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The creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering have joined forces to create a revolutionary digital trading card game.
The creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering have joined forces to create a revolutionary digital trading card game.
6,971 backers pledged $429,715 to help bring this project to life.

Rise of the Forgeborn & Patch 2.0 Now Available!


Hello SolForge fans! We are excited to announce that we just released a major update that not only includes the first big new card set – called “Rise of the Forgeborn” – but also a number of additional exciting features. Let’s jump right in to the details, shall we?

The latest patch includes the release of the Rise of the Forgeborn expansion, featuring 100 all-new cards for you to collect and play with. The biggest new features of the set are the Forgeborn themselves and the Allied mechanic.

The Forgeborn are larger-than-life allies who, much like you as a player, can draw upon the magic of the SolForge itself to wield incredible power. As a result, the Forgeborn are the first cards in the game that can reach Level 4, and when they do so, they have some pretty amazing abilities. Head over and check out some of the Forgeborn previews we posted leading up to the release!

The Allied mechanic offers rewards for players who choose to use specific faction combinations in their decks. Not all of the factions in the world of SolForge get along very well. The Nekrium and Uterra are constantly at each other’s throats, and the Alloyin and Temyps have very different ways of looking at the world that lead to them. But in the regions at the territorial borders of the other factions, alliances have been made, and the inhabitants have learned to harness powers beyond those of their homeland.

In addition to these new mechanics, these are tons of cool new cards for you to experiment with in constructed and draft alike! Be sure to hop on SolForge and check them out today!

We got a lot of feedback from players soon after our initial release that they wanted some kind of use for the copies of a card they collected past the three they could use in decks. As a result, the new release includes our Card Forging system, which allows you to sell excess copies of cards for silver. You can also use Silver to directly purchase cards you want, which should make it easier to fill out your decks with what you’re looking for.

You can access the Card Forging menu in the deck builder screen by opening the large card view of any card in your collection. You can also use the new Advanced Search Options to find cards you don’t own, so you can access the Forging menu to buy them with Silver.

We are also making a lot of changes to our store. Our goals are to make the store less confusing, and to make the collection experience more affordable and accessible for players.

Booster Pack
Price: 5,000 Silver or 200 Gold
Replaces: Basic Pack
Description: Contains 6 cards including at least one Rare card, with a chance to open a Heroic or Legendary card.

Rise of the Forgeborn Pack
Price: 560 Gold
Normal Pack
Description: Contains 8 cards from the Rise of the Forgeborn set, including at least 1 Heroic card and a chance at opening a Legendary card.

Legendary Chest
Price: 2,500 Gold
Replaces: Premium Pack
Description: Identical to current Premium Pack, but renamed, re-skinned, and cheaper!

As you can see, we’ve removed the old Basic Pack. Originally, our goal with the Basic Pack was to provide players with a cheap pack so they could experience the fun of opening packs regularly. The feedback we received from many players, however, was getting so many Basic Packs made them feel like they had very low value, and the actual pack opening experience was more of a chore than it was exciting.

As a result of this feedback, we replaced the old Basic Pack with a new Booster Pack with twice as many cards and a much higher chance of receiving Heroic and Legendary cards. This pack can contain any of the cards we have released so far, including Rise of the Forgeborn content. We’ve also increased the amount of Silver players will earn on average per day, so if you’re completing all of your daily rewards, you should be able to afford to purchase at least one of the new Booster Packs each day.

For players who are only looking to get their hands on the new cards, we are adding a new pack to the store that is Rise of the Forgeborn only. This pack has the same cost and rarity breakdown as our old Normal pack.

We have also reworked the old Premium pack. We’ve reduced the price to make it a better deal, and also changed the name and graphics to avoid confusion and make it stand out more from the other packs on the store. Now it is called the Legendary Chest. This chest contains not only a guaranteed legendary card (and possibly more than one) but also guaranteed heroics and more – providing the best value for collectors!

In addition, every player will be able to purchase one Legendary Chest for only 200 gold! This chest is just like any other Legendary Chest, except you will only be able to purchase it once. Now is your chance to grab a legendary for a fraction of the normal price.

In addition to all kinds of cool cards and exciting changes to the game itself, the Rise of the Forgeborn update includes the images of many of our backers who earned the right to appear on a card in a SolForge set! Check out some of them below!

As always, thank you all so much for your support in making SolForge a reality. It’s been a crazy ride getting to this point, and while we’ve come so far, we still have a ways to go before we’ve given you the full experience we committed to when you backed this campaign. But, thanks to you all, we’re going to get there, and so far we’ve had a lot of fun with the journey. We hope you have too. Have fun with Rise of the Forgeborn!

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    1. John Skotnik on March 26, 2014

      As Ber pointed out - there needs to be a Mute option for the iOS application

    2. Stephen Farquhar
      on March 24, 2014

      I honestly couldn't care less anymore. 18 months after funding this there is still no Android support.

    3. Ber on March 24, 2014

      New version is awesome :)

      Lack of option to kill the music is not though. COME ON guys its been forever, it can't be that hard, just add the option already.

      I basically won't play on my phone because of the lack of this option. Why? Well, my phone is first and foremost a PHONE, and I need to hear incoming calls so the ringer volume is on max, and not muted. If I open Solforge like that, a distorted mess of sound blares out of the speaker.

      Make an options page, put a volume slider for each of music and sound effects. Just do it!

    4. Chris Schreiber on March 24, 2014

      I'd stop and talk about how pleased I am with how things have evolved and developed, but I'm too busy playing Solforge. Thanks.

    5. Greek Winter Media on March 24, 2014

      The update made my Android beta go from totally playable to an unplayable mess. (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10") Slow loading, crashes, etc...

    6. James Curtis on March 24, 2014

      Hi, really looking forward to playing this. How is the android version coming along?

    7. Pearse Frazier on March 24, 2014

      When will the promised Mac version be available? The iOS version now crashes too much to be playable.