can be used on enemy planets.

Arkadian Warship

After you acquire the proper technology, the Arkadian Warship is your tool of destruction. This massive ship has many advantages such as a high carrying capacity, ability to sustain damage, low battle roll, and moderate movement ability. It is only accessible by obtaining the necessary technology from Arkis Vir. Gaining control of the planet for one turn will allow you to construct the Arkadian Warship.

Battle in Arkis Vir is a mixture of turn-based combat and interactive decision making. Each ship in your fleet has an attack ranging from 1-10. When you attack, a number is randomly rolled for each ship, and if the roll is equal to or greater than the attack of that ship it results in a hit. Tactical actions can be played during battle to alter the outcome in a number of ways. They can increase your ships attack power, decrease your opponents attack power, allow you to re-roll for a ship… the list goes on. At the end of a battle, whomever comes out victorious is granted one victory point as well as control of the system the battle took place in. If you do not wish to battle, you can opt to retreat before it begins, and forfeit control of your system.

During the course of a match, you can further strengthen your armada by purchasing technology upgrades. There are 4 tiers of upgrades, as well as one “Fusion” tier. To reach the next technology tier, you must purchase one technology from the tier above it. To purchase a technology upgrade from the Fusion tier, you need a total of 4 upgrades from each of the two colors being fused. For example, to purchase the purple upgrade from the Fusion tier, you need to have 1 blue technology and 3 red, or 2 blue and 2 red, or 3 blue and 1 red. Fusion technologies are uniquely useful in that they are extremely powerful, and combine the strengths of any 2 tech trees. Each color in the technology tree strengthens their respective counterpart from the 4X theme:

Blue: Explore

The blue technologies will strengthen your ability to broaden the expanse of your race’s kingdom. Exploration involves moving from system to system as fast as possible, and by focusing on this aspect of the technology tree, you will have more planets available to you for resources, influence, and bartering.

Yellow: Exploit  

The yellow technologies will enhance your exploitive powers. Whether it takes the form of enhanced influence from planets, extra benefits from bartering, or reduced cost for mercenaries, your personal influence on others is sure to take your opponents by surprise.

Green: Expand

The green technologies allow you to expand your army at a much faster rate. If you want to have strength in numbers…very very big numbers, then this is the technology for you. Overwhelm opponents with extra ground forces, extra fighters, and enhanced fleet capacity.

Red : Exterminate

The red technologies will help you exterminate your way to victory. Beat your enemies into submission with enhanced firepower, and access to the most powerful ship in the game, the Arkadian Warship.

Exploration of new systems and colonization of those systems are two key components of victory in Arkis Vir. Planets grant you resources, influence in political agendas, and can grant you important bartered benefits from the inhabitants. Planets are placed by the players in the beginning of the game, so you can shape the game board to your benefit.

Super Planets grant an extra layer of strategy and customization to your fleet, and are available only to the most experienced players. Before a match starts, you choose one Super Planet in your possession to use in place of another planet that is allocated to you during the System Placing stage of the game. This planet can offer enhanced resources, enhanced influence, enhanced bartering options, or all of the above.

Command Ships are special units that are equipped with key strategic abilities, passive buffs, and enhanced stats. Before every match, each player selects whichever command ship best augments their strategic focus. Only one command ship can be brought into battle, so choose wisely! A command ship’s most formidable weapon, its “Zenith”, charges up for every 3-5 victory points attained by a player. When activated, the ship will receive an incredible boost of power in the form of enhanced movement, firepower, or exploitation to name a few. A command ship’s Zenith can be one of the best ways to balance your fleet’s strengths and weaknesses, or you can use it to further enhance whatever strategy you have chosen. The choice is up to you. The passive enhancement that a command ship possesses can be used in a variety of ways as well. Some ships will grant bonuses to their surrounding fleet, while others can have an effect on the planets they take over. You can even alter the bartering to be in your favor between a planet’s citizens and your fleet! While these passive abilities are not as strong as the Zenith, they can give you the finishing touch you were looking for to defeat your opponents.

How your funds will help make Arkis Vir a success!

Our team members are capable of taking on multiples roles in the development of Arkis Vir, but there are still gaps.  This is why we need your help to raise the minimum amount of funding necessary to bring this awesome game to completion.

We want to tie our concept art and in-game art together to give the most immersive and visually appealing game possible.  To do this, we will need to spend a minimum 10% of our funds to acquire all of the assets we need.

Hosting and supporting a mulitplayer-online game is not cheap either. While we were savvy enough to get 1 year of free low-bandwidth hosting for development and testing purposes, this will not be enough to cover our costs at launch and we want to make sure our hosted environment is ready to go when people want to start playing!

About 40% of our raised funds will go towards polishing our in-game models, creating new UI's, and hiring a platform developer.  Note: much of this does not include pay for our team members, as some of them will continue to live off of savings until this game is brought to completion! Working on Arkis Vir has been a passion of ours for a long time, and we believe that putting as much of our funding as possible back into the game will result in the best experience for both the players and developers.

Last, as many of you know marketing is one of the most important factors when determining whether or not a game will be successful.  We want to spend a significant portion of our funds to host a booth at a major gaming convention and get our game out there!  The more people who play the game, the more fun it will be!

Stretch goals!

If we are fortunate enough to gain above and beyond the support we need to keep working on Arkis Vir, we have a few stretch goals in mind for features we would love to offer at release:

First Stretch Goal: $20,000 Single-Player Campaign: The Battle for Arkis Vir . Play through 10 missions that increase in difficulty while guiding you through the rich lore of Arkis Vir.

Second Stretch Goal: $25,000 3v3 Game Variant: A Rumble in the Galaxy. Team up with friends in to achieve victory in this fast-paced game variant.

Third Stretch Goal: $35,000 No Time Constraints: The Long War . Come and go as you please. While this variant will not include some of the features that require players to be at the computer for the entirety of the match, it more than makes up for it by allowing unlimited time for players to strategize and plan out their next attack!

Fourth Stretch Goal: $50,000 Going Mobile, Arkis Vir comes to tablets! We will port Arkis Vir to iOS and Android tablets.  This is a goal we had in mind when we started the project, and if this stretch goal is met we will put a fully-featured port of Arkis Vir at your fingertips!

Risks and challenges

Our team has been developing Arkis Vir for over a year and a half. What started out as a labor of love slowly turned into a broader and more complete idea , and with that came recognition from 4X gaming fans who wanted to see a more polished game. While we realize that some people may feel uneasy about funding our team’s first commercial game, it is for that very reason we decided to wait until we had a playable prototype before we started seeking funding.

Our biggest challenge will be delivering all of our expected features. At release, we want to have a stat-filled platform for players to compare themselves to each other, compete for different achievements, and take part in a competitive ladder. This alone is a huge undertaking for an indie team, on top of developing a content-rich game, but our main focus is on making the game fun for everyone. For this reason, a large portion of our fundraising will be used to acquire the necessary talent to make this a reality.

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  • A resounding Yes! Since this has been asked a few times, I just wanted to make it clear. The short answer is that we don't want to sell power, so all upgrades are earnable in-game with points that you acquire simply by playing. However, you can pay to get them "now" instead of "later", with the caveat that you are limited to how many of these upgrades you can take into a game based on your account's level.

    For instance, if a player is just starting out, even if they buy every ship upgrade/command ship/ super planet, they can only take a limited number of those into battle. This limited number then increases when you play more games and increase in level. We put this limitation in place so that players can purchase more "options" instead of more "power."

    Last updated:
  • We are designing the game to have a duration of around 1 hour, so it can be finished in one sitting.

    But if you also look at our stretch goals, we will release an asynchronous version that you can step away from for an extended period of time. The reason we won't have this available at release is because it requires a redesign of some of the mechanics.

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