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Online Play, Card Updates & Flavor Text Contest

Posted by Stone Blade Entertainment (Creator)

Hello SolForge fans! Many exciting things are afoot these days, and we want to keep you up to date on what’s going on with the game.

As many of you are no doubt already aware, we pushed live an update to the PC client this week enabling online play. You can now play against either random opponents online or challenge other users on your friend’s list. To play online, use the create game option as normal, and then select either “Random Online Opponent” or “Online Friend” where you would previously select a computer AI difficulty level or Local Friend.

You can search for your friends using their username once you select the option to challenge an Online Friend. Currently, all opponents you face using the Random Online Opponent features are also added to your friend’s list to facilitate rematches.

We’ve had a huge spike in player activity since online play went live, and we’ve had a number of players streaming their games live on Jump online to test your skills against fans around the world and join in the fun!

And if you have friends who want to get in on the action, let them know that the Steam Early Access deal is still available, including access to the beta and 20 packs to start off their collection for just $19.99.

In addition to enabling online play, the recent update brought changes to many of the currently available cards. For a full breakdown of the changes, see the patch notes here. You can also find an explanation of the thought process behind the changes here.

Neither these changes or online play are currently available on iOS. Due to the app store submission process, we are going to release these changes with our big update coming next month that introduces a huge number of additional features. We understand that our iOS fans have felt a little left out with all the cool new stuff PC has gotten, but fear not – you’ll have tons of new stuff to play with very soon!

Want to put your own creative touch on the SolForge world? How about writing flavor text for some of your favorite cards! We’re in the process of fleshing out the first set with a bit more personality, and we figured there are tons of creative fans out there who might like to help! From now until next Thursday, July 25th, we will be accepting flavor text submissions for any of the cards we have released so far. Flavor text is the descriptive text that helps tell the story of a card - like our Death Seeking friend here.

Anyone whose text is chosen to be used on a card will get their name as part of the creative team in the credits of the game, and one winner will be chosen to have their likeness portrayed on an upcoming card!

To enter, head to our forums or this post on our Facebook page. Leave a message with both the name of the card and the flavor text you'd like to see on it for a chance to win!

With deck building and online play live, SolForge is really starting to feel like the game we imagined back when we started this whole thing over a year ago. But we’re not done yet! In the coming month, we plan to introduce the complete first set of nearly 200 cards, tournament play, booster packs, and more! Things are really beginning to take shape, and we’re incredibly excited to be able to share it all with you. Thank you so much for your support that made all of this possible, and we hope you’re as excited about SolForge becoming a reality as we are!


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    1. Jesse Grant

      How do I get access to this? I pledged at the $25 dollar level. I haven't recieved any emails or anything explaining how to get to play.

    2. Max Margolis on

      I need to know why I'm getting blurry graphics on my Windows 7 laptop?

    3. Ber on

      Thanks for the update, sounds like you're on track.
      However, I read in one of the linked articles how you will be intentionally making some cards better and some worse, and how you'll be using the traditional booster pack system and I suddenly realized this game probably isn't going to be for me. This is because I've been playing an LCG (Android Netrunner) for a while now since backing this, and I've fallen in love with the LCG model: fixed card distribution, no rare cards, low ceiling price on having a complete set of cards, and freedom the LCG model gives to try to make every card strong in its own way.
      Compared to that, I suddenly find the inherent pay-to-win in the CCG model totally unpalatable.
      Best of luck though, I think Solforge is going to great at what it does, and will find plenty of fans.

    4. Greek Winter Media on

      Cool sounding updates. Still waiting for Android though :(

    5. Daniel Soh on

      I've been wondering if thered be an iphone version

    6. TheChosenOne on

      seconds that is.

    7. TheChosenOne on

      A 10-30-60-infinite timer you can choose for making turns and the need to do at least 1 turn every X days before the game is automaticly lost.

    8. Anthony Parent on

      I agree with Raphael, I had an opponent leave a game that he had clearly lost 2 days again, and I very much doubt he will ever return to finish it.

      If the game is meant to be able to be dropped & picked back up, and have games take days to play, then there should at least be a notification if the opponent has left, so I don't sit there like an idiot and wait for 20 minutes.

      Just some feedback, I am sure it will all be worked out soon enough.

    9. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Animedingo: You can submit flavor text on Facebook or in our forums - both are linked in the post. You can suggest different flavor for different levels of a card if you so choose. Once boosters are added, players will no longer have access to the full sets of cards we temporarily implemented to test the deck builder, but you will have any faction starters you purchased or received as a result of your KS backer level, as well as your boosters.

      Jamie: Android support is still targeted at late this year.

      Raphael: We plan on implementing a timer in a future update. We currently plan on having a chess clock style timer to allow players to participate in multiple games at once without forcing their opponents to wait unreasonably long for their turns.

    10. Raphael on

      It's great to have online play now. However, they fun of online play got seriously hindered by my first two opponents. They seem to just have left the game midway. Or they are thinking for over 15 minutes what card to play? Hard to say.
      You really need to add a timer, so this sort of stuff can't happen. It's pretty annoying to wait just to realize the opponent is gone.
      You should not be able to go to the main menu without conceding beforehand.
      As to the timer, I suggest a per-turn timer, I think this would suit this gamestyle very well. Just to keep stuff going on. Maybe allocate a certain amount of pause time per game per player, which he can use at will to prolong a turn.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jamie Buckley on

      Will we be getting Android support anytime soon?

    12. Animedingo on

      Hey, great update, really excited about the flavor text submissions, but I have 3 question;

      1. Whats the best way to submit flavor text? Comment on here or a personal message? or in the forums?
      2. Do creatures of varying levels have the same flavor text, as in, would a level 1 chrogias have the same flavor text as a level 3?
      3. When more cards and boosters are added, will we lose all the cards we started with, and have to start a collection with the packs we get, or will we have all the starting cards, + the booster packs?