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Planet X3 is a MS-DOS sequel to the popular Planet X2 that was released last year on the Commodore 64.
2,548 backers pledged $113,640 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping starts today, but progress will be slow

Posted by David Murray (Creator)

Shipping has begun!

Printed user manuals arrived today.  As a result, I can start shipping the "lite" copies immediately.  In fact, I already shipped the first copy to a lucky guy named Michael Daniels. However, I'm still waiting on the soundtrack cassettes before I can start shipping boxed copies.  The last update I got suggested that may be still two weeks away.  However, I suspect I will not be able to ship more than 20 or 30 copies of the game per day, just based on the amount of time it takes to assemble everything and do the packing and shipping.  Some days I may able to do more.  My wife may be taking some time off work around the time the cassettes get here to help with shipping.  Regardless, it may be 2 to 3 months before I get all of the rewards shipped.  

I also have other news in this regard.  I am constantly getting emails asking when people can buy the game.  My response has been that I will need to ship all of the kickstarter rewards before I even start taking orders for the game itself.   This is because if I start taking orders, then that will delay shipping to the people who already paid for it.  

I have also delayed producing a final Planet X3 documentary.  The main reason being, it would likely generate a lot of sales of the game, but I'm in no position to be able to fulfill those sales, so I will wait until the time is right.  So, expect to see a final documentary perhaps in March or April. 

On a similar note.  Anders Jensen wanted to produce a vinyl record with the sound track on it.  Many people voted that they would buy one if it were available.  He has it designed, but I'm simply in no position right now to deal with them due the the incredible amount of space being taken up by all of the Planet X3 materials I have now.  Once I get a bunch of these shipped off, I'll reclaim some working space.  So the vinyl records may be available sometime around March or April as well.

Disk Duplication Woes. 

And one last thing.  Originally, I only promised the game would come with one type of disk, either a 360K or 720K.  The main reason was, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to source enough blank disks.  That ended up not being a problem, so I was secretly planning to include both disks with each box as a surprise.  However, the problem I have run into is that it is taking much longer to duplicate than I had originally thought.  I have spent a few hours every day for the last few weeks making disks.  We even had a copy party the other day with 8 people working almost 10 hours.  After all that, I still only have about 1/4 of the disks made that I will eventually need just to fulfill the kickstarter, to say nothing of sales beyond the kickstarter.  So, I've decided the only way this is going to work is to ship only one disk with each box.  

However, I understand some people would actually like to have and possibly be able to use both types of disk.  So, I am open to suggestions on how to accommodate those people.   I will be sending out a survey shortly (the lite version people already got one) which asks what type of disk they want, as well as an option to update their address.   One option I've considered is including the disk that people ask for, and then including the label for the other kind of disk. That way if you want to make your own from the image provided in the digital download, you at least have the label.   I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has them.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kelvin on

      Thinking of the double disk. Would it be an idea of sending one with the game in the preffered size and just leave the other blank so someone could write it themselves?

    2. Missing avatar

      fbernard65 on

      Will we get a notification when they ship? I never saw a survey about updating mailing address.

    3. Grey Hodge on

      Hire someone.…

      Or use Doeke's solution!

    4. Missing avatar

      Doeke Zanstra on

      Seems a no-brainer:
      a) 5.25" floppy+label with the game
      b) 3.5" floppy+label with the game
      c) both floppies+labels, empty

    5. Missing avatar

      Panu-Kristian Poiksalo on

      Hi David, thanks for your hard work! Ok... I don't care what it costs, but I would really like to have both disks. The 5.25 floppy is the one that I what, for pure nostalgia reasons. That's the one that makes me feel good. But the 3.5 inch is the one I can actually use.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jordan Scherr on

      And for those wondering, I loop the MT-32 variants when playing. They have the most pleasing instrument selection to my ears.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jordan Scherr on

      You can always ask friends and associates to help. There's also voluntary work from the people who helped fund the project, potentially near your own area. I suspect at least a few would volunteer time for copying without hesitation.

      P.S. I really appreciate the inclusion of the MP3 Soundtracks. I tried turning off sound FX with the music playing in the background. In VGA, it's super atmospheric and my preferred way to play. Good stuff! To be fair though, the Tandy + Adlib sound variant gives an authentic early DOS feel I know you where wanting.

    8. David Fishman on

      Could we possibly pay a bit extra for getting the second disk? I don't mind waiting even if it means I'm in the last shipment.

    9. Filipe on

      If not possible to write the second disk, it would be great if you could include the disk label and a blank disk.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gregory Anderson on

      I hate to say it, but I honestly really want both disks. That being said, I'm happy to wait until the end of shipping to have mine sent if it means getting both. A working 5.25" and blank 3.5" would be OK too.

    11. Ashley Black on

      I would be happy to have labelled blanks as I can write them myself from the images in the download. Or 1 labelled blank, and the other written.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Graça on

      I also prefer to wait a little longer and have both disks, or at least only the 5.25" one with data since those are the ones that require actual 360K drives to make a good copy that works everywhere, while 720K disks can be created in any drive.

    13. Missing avatar

      A. Vergara on

      What will be the declared value for the shipping (for shipments outside the US)? For example, if the contribution for the lite package is $20, will it be $20 or less? Since it also includes the digital download, which is $10, but does not go in the physical shipment.

      I comment this because for shipments to the European Union there can be issues with customs on shipments from outside the EU with a declared value greater than 22 €, and 20 $ is a close value.

    14. Scott Swedo on

      I’m happy with waiting if it takes longer for a complete package, and I have no problem if others are bumped up if they are ok with making the disks from the downloaded image.

    15. Robert J. Butler on

      I'm with some of the others on the "don't need the disks but would like labels" option. Could probably bug someone else to make copies if I wanted them, as any playtime for me will be on a modern system via DosBox.

    16. Missing avatar

      Johan Petur Klüver Dam on

      At the moment, I’d be fine with a blank 3.5” and a copied 5.25” with the labels on as I don’t have a 5.25” drive at the moment but I can use my MS-DOS machines to copy the files onto a 720 kB disk.

    17. Captain Foobar on

      I'm fine with 3.5" 720KB disk ready to go, plus blank 360KB disk and label.

    18. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Dellagustin on

      Hey Dave. A suggestion about the disks dilema, how about giving people the option to have both disks, under the trade off that they would go to the back of the queue and have an additional delay for getting the product? That could buy you some time. Would that work for you?
      One of the draw back would be obviusly that it would me more work for you and also delay the opening for sales for non backers.

    19. Shaun Belcher on

      The idea of the label and the sleeve is not a bad idea.
      Im sure I can source some new disks to use myself for the 360K version if needed.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilson on

      I'm perfectly happy with a "Some assembly required" version of the game... I don't plan on using an old PC to run this, so the box copy will just sit on a shelf and look pretty, anyway.

      Perhaps you could move the "some assembly required" people to the front of the shipping line, while you're still dealing with logistics for the folks who want a turnkey package.

    21. Erica McCowan on

      I too need to verify my Address as I had to move and no longer have access to my old address.

      I am keeping an eye on the vinal news, it would be great for the collection.

    22. Matty Aaron Covey Lewis on

      Yup 3.5 working and a 5.25 blank (with a sticker obviously) I'm thinking I might frame the 5.25 and use the 3.5 to play. :)

    23. Robert Vogel on

      I am fine with this idea of packing empty disks and labels in the box. Actually I have different old dos maschines here to copy the downloaded files by myself.
      So long everything is in the box and i can hold it in my hands I am happy
      Thanks so much for your great work David.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fojtik on

      I'd be happy with 2 blank disks, and 2 labels I can attach myself. Just make the disk images available on your website so we can write them ourselves.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zephyrox on

      3.5" working and 5.25" blank! (not black, how is it possible you can't edit these comments) would be perfect for me!

    26. Missing avatar

      Zephyrox on

      3.5" working and 5.25" black would be perfect for me!

    27. Ken Giroux on

      I'd be okay with just the labels. I don't have a real DOS computer anymore.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Ruggieri on

      Maybe a blank disk and a label in the box?

    29. Sentack on

      Honestly, he could throw in the blank disks and the labels into the box and I'll do it myself. As long as I can get all the disk images online, I think I can copy the disk image to the floppies somehow.

    30. Anders Enger Jensen Collaborator on

      TheSmJ Haha, I’ve been bugging David with that one for months, but it has a rotten belt and needs a lot of service. The only one is the guy who has one for about 1200 bucks but that’s going to eat up a lot of his budget. Also, the 5.25” are the ones that takes the most time to duplicate. ;)

    31. Missing avatar on

      I hope we get a chance to update our mailing address, otherwise some lucky person in my old apartment is getting my copy!

    32. Missing avatar

      TheSmJ on

      Looking forward to it! Maybe it would be worth getting a disk duplicator for this project? There's one on eBay right now,…

    33. ExcalibursZone

      Thanks for the update! Please note that the USPS (if you're using them for shipping) seems to be having issues at the moment. I've had several packages slip one or two days past their expected delivery date. This could be due to the shutdown, weather, or something else (or all of the above). Just an FYI.

    34. Missing avatar

      dusxmt on

      Yup, having a primary disk and then a label to make the second one sounds like a good plan to me :) I'd personally go for the 360K disk, since I can easily create a 720K one, but for a proper 360K one that would work in other computers as well, my 1.2M drive probably wouldn't cut it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nick Myer on

      How do we specify the disk we get? I would prefer a 3.5 720k if possible. I appreciate all the hard work that went into this, Thank you.

    36. James on

      I would be in favor of including the disk label. If you have sufficient supply, could you include the blank disk as well?

    37. Missing avatar

      Albert Briscoe on

      Including the label (maybe the disk too, just blank) is what I was thinking...

    38. Derek on

      I love the extra label idea for the secondary disk choice. 👍

    39. Missing avatar

      Dale Hawley on

      Will you be asking for addresses before shipping as I have moved since I originally pledged? Thanks!

    40. Missing avatar

      sublimejackman on

      Are you going to confirm shipping address? I have no idea which I gave you.

    41. Eric Siegel on

      Most of the machines I own have 3.5" floppy drives, and only a few have 5.25" drives. I'd prefer a 3.5" floppy in the box and the image/label to make my own 5.25" disk (as I have boxes of blank disks at home).

    42. Missing avatar

      tim lehner on

      Including the extra label is a excellent compromise in my opinion.

    43. Julian L on

      Awesome! Well done, I can't wait to get mine. :)