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Control your Beats and Siri too, because you should NEVER have to stop running or exercising to mess with your device!

The Story 

The ManiGlove v1 was born as a result of me dropping my iPod several times during a run. "Why didn't you just get an arm strap?" It's not that simple. On long runs, some software apps constantly intervene, modifying the volume of the music. Even if in a strap, it is cumbersome to reach the controls. 

"Scott, just set the volume and roll, a bit OCD are we??" Maybe, but if you are like, training, a workout can go an hour or more, several days a week. Trust me, you want to be able to move through your tunes without dislocating your shoulder to adjust things.

"Wait, 'ManiGlove' what kinda name is that?" As in "Manipulative Glove" you know, control things!

There are also times that you may want to advance to a better song, or just listen to a song over again. With the ManiGlove v1, This is all easily achieved by simply touching your thumb to one of the control points on your fingers; never stop, never fiddle with anything again. In later iPhone versions, you can even activate the power of Siri!

"But a glove? Doesn't it get like, sweaty and gross?" Not at all! In fact we have spent more than six months on the glove alone, making it lightweight and breathable, yet form fitting. 

"But my earphones have a control button in the wire…" Well sure, but how many times have you actually tried that while running or exercising, and not ripped your ear a bit?

"Yawn, we've seen these gloves before, what makes yours so special?" There are several aspects of the Mani that set it apart from the herd:

  • Price: At about $58, you won't wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering where you left it.
  • Form: This glove is sleek, I mean REALLY sleek. We took a minimalist approach to the glove construction, but plan to jazz up the colors in later releases.
  • Function: It has just enough function to be cool, but not so much that we had to throw in the propeller hat with it.
  • Hip: The Limited Edition is intended to be low key, even in color. But compared to other devices, by time we get the heart rate monitor in there and some other gems, on top of the color schemes to match your running and riding gear, you will be turning heads!

The ManiGlove v1...

"Ok so you had me at not sweaty, but is it ready?" Yep, the ManiGlove v1 is fully tested and ready to go. We've been working on this thing for over a year! Below is a video from the design-phase (feel my pain!):

"Wait a sec, what exactly does it do again??" Check it out:

Stuff the ManiGlove v1 can do:

  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Song Forward
  • Song Back
  • Play/Pause
  • Activate the keyboard
  • Activate Siri
  • Control a Power Point presentation (whoa!)

"Slow down! What makes the thing work?" Great question! Your ManiGlove operates via Bluetooth and is powered by a fast charging lithium polymer battery, like just about everything else these days. Good for nearly 15 hours, it should last you through lots of workouts or full competitions. Did it go dead on you? Quick charges in about 5 minutes to get you through a workout, full charge in about an hour. Hot red charging cord included!

"Cool, but, um, why are all the pads in the middle of the fingers?" The ManiGlove pressure points are conductive. So if they were all on the tips, when you go to open a door, peculiar things would happen. We learned this early on (stories for later!)

BUT WAIT, there's even MORE! the ManiGlove Version 2 with heart rate monitor! 

So the v1 is hip and makes it easier for you to control your tunes, and that chic SIRI. But the v2 will have an integrated heart rate monitor and a suite of tools within an app called ManiStats. ManiStats will analyze your heart rate, track your run routes, elevations and give you feedback on your zones and where you had the most trouble. Oh yeah, the obligatory calorie calculator is in there as well. AND… it will be free with the purchase of the v2 glove!

We expect the v2 to be ready by October, just in time for Christmas! This will be a truly revolutionary tool, incorporating all the features of the v1 as well!

"Apple, Siri… Siri, Apple. Is that ALL you got?" Glad you asked that! While the v1 can work with Androids, since there about 1200 of them and new ones coming out every day, it works with some, but not all. Drop me a note with your phone type and I can help you out.

The Loot

"All sounds good, but I could use some persuadin', if you know what I mean…" Ah, so you need some grease, heh? Check it out:

"So when we clear the $5k, what about stretch goals? You know how we Kickers LOVE stretch goals." Oh yeah, we have stretch rewards alright. Let's achieve the objective and we will unlock those puppies!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Houston, will we have problems?

ManiGlove v1: I've been at this for more than a year and spent boat loads of my own money already to get to this point. Dozens of gloves, almost a half dozen board types, many, many thread candidates, engineers, and so on. The glove already works and has already been produced by the factory.

We have the production schedule for the v1 already in process, all we need to know is the final number to make in this first run. The circuits take about 3 weeks to build, the glove itself about 45 days to assemble. The primary purpose of this campaign is to introduce the Mani and quite frankly, gauge interest. Of course I think it's pretty, it's my baby!

ManiGlove v2: Ok, so the v2 may have a teeny bit more going on. It has mainly to do with optimization, working out the best way to communicate with the phone, and finish building the app. We already have it working in the lab, but we want this thing to be a "set it and forget it" type device. There could be a delay in the schedule as we refine the proper placement of the sensor, but that's about it. The foundation of the circuit was solved in the v1.

We will provide constant updates on the status of the release as we get closer to the Fall.

And as others have said, this isn't my first Rodeo (although once I was the clown indeed). I have been starting companies since back in the '80s and my last completed start-up was an alternative energy project that created more than 20 jobs.

If you made it this far, THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!!!


  • So while a picture may be worth a thousand words, our pictures must be coming up a few words short. =) Bulkiness was a design peeve we worked on exhaustively, and still do. Think golf glove fit and form, and it's not even that thick. The profile of the top of hand is so low you cannot even tell there is a chip there. We will be taking better photos in the coming week.

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  • The glove will come in small, medium and large for both men and women initially. Though it is hard to tell from the images and video, the fit is tight, like a golfing glove or a batting glove, but constricting.

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