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Planet X3 is a MS-DOS sequel to the popular Planet X2 that was released last year on the Commodore 64.
2,548 backers pledged $113,640 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Anders Enger Jensen Collaborator on

      Björn: I totally understand your wariness given the history of enticing Kickstarter projects flopping like flies and money going astray. I can personally vouch for this project and David's sincereness and commitment. I would never embark on something this big if I didn't think it would pull through. The project will see the light of day, even without the Kickstarter backing, and if it was possible, David would have skipped this entire part of the process and gone straight into production of the game and it components. On Planet X2, David and I poured our own money into the production up front, but since it was such a small production and neither knew how large the demand actually was, it was feasible to do.

      This sequel however, is ten times larger in complexity and depth, so the Kickstarter was mostly started to get a real pinpoint on how many units of the game (and extras) we need to produce, not so much the money. But since these things need to be paid upfront too, it has become imperative that the cash is needed to succeed since neither of us have this kind of resources lying around.

      The premise David has laid for this project vs his daily work on creating content for his two channels, has been that they wouldn't suffer from this project. It might seem strange, but his main income is still from Youtube. He's working on several videos right now and I know he has started on a response for this Kickstarter too, so hang tight. It's coming - it's still two more weeks of the initial start up period of the Kickstarter so he also wants to see what the final figures land on too.

      But as for reassurance, I would not worry. There would have to be a lot of serious obstacles for this project to flop. (And in such an event, you'd get refunded anyway.) :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Björn van den Heuvel on

      The team looks awesome. I am really excited for this project en hope the team can get up to speed quickly.

      @Anders, no offence. You're doing a great job and it's really cool to see one of the main collaborators so active on here! But...

      We're close to the $100K mark. Wouldn't that warrant at least some public response from David himself? I really think it's kinda strange that, to the best of my knowledge, David has been completely silent about the kickstarter since the original video. The silence has even gotten my hoax-nerve a little jittery.

      So, @David Murray, if you're reading this, drop us a note please and let us know what you think / if you're excited about the Kickstarter result. I'm not talking stretch goals or 30 minute videos. Even just a short oneliner would be great. Thanks!

    3. Anders Enger Jensen Collaborator on

      Ben MacLean: I just copied his own bio from so... ;)

    4. Shaun Belcher on

      Interesting to see the support for all the various sound cards, this brings into question what card i should put in my machine! What platform is going to sound the best? Ive got some early soundblaster cards along with an aztec labs card and ad-lib.

    5. Missing avatar

      Foone on

      Regarding testing: I'm sure between David and Lorin you've got plenty of machines to test on, but if you need any additional hardware testing I'd be happy to help. I've done testing for other projects in the past, like the Wolf3d & Doom black books and Shenzhen Solitaire.

      I've got a large collection of DOS PCs, from the original IBM PC through the pentium era and most of the stuff in-between, including many of the weird systems like the Tandy and PCjr systems.

      So if you'd like some more hardware coverage or there's any odd systems you'd like to support (or just know if they'll work or not), send me a message, I'd be happy to help!

    6. Ben McLean on

      That was supposed to say "Tsk tsk" but Google Keyboard is apricot.

    7. Ben McLean on

      How dare you not mention Tyrian in Alexander Brandon's game credits. Take take, for shame, for shame.

    8. Anders Enger Jensen Collaborator on

      Roland: Yes, in the sense that the soundtrack will be released in full (digital download and on the cassette in the boxed version). It won’t be dynamic, but you’ll be able to play it in the background while playing. :)

    9. Roland Boshnack on

      For those of us who will not be playing on vintage hardware, might it be possible to record the music from whatever sound sources end up being supported as MP3s or whatever? That way we can listen to the variations without needing to dig up retro hardware and on the go.

    10. Dean Dodrill on

      Oh nice, didn't realize Alex Brandon was part of this! He composed music for me on Dust: An Elysian Tail. As if I needed more reason to love this project.

    11. Dave Grandisson on

      if mt-32 is part of the game that will be so awesome :) looking forward to it

    12. Corey Woodworth on

      Alexander Brandon! OMG, I didn't even know! Such Hype! I'm a huge fan of the music of the original Deus Ex and Tyrian! Hope you guys get another international user to get those music routines written. What a supergroup of composers you've got!

    13. Arne Schmitz on

      Awesome team you've got there! Let's hope you manage to implement at least the OPL2 support. This will already cover a LOT of soundcards!

    14. Anders Enger Jensen Collaborator on

      UPDATE: Just to clarify the mystery of which sound cards will be supported:

      As of now, nothing is written in stone yet. David's chosen assembler makes it a little complex and harder to implement all the different sound card protocols, so the fact that we've posted that the composers will be working with MT-32 and Adlib doesn't mean that these cards will actually be supported. But it does mean we will compose for them as a base and the eventuality that they will be implemented. The music will anyway be available as download and included on the cassette.

      So not to get everybody's hopes up, there will be music for MT-32, Adlib (and Tandy + PC speaker), but not all may be implemented as of yet. :)

    15. Amy on

      Hmm, MT-32 listed for Alexander and Rob? Does this mean we're getting MT-32 music support? Because that was something I was thinking of suggesting anyway.

    16. Danny Lewis on

      Looks like you've got quite the 8-Bit A-Team there! I'm sure the game will be great, but I'm excited to learn about the adventure to getting this game created and published! :)

    17. icemann on

      Dayam. That is some impressive names attached to this project. Expectations now raised a bit :).