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a film about how our inherent social nature drives cultural change with some of the people who drive it. Tweet us @GenSoc

a film about how our inherent social nature drives cultural change with some of the people who drive it. Tweet us @GenSoc Read More
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About this project


We're a group of indie filmmakers with a passion for culture and social media. With your help we hope to complete this film and others telling the stories about our increasingly digital culture. This is the beginning. 

Our team consists of:

Producers: Lindsay Bailey and Kemp Edmonds

Director/Writer: Andrew Lavigne

Editor(s): Megan Bodaly...

Trailer Music by Proud Musical Supporter: Bear Mountain


Generation Social is a film about how our inherent social nature drives cultural change and some of the people who drive that change. From culture to social networks to education to business, everything is in flux. By profiling those at the forefront of this movement, we will explore these very different fields, giving the viewer a perspective of the broadly diverse community that makes up the social internet. We hope, with your support, to continue telling the stories of our changing world. 

This journey will take us from Emily Carr University's new Social + Interactive Media Centre to SXSWi one of the biggest interactive conferences in the world with startup HootSuite and finally into the home office of a Dot Com Millionaire to explore the secrets to his success. One thing rings true throughout these stories: this new medium is about people the people that matter to them. That's you!

Director Andrew Lavigne's last film With Glowing Hearts told the stories of social media, social change and social justice in and around the 2010 Winter Olympic Games The idea for Generation Social began as director Andrew Lavigne toured his last film, "With Glowing Hearts...the #van 2010 Social Media Story". Possibly the only film title to date with a hashtag in it ;^)

He kept getting asked if he was going to go to the London Olympics to continue the Social Media story and its impact on our lives.  The more he thought about it the more he realized there was a bigger story to tell right in his own backyard.

Something is happening around the world. Technology is revolutionizing the way people do everything. This film captures that evolution.

The social generation is figuring out how to build and use social media tools to impact and create a new world. Social media has become big business but it's an even bigger story as shown by the recent Facebook IPO. This is the new frontier and it's time to introduce those that are leading it. This is today's change-makers in action. Climb aboard the HootBus at SXSW and follow HootSuite on their meteoric rise. Make some cold hard ca$h blogging w/ a DotCom Mogul and connect with university students as they build social media tools that continue to transform the world we live in.


We believe in the mission of Kickstarter is the democratization of production. Our team ran a campaign similar to this with our last film. The result was a beautiful production backed by community supporters like you. We had a screening and a wrap party. We distributed copies of the film and had all of our community producers featured in a world cloud. The film appeared on television and included all of our supporters and their spirit. With Generation Social we wanted to take that same model and see what we could accomplish with a bigger stage. This is our big moment!

Together with community supporters like you we are excited to let you know about the film's progress.  We have almost completed principal photography and have already began editing. Our three stories are taking shape and we are excited to share a few sneak peeks very soon! Our post-production crew has giving us a very generous deal to date but we do require a bit more funds to deliver our film for our broadcast date in August! This is were you come in.  Your generosity will help get us there and for your help we have a number of sweet incentives for you.

The majority of the funds raised through your support will be used to pay our editors who we owe greatly for taking a significant pay cut and being an integral part of our project. At this discounted rate they will be working for virtual slave wages. Bless their hearts! We will use most of the rest of the funds to pay the audio post-production team, the musical artists featured and the mastering. We will also be to paying for the film to be closed captioned to increase accessibility.

Other expenses include the lovely rewards we have planned for you. We have a number of other expenses including errors and omissions insurance, tape stock and more. We want to ask the Kickstarter community to help us pay others for their expertise and assist us in taking care of the most important people in our production: those who make it happen. Be a part of the future be a part of the democratization of production and kick-in to support our project, pretty please.

Without your help we will be chased through the streets by hungry editors, hunted down by musicians and sound editors and our addiction to storytelling will consume us. We want to tell stories that you want to consume, share and be a part of. Help us make our collective vision to democratize everything a reality. Thanks to Kickstarter, the company, but more importantly, Kickstarter the community: without those of us who participate we are powerless.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


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