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HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL: The Bill "Spaceman" Lee Movie's video poster

An indie film celebrating the story of Bill "Spaceman" Lee, a blacklisted big leaguer who found a way to keep playing the game he loves Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 25, 2011.

An indie film celebrating the story of Bill "Spaceman" Lee, a blacklisted big leaguer who found a way to keep playing the game he loves

About this project

WHO is behind this project?

The filmmaker behind the acclaimed Bill Lee documentary SPACEMAN: A Baseball Odyssey is now producing a narrative (scripted) feature film based on the same amazing story of one of the great rebel athletes and characters of all time.

WHAT in the name of Tom Yawkey are you guys doing?

We are beginning to raise money to support production of our new feature film, HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL. 

Bill Lee himself has always been a man who supported "communal efforts," so Kickstarter seemed a great way to get things rolling.

Above all, this project is a tribute to Bill Lee, as an individual that he has always remained true to what he believed in.

WHEN do you intend to make it?

We intend to shoot the film on location in Montreal next summer. 

HOW does this money help make the film possible?

This money will enable us to focus on finishing the script, attaching a talent to play Bill, create materials and travel to meetings with potential financiers and distributors. It will also allow us to hire an experienced Line Producer to start working on the nuts and bolts (budget, schedule, crew) to actually go out and shoot this story.

WHERE does my hard earned money actually go?

Every penny will go directly towards the pre-production line item of the HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL movie budget. Your money goes directly to the funding of this film.

I'm a private kind of person. Is my pledge publicly displayed?

No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount.

A message from the filmmaker:

Thanks for stopping by our page. In the years since making the documentary about Bill, I always felt there was another project that would eventually come out of our friendship, his inspiring story, and unique voice. The Spaceman is one of the most honest, passionate, and in-the-moment people I know, and is always just so much fun to be around.

I felt that there was a narrative feature to be explored when I saw his book "Have Glove, Will Travel" for sale at a map store in Seattle. If the story of an athlete's bizarre career had that sort of crossover appeal as a travel book, maybe there was a movie there too. When he became the oldest player to win a professional game last year at age 63, breaking Satchel Paige's all-time record, that sealed the deal.

This is the sort of project that has become increasingly difficult to get made in the current Hollywood studio system of largely remakes and sequels. We have something very special in the works here and invite you to join our team at this early stage.  Your support will make all the difference!

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    JOIN US: Thank you email from Bill "Spaceman" Lee.

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    Limited edition SPACEMAN button.

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    Limited edition HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL t-shirt.

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    DVD of the definitive documentary - SPACEMAN: A BASEBALL ODYSSEY (as seen on MLB Network) - which follows Bill "Spaceman" Lee barnstorming through modern day Cuba, and on his triumphant return to Fenway Park.

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    Autographed hardcover edition of HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL - a collection of stories from the Spaceman’s vagabond baseball adventures around the globe.

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    All of the above, plus email link to video “thank you” from the Spaceman (may contain explicit material).

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    Personally autographed maple baseball bat, courtesy of the Spaceman's very own bat company. After harvesting only the finest native Vermont wood, Bill and his partners mill these hand-selected pieces with a 150+ year old Lane saw. Currently the world’s best bat. Straight from Craftsbury, no chaser.

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    All of the above (can't get this deal at WalMart).

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    Attend a Red Sox home game at Fenway Park as a member of Bill Lee's entourage.

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    Join Mitch Melnick, longtime Friend of the Spaceman, to co-host "Melnick in the Afternoon" on Team 990.

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    Exclusive invitation to first annual SPACE CAMP with Bill Lee in Vermont. Part fantasy baseball camp, part philosophic journey, this is an exclusive weekend of baseball, BBQs, beer, swimming, and Yankee hunting with the one and only SPACEMAN. Be sure to bring your “A” game. We provide all the baseball, drinks, meals and lodging, you get yourself up to Craftsbury, VT.

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    Exclusive invitation to SPACE CAMP, PLUS a walk on role in the HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL movie, including acknowledgment in the end credits.

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