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$610 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Mortal Tree Design
$610 pledged of $100,000 goal


Permaculture is a science of sustainable and green living we need more of the world over. But what resources do we have that channels this science into everyday life?

If you're a designer who has taken massive amounts of time and resources to learn what this science is and how to apply it, how do you find clients?

If you don't know how to design a sustainable green lifestyle, but this is your dream, where do you find the designers that can bring these dreams to life?

Very soon, you can go to Edgin.

Edgin will be a directory of permaculture designers, architects, publishers, plant nurseries and pretty much every specialist you need to make your world a greener, healthier place.

Edgin will serve people who identify with:

  • Organic Gardening for making on-site sustainability a reality
  • Preppers who want the highest grade of off-grid living 
  • Green Industry Product Developers who can work with plant system specialists to make valuable bio-resources 
  • Political Sciences to study the Mollisonian models of proper earth and people care 
  • Foodies to grow better food for a better planet 
  • Homesteaders to find all the services they need in one place 
  • Authors of Permaculture books or their
  • Publishing Companies to get information into the hands of people who will use it 
  • Architects to find clients interested in a genuinely earth-friendly indoors
  • Green Building Products so architects have all the resources they need
  • Any Group or Practice that wants to develop a sustainable permanent-culture approach to how they live.

Edgin is the directory where you get the most from your time and resources

Social media like Facebook and Instagram, and websites like Amazon or Ebay are what you might call two sided markets.

This means the service they offer is more valuable as more people use their service; the more offerings there are, the more likely you are to find the service that is right for you.

The problem comes when these markets are too large, or have too many focuses for you to sift through -or too large for other users to find you.

Edgin cuts through this noise by showing you only the information you want. It’s not your dishwasher, kitchen, and technology specialist all in one, it’s your permaculture specialist.

This means the time you spend with Edgin will be the shortest, most effective path to living your vision, whether it’s making a full time job out of your green design business, or off grid sustainable living for you and your family. They're your kind of people.

Fees are paid, so you can work your way

We've cut out adds, and want to make every improvement we can to the service we offer you. How do we keep the lights on?

We've made a carefully structured payment system that lets you fund Edgin, your personal permaculture specialist, while giving you the freedom to get your best work done.

Think of Ebay’s and Amazon’s constant pressure to keep people from sharing their emails so they get a cut of the sales? That's how they stay in business.

We at Edgin want to offer more freedom for people to communicate as they want, and move into business relationships outside of Edgin if that's what works best.

Access to Edgin is paid by annual subscriptions, so we're funded, and you've got elbow room to work.

All the information you need to make the best choice in your journey to sustainability

If serving up a list of the permaculture designers relevant to you isn't good enough, Edgin gets you the best details about each designer and companies services so you have ample information before even making the first interview.

Edgin will do this through carefully chosen questions that get the important things out front on everyone's profiles. This includes how much a designer charges for services, their portfolio of past jobs, a narrative of how the designer usually carries out a project, and whether they are the right choice for you.

All the different accounts on Edgin will be asked to provide key information like this. Clients are asked questions about their site, what their key goals are, and rough price or time frame they are looking for so designers can shop for clients that are the perfect match for their services. It’s a win win for all sides.

We've got you covered

While many directories may ask to make your exact address and contacts public in order to advertise you, Edgin keeps that information private, while getting you in front of local clients that want your services.

Say someone is in Canton, Ohio and wants to find a nearby permaculture designer: they can search Ohio, and they can search Canton. Every designer in canton and in Ohio will show up on the search.

This allows clients to get information relevant to ‘are they local?’ to best inform their choice to interview, but any more detailed information stays with you. You choose when, and to whom, you share.

Edgin: where your passions cross the line

Keep in mind this is only the beginning. Edgin has even more ideas in store for helping get your ideas across the line into your everyday living. You can be sure that when you sign on with Edgin you're on the path to a better you, a better life for those around you, and a better world for everyone.

A deeper dive into our story, and future vision

Directories are amazingly powerful tools. It's high time Permaculture got its own that is open for anyone to use and benefit from.

We are excited to begin the process of installation. Luke has reams of ideas he has been refining and condensing into processes. While we are ruthlessly pushing to get the most powerful version of Edgin installed from the very start, it is likely even more functional versions will be available in years to come.

One major development we are considering is an on-site design tool. With our experience creating designs for clients, we are well aware that a design tool specifically for permaculture is needed. We are considering either an enhancement of a simple word processor like Apple's Pages, or a customized version of an Adobe tool. This could of course be a kickstarter of its own. Edgin will be the ideal home for this tool, as it would allow designers to get work done quickly, and for multiple designers to collaborate on one master project.

Luke envisions Edgin as a tool. This is significant because he is ripping out as much social junk as possible in order to create far more powerful effects outside the website than inside.

He dislikes the matrix-like cage most social media creates -and needs in order to maintain their funds that keep them running.

Rather than a room where people interact, Luke envisions Edgin as a cache where ideas and projects are brought for enhanced development. He wants projects and design concepts to interact, giving more powerful options to the people outside. He wants Edgin to get people into positions where they can be more free, rather than more enmeshed in a system they don't like.

With such an open framework of use, we hope anyone can use Edgin for getting powerful, sustainable food and domestic systems set up -even if they aren't particularly interested in the permaculture scene. 

If these concepts are something you want to see more of in the world around you, we look forward to offering this service, and seeing what we can together create. 

We want to thank everyone for making this project a huge success!

Between obsessively exploding this campaign across the internet, and fervently smashing those funding-tier buttons, it's plain for all to see that you are committed to a better world for us all. Thank you!

Risks and challenges

We have interviewed several web developers to get an idea of this website's possible range in cost. The developers we intend to hire if this project is successfully funded, are very competent, and from our research, have handled similar projects in the past.

Even if we did deep research with them, they still only deliver a range of the project's cost, not an exact price, due to the possibility we may change our mind about some aspect of the website's function, etc.

Over the process of creating this campaign, we have worked with many different options, and reviewed how our service would function in those settings. We're quite sure of what we want.

As a result, the risk we would run out of funds to get this website running is very low.

We are prepared, if this does happen, to approach investors. Obviously we would be selective in our choice of investor to ensure our service stayed under our control.

Many web development firms push for a competitor analysis so they can tell you what your service should offer. Already in our conversation, we have made it clear that business development is our job, and that this website needs to adhere to certain core functions we have learned from experience in the field.

Barring any massive changes we make at some point of building this website, and given the enthusiasm of everyone with whom we have shared this project, we have few worries that we will be low on funds.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5

    Edge in! + backer exclusive updates

    Not ready to create an account or look for a designer? You can still help us out and have the site ready and waiting for your use! Emails will likely be weekly or biweekly. Aside from keeping you updated, these will give you more information about the service, and how we intend for everyone to use it.

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    Pledge $80 or more About $80

    Client Account

    A 1-year subscription to Edgin for clients. This allows you to set up an account, use our carefully chosen questionaire that will build you project descriptions designers, architects, or whatever specialist you're looking for can see and make happen.

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    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $120 or more About $120

    Designer Account

    A 1-year subscription to Edgin for designers. This allows any designer of green, or sustainable systems to set up an account, use our carefully chosen questionaire to get your services noticed, and used.

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    Pledge $160 or more About $160

    Company Account

    A 1-year subscription to Edgin for companies who manfacture green and sustainable resources. Whether your products are books, design tools, or resources for building green homes, Edgin is the place to get your products in the hands of committed clients.

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    Pledge $300 or more About $300

    Pioneer Access

    We'll contact you as soon as Edgin is ready, ask what account type you are interested in, and walk you through the setup process. Accounts in this category will very likely be highlighted as examples for other users when we open. How much we highlight your account will be based on your unique attributes we believe others will find helpful for their situation.

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    Limited 1 backer
    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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