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Dearest Backers,

Just a quick shout out to say that "Josephine and the Roach" will be playing at Slamdance this Friday January 18th at 12:30pm and next Monday January 21st at 2:00pm. Please let me know if you're in Park City, and I should be able to get a ticket for you!

It's been a really exciting time... since getting into Slamdance, I've been getting emails from festivals in Dubai, the UK, and Madeira... and we've started to get offers for distribution. Fun stuff!

Soon we'll be screening at San Francisco IndieFest and Lewiston Auburn Film Festival in Maine.

I also want to plug my friend Sam Hale's Kickstarter campaign for an incredible puppet short film called "Monster of the Sky." Sam is greatly talented and a really really nice guy-- he was instrumental in getting "Josephine and the Roach" into Jim Henson's Puppets on Film Festival (before he even knew me!).

All the best,


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      Creator Peter on January 16, 2013

      congrats dude! seriously awesome

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