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SolForge v3.1.2 Brings Deck Slots, "Next Game" Button & More!

Posted by Stone Blade Entertainment (Creator)

It’s been about a month since our open beta release of SolForge. Things started off a little rocky as our servers felt the strain of a huge new wave of players, but we managed to get things under control and running smoothly. Thanks to your help, we’ve identified and fixed a wide range of bugs and taken SolForge from a creaky early beta release to a much more stable and functional game.

We’re not done making improvements yet, though – far from it. We just released an update for both PC and iPad that both adds a number of features and fixes a number of problems with specific cards, and we have much more planned over the rest of this year and the next.  

Since our initial beta release, some players have raised concerns about the system used for timed games. We recognize that it can be frustrating to be in a winning position in a game only for your opponent to stop taking actions entirely and leave you to wait as their timer runs out. We are exploring other potential timing systems that may be more effective than our current system and encourage your feedback. In the meantime, we have implemented several changes to improve your experience in timed games.

The first of these changes is simply reducing the game clock to 20 minutes per player. Initially we wanted to be generous with the allotted time to ensure that newer players did not feel rushed to make their plays, but we have found that our original timer was simply too long, especially when a player leaves the game and does not return.

The second and more exciting change is the addition of the “Next Game” button. The Next Game button appears on your screen any time you are in a game and it is also your turn in another game with an online opponent. The Next Game button should allow players to easily switch between multiple games at once, making the experience of an opponent leaving the game without conceding much less frustrating, since you can simply play a different game without worrying that they’ll come back and start running down your clock.

The update adds several new items to in-game store. We have brought back the preconstructed Faction decks that were originally available as part of our Kickstarter campaign. We wanted to provide a way for players to more readily acquire cards for specific decks they want to build, as well as an option for players who like a particular faction and want a way to jump start their collection. There is one deck for each faction, and each of the decks contains 30 cards, including at least two Legendary cards. They are available in the store for 3600 Gold. Note that kickstarter backers already have these decks.

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to purchase additional saved deck slots. As part of the update, we have automatically given every account sufficient saved deck slots for all of their existing starter decks and faction preconstructed decks, as well as any constructed decks they have built. As a result, everyone should see an increase in their total saved deck slots available. If you want to purchase additional deck slots, they are available for 280 Gold or 25000 Silver. Any purchased Faction deck also comes with an additional deck slot to allow you to customize the deck however you wish.

The new update changes the way in which Daily Rewards reset. Rather than resetting at a different time each day based on when you completed them the previous day, now all of your daily rewards will reset every day at midnight Pacific time. We made this change to make it easier for players to predict when they will be able to get their rewards.

The new update also implements a number of fixes for cards that were previously either working incorrectly or had inaccurate game text. For more information on the specific cards and other changes, please view the patch notes article on

In addition to this minor update, we have much more content coming in the next few months. This includes tournament play, including both constructed events and drafts. We’re also testing our matchmaking system to ensure that players are paired on a level playing field, since new players with starter decks running into experienced veterans practicing for tournaments isn’t what either of them is looking for. This should go live within a few weeks.

Beyond these, we still have plans for even more features, including the auction house, iPhone and Android support, the campaign mode, and more. We’ve only begun to explore the SolForge world!

It’s been an amazing experience watching SolForge grow from just an idea into what it has become today. We would not have been able to do it without you, and we can’t thank you enough for your support.


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    1. Rhonda "Wren" Bender

      Should currently owned faction decks not also come with an extra deck slot each? I have the four faction starters, the two combo faction starters and three custom decks, and no free deck slots. Shouldn't I have at least one more? My husband went crazy goofing around with decks so has tons of slots and can easily delete a deck or two to experiment more, but I was focused on just three so that's all the slots I was given, even though I have four faction decks.

    2. Brett Delgado on

      I really hope iPhone support is added soon. I am often on the go, so I would play much more often that way. Good game so far. Can't wait for matchmaking and drafts. :)

    3. Laszlo Stadler on

      please make a non-steam PC version. preferably a portable version (that you don't need to install)

    4. Chet King on

      In regards to the "Daily Rewards reset"; I am, in the words of Phil Robertson, "Happy, Happy, Happy!"

    5. Dave Anderson on

      I hate starting multiple games because if I'm not watching, I don't get to see the moves my opponents have made. So I can not tell if they have played a card to level up that simply trades with one of my creatures. What creature was it? What creature did I lose if I can't remember which game it was? Did they play a spell? Creature? Was it an ability that caused the death of my guys or what? Very frustrating. When I return to a game, it should replay the last move, much like ascension.

      Keep people in game by offering small rewards to the non-winning player, but only if they actually lose. Conceding should give you nothing. People not gaining the upper hand in the first three moves or realizing they are losing 36% into a game and conceding is at EPIDEMIC levels and makes me not want to play this game. Thank you for your time, I am not one to make recommendations about games I play until I have put in my hours and develop informed opinions (in my opinion).


    6. Brett Hertzberger on

      I just want it to not crash on my iPad. Which it does.Repeatedly

    7. Burn Pelton on

      The original starter decks were in the beta, right? I don't have access to them. The only legendary's i have were from opening packs with silver. I have no Echowisps nor Grimgaunts. Am I missing something? Did I have to put in a code or whatnot to link my Steam account as a KS "Special Reward Tier" $40 backer?

    8. Ber on

      @Jeffrey Dean: Sorry yeah I'm probably stirring a bit. But there IS a good reason to move on from Windows XP and we can see it right here: software doesn't 'just work' on an OS as old as Windows XP. It takes substantial extra effort from developers all over the world to keep each and every new piece of software compatible with it. And there is all sorts of new tricks in Windows 7+ for programs to use (to be faster, prettier, smaller, etc) that programs simply can't use until they drop XP support. Simply put, as long as XP is still around, its holding the world of Windows software back.

    9. Greek Winter Media on

      @Ryan, thank you very much :) It's been reported by a few other XP users on the Steam forums as well, all with the same issues as my rig. Game starts and immediately quite with no errors. Thanks for looking into the problem!

    10. Greek Winter Media on

      I "shouldn't be using it anymore"? Why? Because you say so? It works perfectly fine and does everything I need it to. It runs 99.99% of new games and every other bit of software I need. I'm not spending money and a butt-load of time re-installing all my programs just because I "shouldn't be using it anymore" for some nebulous reason. And Im FAR from the only one that things this way. Upgrading at this time is unnecessary. Devs said this game would support XP like the vast majority of other games. Hopefully they fix whatever broke the application promptly.

    11. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Ryan: There was a bug impacting the ability to see the faction decks in the game selection menu, though the cards were still in your collection. If that is not the case, our support staff should be able to help you remedy the situation.

      Erik: We are targeting an Android beta launch at the end of this year.

      Jeffrey: We are investigating issues with Windows XP now.

    12. Ryan on

      It is fantastic to see that now the faction decks are able to be purchased. Especially in light of the fact that I kickstarted the game and the two factions I received as part of my pledge are gone from my inventory and customer service simply told me they are "aware of the issue."


      It is pretty garbage that I still don't have the decks yet money will happily be taken for them now irregardless of whether they were a KS backer.

    13. Ber on

      @Jeffrey yeah I know, my surprise is somewhat feigned :/ But they shouldn't be using it anymore! It's downright ancient, and Windows 7 is a superior, rock-solid new Windows version. Keep up guys!

    14. Greek Winter Media on

      Plenty of people use it Ber. It's an excellent OS. Last I checked according to Steam stats more people are using XP than Vista right now.

    15. Ber on

      Windows XP wtf? As if anyone still uses that! But I am sure Solforge will fix it for you soon :)

    16. Ber on

      Thanks for adding the deck slot purchases! I'd run out of desirable things to buy with my silver, but extra deck slots are just the thing :) Right now I want extra slots badly, and even once I've bought an extra 4 or so, they'll still be a decent way to spend excess silver.

    17. Missing avatar

      Erik Peterson on

      Do we have an estimate on when the android client will be finished? I have a tablet that I'm dying to play this with.

    18. Greek Winter Media on

      Update broke the game on Windows XP machines. Confirmed on the Steam forums with many other XP users. Please fix. Game will not even run. Shuts down immediately with no error, no message, no nothing.

    19. Sean Hull on

      Can't wait for Android support so I can take Solforge on the road with me!