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Michael Lange's junior thesis film is a twisted slapstick comedy set in the idyllic suburbs of America. Read more

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Michael Lange's junior thesis film is a twisted slapstick comedy set in the idyllic suburbs of America.

Michael Lange
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About this project

Thanks for visiting my Kickstarter. My name is Michael Lange and I'm a film production major at Loyola Marymount University. I'm here to ask you for some money. 


I know what you're thinking - 

A. Private school next to a beach. Must be tough.

B. Studying film? Didn't Quentin Tarantino just work at a video store?

C. Can't you make a movie with your iPhone?

A.) Yes. I admit: I go to an awesome school in an awesome sunny location. But I have fair skin and am susceptible to sunburns. The devilish sun beats its cancerous rays down on me daily. The fact that I am still alive is a testament to my drive, my ambition, my hunger.

B.) Yes. Many filmmakers have succeeded in the industry without putting in four years at USC, UCLA, NYU or LMU. But I'm sorry, I'm not Quentin Tarantino. I didn't grow up with social behavioral issues and a bad attitude that prevented me from making friends, so I didn't spend every day of my childhood inside a theater. I concede that I do not know everything and am at school to learn.

C.) I can make a movie with my iPhone. I would much rather make a movie with my iPhone. However, my school believes in the power of FILM and DEMANDS that I shoot my junior thesis project (a graduation requirement) on 16mm film. Film stock costs money. The film stock then has to be processed and digitized. All of these things require a lot of money. Which is why I have come to ask you to help me.

If you help me raise the required funds, I promise that I will absolutely make the living hell out of the movie. I recognize that this is an opportunity I won't soon get again and that for all the years of my life I have spent loving film and television, I want my first major contribution to the art and industry to be a product that deserves to stand up against other first short films from great directors I admire. I am setting my expectations very high for this film and I promise you that if you help me raise the money I will not disappoint.

What is my film about?

Another part of the requirement of the film is that it does not allow for any dialogue. The story must be told completely visually. I knew I wanted to make a comedy, since that is where my strengths lie, and at first this limitation frustrated me. I wanted to cast hilarious people I know to say funny things. But then something clicked in my head, and I saw it more as a challenge. I could make a film like the old Laurel & Hardy movies. A throwback slapstick comedy, but with a modern twisted sense of humor. I'm going to drop Jim Carrey and Gilda Radner into Pleasantville and set the world on fire. 

The film, tentatively titled "Cleaning House" is a story about a loving but obsessive compulsive housewife who lets an incompetent traveling salesman into her home to help him clean an impossible mess. But when he makes things go from bad to worse, the woman snaps and the two go to war. Eventually, the woman realizes she has taken things too far and the two have to team up to restore order to their home and their lives. 

But mostly its about a woman beating the living daylights out of a guy and dragging him throughout her house to make people laugh. Yeah. That's really more it.

If you've read this far, I thank you. I thank you very much and I hope you have found the video or some of my writing compelling or entertaining enough to throw me a few bones and help me make a film and graduate college. Thanks.


Links to past projects:

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Zoochosis - Escalator: I acted in this short for a local filmmaker and professor in which a guy stares at women going up an escalator. It got 5.7 million views!

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