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pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, September 19 2016 10:18 AM UTC +00:00


My name is Anthony Johnson, but as a rap artist, I’m known as Amoroso (or “Ammo”). I’ve been writing and recording music religiously for the past 7-8 years. I’ve worked several jobs over that span of time, and I’ve managed to gain a lot of connections as well as experience.

Unfortunately, the issue for my music has always been a financial one. As much as I love to make music, it’s difficult trying to manage to make music, paying your T-Mobile bill, riding Metro, and still trying to do all of the things you want to do or sometimes even NEED to do. And I promise you, I haven’t wasted any time. Just because it’s been difficult doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I have at least four projects (10-16 tracks each) ready to record, if not more. I've also worked on developing a social following of 12K on Twitter as well as 6K on Instagram in order to promote myself and my music. I'm also already being followed by many high profile names in the music industry such as (WPGC, WKYS, Big Freedia...just to name a few.)

Nevertheless, I never thought of using this site..I’ve always thought of it as a charity thing. But lately, I started to visit this site a lot, and it’s some projects I’ve seen that even I planning on investing in! Right now, I’m just looking for support. I like to think I can rap, and make good music…so if you feel the same...I appreciate you helping me speed up this process. If you’re a Hip-Hop fan I’m sure you know it’s not looking too good right now. So check out my music and if you think I'm going to be any worse….Just close this page.

I’m going to make this happen with or without any help because I’m determined, but I’m also wise enough to know that there are some people that understand the drive better than others, and sometimes everybody could use a hand.

Support Amoroso. Support The Vision. Support The Dream.

Risks and challenges

The only risk I take in all of this is the fact that no one wants to help me. No matter how much money you make, you aren't willing to type in your card number and donate at least $10. But it's ok. I believe in God, so I know that regardless of who helps me. I'll get to where I wanna be. Patience is key.

If you do decide to donate, just know that I appreciate you. And I don't forget so if you donate enough to get my attention just know, the future will be good for you...helping a guy like me.


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