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Everyone has a story to tell, we all co exist in this world and each of us influences one another. Read more

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Everyone has a story to tell, we all co exist in this world and each of us influences one another.

Justin Ho
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Justin Ho

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About this project

Thank you everyone who worked on this film from September 1st till now!

PLACEBO is a feature-length motion picture, an ensemble drama about how we’re all connected, a movie about love, too much love, not enough love, the loss of love. Six stories are interwoven into a dramatic fabric, coming together for an emotional finale featuring six major characters.

A story of five people, how they relate, interact, and connect to each other in New York City. Tracing back there past, we see how chances and moments link us together, spanning the idea that things may happen for a reason. Everyone has a story to tell, we all co-exist in this world and each of us influence one another.

The film is almost complete, we only have a few more scenes to film.  The money raised will go to the final days of production especially the costs of 16mm film which will be used for a small portion of the film.  Most of the raised money will go into post production of the film which will include color correction, visual FX, foley, scoring, distribution.

Jason, a recent college graduate, spends most of his days at the movies watching romantic comedies, the only place he can feel love. He buys a guitar and teaches himself how to play in hopes of finding some inspiration in something. Jason has never dated, knows he’s still young and has plenty of time, yet he’s bitter at the fact that he’s never had the experience, and lost out on the love he could have had.


Tim is Jason’s best friend since kindergarten and now his roommate. He lives each day optimistically, not worrying at all about the future. He thinks he’s in love with his girlfriend Sara.


Sara is Tim’s girlfriend. She lives life freely, believes she’s in love with
Tim. She is with him all the time, staying with Tim in his apartment with
Jason. She can’t imagine her life without him.


Natalie, 21, lost her mother when she was 12, and is surrogate mother to her
younger brother Justin, caring for her heartbroken father Greg. Ripped from
her childhood with no time to herself, she finds an escape acting the lead
role in a play.


Justin, Natalie’s younger brother, nine years old, always quiet in school,
never experienced the love of a mother. His father Greg often works a lot, leaving Justin with Natalie. Justin loves Natalie and thinks of her like his mom. He feels alienated at school, keeps to himself, constantly thinks about things, about questions like what was his mother like, what is the world made of, why does it snow, why does his teacher talk with a funny raspy voice, why does the kid sitting two rows to the right of him have freckles, why does time pass so slowly, what if time travel was possible, is he important, do people care, are we all just animals… Justin feels responsible for his mother’s death, feels alone and confused in an overwhelming world.


Greg, 40, father to Natalie and Justin, tired, alone, lost his wife
Elizabeth nine years ago. He works all the time to keep himself busy, living
life half asleep, drunk and full of regret. He feels responsible for his wife’s
death; he was the one driving the car when he got into an accident. He lost
his love, his only love, the girl he grew up with, and now he’s killed his soul
mate, leaving his children without a mother. He feels he can’t ever find love
again, and feels he shouldn’t ever find love again…


The following Credits are of those who worked on the Theater location portion of the film (What you saw in the short trailer at the end of the project video)

Written and Directed by Justin Ho

Produced by Cat Green, Ryan O'Callaghan, and Justin Ho

Executive Producer John Gallagher

Edited by Justin Ho

Cinematography by Alex Chinnici

First Assistant director Claire Ensslin

Second Assistant director Eric Paperth

Song "So Close" written by Justin Ho, chords by Dominic Pate, music by Victoria Maria, recorded by Joe Sears

Steadicam operators: Yousheng Tang and Billy Green

First ACs: Behnood Dadfar, Troy Sola, Suren Karapetyan

Second ACs: Lucy Bennet, Spencer Katz

Grips: Noah Rosenburg, Constantin Poselski, Nick Stango

Gaffer: Alex Watson Eng DIT: Nick Stango

Sound Nick HallBilsback, Emma Huckstadt

Production Designer: Dixon Wong, Jeanie Pai

Production Assistants: Dalia Holley, Tami Flicker

Natalie – Victoria Maria

Jason – Steve Sherman

Tim – Ryan O'Callaghan

Sara – Samantha Strelitz

Justin – Kyle Donnery

Greg – Ross Pivec

Joelle – Emanuela Galliussi

Dom – Dominic Pate

Steve Carmen – Bobby Kruger

Choreographer – Geraldine Johns

Cathy – Susanna Buckley

Mirian – Mirian Pinchoff

Dancer/Jenna – Jenna Ho

Thank you Hamilton deli the neighborhood Playhouse Harold G Baldridge Jean and John Ho school of visual arts able Cine Big Apple films Seth Hagenstein Joe Sears Jonathan Fields

To give you an idea of my work, here is a reel I put together. Sorry the reel is quite long, it's not a traditional reel displaying my "best" work, but mostly a reel simply displaying most of my work from age 11 to 20.  I starts off with most of my high school work, so don't worry it gets better.


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