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eOneBook combines all 18 episodes of legendary manga “Fist of the North Star" into one innovative, bilingual ebook.
eOneBook combines all 18 episodes of legendary manga “Fist of the North Star" into one innovative, bilingual ebook.
820 backers pledged ¥22,936,350 to help bring this project to life.

「全巻一冊」世界最高レベルの画質 The world's highest image quality eOneBook produces


Hi there everyone!

Our campaign has just 3 DAYS TO GO, and your support has been incredible. Thank you for believing in us and eOneBook!

Today, let us introduce you our high-resolution screen for ultra-high image quality. We are so proud that we can deliver such a great device to the world!




eOneBook is designed based on the idea named “Contents First”, which means we put the highest priority on enjoying the one particular manga as much as possible. Immerse yourself in the story. Cherish your favorite manga for a long time. You can enjoy it not only reading but also storing on your book shelf. This new type of eBook provides you such a wonderful experience.

We are 100% sure that you will be truly amazed when you see the quality of the drawings that eOneBook produces.



Ultra-high quality of the drawings 最高品質の画像描写
Ultra-high quality of the drawings 最高品質の画像描写

→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る 


Our high-resolution screen fine-tuned for ultra-high image quality 

Manga arts are drawn with highly detailed line. It was hard to display the artistic drawings on electronic paper with the fidelity of printed books. When we tried to display them in detail, page turns took more time and really frustrated us. That's why the detailed data of drawings are sometimes omitted to display on the existing e-Readers. Our eBook device is focused on portraying the high resolution drawings. It is fine-tuned to strike a balance between ultra-high image quality and seamless page turns.




Original artwork data vs. ebook format

In addition, eOneBook version of “Fist of the North Star” is completely different from the current eBook. It has original artwork data which is about 500MB in size per volume of manga books. With specially tuned contrast, sharpness, and detailed line, eOneBook portrays the drawings created by manga artists as beautifully as those seen in printed manga. 

In order to read books on the digital devices such as e-Readers, tablets, or mobile, the document files of the book must be converted to common ebook format. These kind of formats let us to read eBook on any device you have. On the other hand, the  files are highly compressed because the industry standard ebook format is optimized for distribution. The estimated file size is about 50 MB per volume of books. We believe that causes image deterioration. These kind of formats are not suited to publish a highly illustrated work such as a manga. 

Content distribution is not required for eOneBook. That allowed us to put all our efforts to raise the image quality.

原画データ vs. 電子書籍フォーマット

また「全巻一冊 北斗の拳」は、データ自体も、既存の電子書籍のものとは違います。1冊分が500MBにもなる原画データを使用し、これを紙同等のクオリティで電子ペーパーに表示できるよう、コントラスト、シャープネス、線画の再現を細かくチューニングしました。 


「全巻一冊 北斗の拳」は、データを配信する必要がないため、絵のクオリティに徹底的にこだわることができました。

→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る


eOneBook vs. The Latest e-Reader

How much different the image quality of eOneBook from the latest e-Reader? We bet some of you are curious about that! So let’s compare them. We took pictures of two devices under the same conditions.

電子本「全巻一冊」 vs. 最新の電子書籍リーダー



1. Image quality

Let’s take a close look at Yuria’s face at below picture. We’d like you to pay attention at around her eyes. You can see the drawings and lines eOneBook displays are more detail and higher quality than the e-Reader.

1. 絵の美しさ


→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る

What is your impression of each drawings? We hope you can find that displaying the drawings with high fidelity is really important to show what the artist want to express.


Look at the image below. You can see the difference of clearness and sharpness between two statues face.


→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る


2. Readability of each text

When it comes to lightface type, you can see the obvious difference between them.

2. 文字の読みやすさ


→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る

→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る


3. Ghosting

Ghosting sometimes occurs on e-ink screen due to the characteristic of its technology. The screen sometimes leaves the "ghost” of a prior image after turning a page.

3. 残像(ゴースト)


→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る

Do you see the ghost image in the blank space on the screen of the latest e-Reader (pictured at right)? You can prevent it by changing the setting of full refresh of the e-ink on each turn. (By default the eReader will only do a full refresh of it every 3 or 4 page turns.) However, you must be frustrated about slower page turns.

eOneBook eliminated ghosting because original drawings have no ghost images. How would you feel when you see the ghost images on the character’s face like below?



→ View high resolution image 高画質データで見る

We made maximum effort on no ghosting with seamless page turns.

eOneBook is designed in order to enjoy the one particular manga. With its ultra-high image quality, let’s get immerse yourself in the Fist of the North Star.




We believe the future - all of us enjoy a lot of manga works with the world's highest image quality on our eOneBook format - will come! Thank you for your continued support. Your support will bring eOneBook to life.




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