SolForge Digital Trading Card Game

by Stone Blade Entertainment

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt C on

      Awesome! Were the kickstarter promo cards included in the collection? There are so many new awesome cards I wasn't sure if they were buried in there somewhere. Yeah! Exciting day.

    2. BlueSapphyre on

      Keeps crashing, totally unplayable.. Using ipad2.

    3. Bombad General

      You keep saying iOS. Does this mean there is the iPhone version out now as well?

    4. Issun on

      When will the iPhone version be available? With no iPad or Windows PC, this means I can't play this at all yet...

    5. NinjaDebugger on

      Are the gold bonuses various tiers got not live yet?

    6. Issun on

      I am hoping iPhone is not too far behind, this is why I backed the project, but I have not been able to play it at all - it is disappointing to see it go live on PC before we even get a Beta on iPhone. The game is looking great, but we backed it so we could play it first!

    7. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      On the pc version now. It's moving slowly, but it's moving. I imagine some of it is trying to connect to the servers for all the kickstarter goodies, and everyone connecting at once.

    8. Rob Pitt on

      No news of the android version at all. Tough place to be with a mac and android phone. Lose lose.

    9. Ben Abruzzi on

      I am with everyone else that can't play hopefully soon

    10. Missing avatar

      Tobin on

      It's a little weird that, as a backer with a Mac and an iPhone, I didn't get to play in the beta before the game went live. I hope development is focused on the remaining platforms, since that's obviously a lot more important to me than extra play modes.

    11. Michael Caldwell

      There was no mention of the promo cards, avatars or the gold/credit rewards. Also, I have only 20 booster packs when there should be five. Only bringing it up because it has not been discussed. Also, can we get clarification on the starter decks? I'm a tad confused, though I may have simply missed the explanation. How many cards are in a starter deck? Did backers get ALL the starter decks, in addition to whatever the two "free" ones are? I have several cards in my inventory across all the factions, about 18 of them or so each.

    12. Gomisan on

      I think we've overloaded the store.

      Can we get clarification that as backers, everything we've bought and used so far is still in our collection? How do we see our store credit? Is that the 'gold'? Because mine is saying I have 0 gold and silver .

    13. Alex von der Linden

      @Rob Pitt

      "We still have many more exciting features coming in future updates, including tournaments, drafting, campaign mode, iphone support, android support, and more!" <---- News

    14. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      iPhone is on the way soon (and android support is coming later). We are working now to deal with server issues, new account creation, and making sure everyone is credited with the proper items.

      Kickstarter backer specials like exclusive avatars, animated cards, and exclusive cards will come in future updates.

    15. Steven on

      I have the same issue as Jesse James Haulk, game keeps crashing on iPad 2 (never had an issue with beta client). Also when will we get our store credit?

    16. Lee Sweeney on

      As a backer how do I get my PC version and link my account to KS.

    17. Johnathan Tan on

      My alloyin and nekrium starter decks no longer show up in deck builder after the update.
      Also, I can only select random deck in 'Create Game'.
      Is it due to server issues?

    18. HappyWulf

      DDoS of love! <3 How can I add my Store Credit (that shows up on the web site in my Account) from KS to my account in the game? How can I find my Skins from KS on my account?

    19. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      We are aware of issues with the faction starter decks, new starter decks, granting account credits, and server performance. We are working to get these fixed asap.

    20. Steven on

      Also, just curious if anyone can answer..... Do our decks save to their server (can I access created decks from PC and iPad)? Or do I have to create separate decks on separate devices?

    21. Aaron Moe on

      Site seems like it's down so I thought I'd leave this here. I'm not sure if this falls under "issues with the faction starter decks".
      It seems like the four free starter decks for backers over $25 includes the two that were already a backer reward. So I backed and selected Alloyin and Nekrium as my backer decks, then purchased Tempys and Uterra. Now that the beta is live, I have the four free starter decks, one of each faction, plus the extra Tempys and Uterra decks that I purchased.
      This is somewhat troublesome to me. The reason I selected Alloyin and Nekrium as my free decks initially is because those were the factions I was most interested in playing. But instead I ended up with extra legendaries (gift horse, I realize) in factions that I have little interest in pursuing seriously.
      Do you SB guys have any plans to address this? Or should I just be thankful for the free cards and maybe try to trade them out later on when that becomes a possibility?

    22. kc2dpt on

      I pledged $5 to be part of the beta test for a game being developed for iOS. My only iOS device is an iPod Touch. There was never any indication given that "iOS" meant "iPad only". In fact, given that they mentioned Ascension, a game I play on my iPod Touch, I had every reason to believe I'd be able to be a part of the beta for SolForge. Now the game is live and now it is clear I was not given what I was promised. I was misled out of my $5.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt Foster on

      @Steven Pretty sure decks save online, since I can't seem to save the deck I made due to server being down.

    24. Steven on

      @Matt, they synced finally. So yeah, they do save online.

    25. Laszlo Stadler on

      Will there be a non-Steam version available? I would really appreciate a version that I don't even have to install (portable)

    26. Missing avatar

      Michel Baumann on

      So, can I just go ahead and open my boosters, or can I save them for sealed- tournaments? Speaking of which, when will there be tournaments?

    27. Christopher Brooks on

      How are you linking the kickstarter contributor's account with their solforge account? By email address?

    28. rikki payne on

      Am I the only person that does not seem to have received the store credit yet?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nolan Burger on

      How will the store credit work?

    30. Tze Min Lim on

      I also have not received my store credit.

    31. Matthew Semmens on

      I thought the same thing, the store credit appears are a payment option when you go to pay for your purchase.

    32. Tze Min Lim on

      Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing. I'm not seeing it as a payment option either actually. It sends me straight to Steam to pay.

    33. Matthew Semmens on

      That was on the website to buy gold.

    34. rikki payne on

      Yea, when I go to buy gold it also takes me the the generic apple store payment process... Bit strange? I would be keen to start buying more boosters/ starter decks once I get my store credit

    35. Missing avatar

      David Gilliam on

      My t-shirt arrived yesterday. I'm enjoying the game, but I also haven't gotten my store credit yet. I'm happy to wait a bit longer though since I know the Stone Blade guys are busy at GenCon.

    36. Missing avatar

      David Gilliam on

      Just a follow-up: It turns out I did have my store credit, it shows up in the web site store and not in-game. So if anyone else is "missing" their credit, log into the web site and you should see it there. I found this link very helpful:

    37. Missing avatar

      Chad Miller on

      I lost all my starter decks with the latest patch. Can anyone help with this?