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Escape into other culinary worlds with 100+ delicious vegan recipes from my many years of travels & kitchen adventures!
Escape into other culinary worlds with 100+ delicious vegan recipes from my many years of travels & kitchen adventures!
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The Lotus and the Artichoke goes to print!

Friday, November 30, 2012: The Lotus and the Artichoke - Vegan Cookbook went to print at Druckhaus Schöneweide in Berlin!

After many months of hard work, the cookbook was finally ready to print! The printing took over 10 hours and will cost almost $10,000 – nearly twice the original estimate because I decided on a luscious, totally full-color design, and added more photos, recipes, and pages. This was only possible because of the overwhelming success of the Kickstarter fundraiser and your incredible support and contributions.

As it turns out, all of the Kickstarter funding (about $13k after fees and backers' payments which did not process) is being invested into the printing, rewards, shipping, and other project expenses. My long hours and work over the last months remain unpaid until the success of the book sales. I have my fingers crossed, and I know with an awesome book and lots of great promotion, plus continued word-of-mouth excitement, things can only continue to rock!

The reviews from over 20 recipe testers were 100% positive and enthusiastic. Every day I have conversations both online and outside with people telling me how excited they are about the cookbook. Two local bookshops practically begged me to come with a stack of books as soon as they're ready. What's amazing to me about this project is not just the number of vegetarians and vegans that have been supportive, but the number of people of all walks of life and eating habits that tell me they're inspired and excited about the project.

One of many examples: The printer guy helping last Friday told me he loved working on this project. He says it's amazing that I'm self-publishing and have financed this with crowdfunding (i.e. your help!). He also told me: He never knew vegetarian food could be so beautiful and appetizing, and now he understands why his two sisters are vegetarians! (He also ordered cookbooks for them for Christmas.) This kind of stuff makes me so happy.


The cookbooks arrive from the printer on December 7th. I'll start shipping the orders immediately. The e-book should be ready by Dec 15. I just got the bookmarks today, the 4th version of stickers should arrive tomorrow, and the totes and t-shirts will be screen-printed on Thursday. What a week!

I'll also be scheduling a pick-up day for Berliners. Help us save on shipping costs, and let me get to meet you and say thanks in person!

Here's a photo of some of the new goodies and rewards:

Check out my latest blog post on for more photos from the printing... and a special cookbook pre-order deal only until Dec 7th! (Currently free shipping to US and EU!)

Please forward this to any friends or family that would be interested. As always, I appreciate your support. It's been an incredible journey. I'm thrilled to have you along.

Love & Lorbeerblätter,



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    1. Deva Mirel on December 3, 2012

      Oh my god. Wait....what is that other stuff. Stickers? I want stickers! It all looks great! Where can I buy the stickers?

      You ran an excellent Kickstarter and I am so happy you are getting your book printed. I cannot believe how quickly you got everything done. You are AMAZING!

      Crazy how quickly the KS money goes. I speak from experience. I kinda wish their was (otpional) business plan software attached to the KS program (like...a "planning" page). Because, depending on how you do the numbers, the reality is you probably spent MORE than you raised on KS ;) Anyway, well done and I commend you on your commitment to being awesome!

      May I suggest getting your book into Whole Foods?

      Looking forward to getting my cookbook! XO

    2. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on December 3, 2012

      Victor- if you or others you know do Spanish translations (and have experience with cooking / vegan subjects) I'd be very delighted to hear from you. If all goes well with the German translation, I intend to translate the book in Spanish as well. Lots of interest... especially in South America.

    3. Missing avatar

      Victor on December 3, 2012

      Yaay it looks good :)

      Have you thought of translating to more languages? At least the ebook that doesn't need printing.
      For example spanish, or french? maybe some of us could help.

      Good luck

    4. Justin P. Moore 5-time creator on December 3, 2012

      Hi Roman, Thanks! The eBook is 98% finished. I'm working to get all the links right, and doing more device testing. I expect it to be done by (or before) 15 Dec – I'll post an update and notify everyone when it's ready for download!

    5. Roman Romanchuk on December 3, 2012

      Is there ebook shipping date established?