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The creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering have joined forces to create a revolutionary digital trading card game.
The creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering have joined forces to create a revolutionary digital trading card game.
6,971 backers pledged $429,715 to help bring this project to life.

The PC Beta Is Here!

As I write this, we have started sending out emails to all of you containing information about downloading and installing the SolForge PC Beta client. We’re thrilled to have gotten to the point that we can get SolForge into all of your hands. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

SolForge for PC will be distributed on Steam, which means you’ll need to create a Steam account to download the Beta if you don’t have one already. Full instructions for the process are included in the email sent to the address associated with your Kickstarter account. If you have not received your Beta email by the end of day tomorrow, please contact us and we’ll remedy the situation right away.

The current PC Beta build of SolForge includes two preconstructed decks and the ability to play against a local friend or AI opponent with multiple levels of difficulty. Additional features will be added regularly, with the next major milestones including deck selection, online play, and deck customization, to name a few. Every step gets us closer to the full game of SolForge that has been our dream to make for so long.

We look forward to your feedback! It is because of you that we were able to make SolForge a reality, and we want to you to have a hand in making it as good as it can be. Head over to our forums at and let us know what you think! Thank you for supporting SolForge, and we hope you enjoy this first release on PC!


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    1. James Auwaerter on

      My copy worked for a couple days. Now I get stuck on the loading screen once I choose 1 Player or 2 Player mode. It doesn't surprise me too much - Steam and my computer don't mix well at all.

    2. Frank Talbot on

      I'm also really enjoying it too. Great start for the beta, I can't wait to have access to more cards. Good work guys!

    3. Tom Clarke on

      Really enjoying the beta. Very limited, and several minor UI features need fixin', but it's good fun. Played it against my fiancee a couple of times already and got slaughtered, (Damn you Chirogias!) so it's definitely a game you can grab and play with minimal teaching time.

    4. Missing avatar

      Damir on

      Apparently W XP is currently not compatible with the PC beta. That's why people who got XP experience infinite loading screen. Including me :(

    5. Matthew Lam on

      @Duncan - Try the "Contact me" link by the Stone Blade logo on the right column of the page.

    6. Duncan on

      Who do we contact about not receiving the email yet?

    7. Lena LeRay on

      I know you guys haven't promised a Mac version, but do you have any idea of the feasibility of a Mac port and/or an ETA of when such a critter might be born?

    8. Lena LeRay on

      There are plenty of games which are available both on and off Steam, including some free-to-play games. Realm of the Mad God is one such. It's available as a browser game as well as on Steam. As someone already mentioned, there are benefits to having the beta on Steam for purposes of rolling out updates consistently. Later on, having the final version on Steam will make it easier for others to discover the game and join the party. Honestly, since they're publishing the game on so many platforms, I find it unlikely that Steam will be their only distribution platform for PC and/or Mac.

    9. Matthew Lam on

      People are free to not like Steam, that's their choice. But no where on the KS page did it say anything about the game being DRM-free. If that was such a big issue to you, it probably would have been a good idea to ask before making your pledge. It's okay to express your opinion, but please don't claim that SBE was being "dishonest", because that will just get people up in arms.

      As some others said, this is just the beta. There's been no final word I've seen that says the final release will be Steam-only. Probably best to go post about it in the official forums. "Please offer a non-Steam option" will probably get you farther than "SBE stop forcing bloatware on us when we didn't ask for it".

    10. Jean-Philippe Theriault on

      If you don't like what Kickstarter is, well, the solution is to not give donations on Kickstarter in the future and chalk it up as lesson learned.

    11. Jean-Philippe Theriault on

      Anthony Gambatese and whoever else is still confused about what Kickstarter is: Kickstarter is not a store. It's a donations site. In exchange for a pledge, you are given some gifts. That gift is a PC beta access key. You have received it, in your email. So you have nothing to complain about. If you're not going to use Steam to take advantage of your free gift, and wish instead to only have given money out of your desire to help out independant developers like Stoneblade Entertainment make games, that's great. But SBE has already delivered their part of the bargain.

    12. Jonathan Nation on

      I am glad it's out - played it way too much already.

      Looking forward to the PC improving & the Android int the future.

    13. TheChosenOne on

      Alright I'll bite... :)
      Yes saying that other people are using bloatware isn't insulting at all. Its a compliment! How silly of me.
      I never said you should use Steam or are forced too. Feel free not too.
      And wether it works at all or only half, it is still a beta so thats to be expected. Can't even be complaint since that would be silly. Like you expect it to work 100% out of the box.
      And perhaps I overlooked it but I didn't see a post like yours on the forum.
      I said you were fun. Nothing insulting about that. Don't say others are insulting cause THAT is insulting.
      Calling people though guys and saying they insult is ofcourse a compliment aswell?
      I've reported thousands of people over the years for insulting, swearing, spamming etc so I contribute my share of contributing to a nice online community (everywhere).
      Have a nice day. :)
      (thats also a way to end a post)

    14. Greek Winter Media on

      @ChosenOne I didn't insult anyone that likes steam. Matter of fact, I clearly said good for you to people that like the platform. Amazing how you can see numerous people insulting ME for my preferences and turn around and claim that Im insulting anyone. Amazing.

      As for your comments re: the beta, you're just making things up that I never said and attempting to insult me for no reason. I never claimed that it should work flawlessly. I am well aware of what a beta is. My complaint isn't that it doesn't work flawlessly, it's that it doesnt work at ALL. As for not providing specs, it's already been pointed out both in the update and by other commentators here that this isn't the place to post specifics, the forum is. Not sure why you're expecting me to list all my specs and errors (there were no errors and what I described is all that happened. It hung on the loading screen. Nothing more to tell)
      Seems you're only interested in being insulting and unreasonable. Kindly go and be an internet tough guy somewhere else and leave the insults for people that have done something to deserve them.

    15. Chris S

      @TheChosenOne How about you let people have an opinion instead of being demeaning and rude.

      Yeah I don't want or like Steam either. That's my feeling and I'm free to voice it.

    16. TheChosenOne on

      Sarcasme much? :P

    17. Anthony Gambatese on

      One more thing ... to the Chosen one ... About your last comment ... Kickstarter is not a "donation site"
      You are purchasing a game ... if the kickstarter pledge is met you are paying for an item that was described in the pledge ... where you came up with the fact that kickstarter is a "donation" site is beyond me!!
      Ok ... now im done

    18. Anthony Gambatese on

      I acutally have steam on my system and dont mind it but ..... Lets face it ... If they are distributing the beta through Steam thats how we are gonna get the game ... I can only think of one instance when A beta game went through steam and later was not implemented that way ...
      I like the game but we should have been informed from the start that Steam was going to be involved and if anyone wants to rant about only the Beta being Steam ... I got $50 that says it will stay that way ...
      Just my two cents!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Damir on

      Infinite loading screen as well. Tried many times but it just doesn't load, not even once. :( W XP

    20. chrishind on

      For some reason I've received two emails with different activation keys. Would this be because I also got the solforge boosting reward from the ascension kickstarter? Should I use both keys or just one?

    21. TheChosenOne on

      Oh yea beta works flawlessly first time. (W7)

    22. TheChosenOne on

      People like Jeffrey are fun. :)
      Complaining that a beta doesn't work flawlessly without providing actual info about the crash/bug/system.
      Complaining that they didn't say it would use Steam eventhoug they didn't say it would be DRM free aswell without asking about it and who knows we will see other options.
      Again could they have said more about it? Sure but I never saw they said DRM free either. Just asuming and supporting and complaining in hindsight... well yea..
      Not liking Steam and while "voicing" insulting everyone else who uses it.
      As said before Steam CAN be DRM free. No offline mode needed.
      Also you didn't BUY anything. You donated money.
      I also quote 'Delicieuxz';

      "There's this misconception that Steam is DRM. Steam is just a delivery system, but Valve supplies tool to implement DRM if developers and publishers want to make use of them. Steam games do not require Steam to run unless it is configured so by the game's manager. Skyrim on launch did not require Steam to run, but Bethesda patched it later. Many older games do not bother with Steam dependency, such as Commandos 2. Move the game folder around, copy it to another PC, launch it from the exe with Steam closed (and Steam will not start up"

    23. Lucas Seuren on

      At what time can we expect some extra features? Like the game, but played the demo on iPad a lot over the Christmas holiday, so not much to do at the moment.

    24. Edswor on

      Just played a few games but there were really entertaining and fast one. Now learning the cards for the online games (whenever the came to the bete ;) ). Great game.

    25. Michael on

      ahh crap the spelling... sorry guys
      just want to say again, the beta is a privilege not a right.
      you have the RIGHT not to play it and wait for the final game. you have the PRIVILEGE to play a buggy version that might not be anything like the final version of the game

      its like driving, if you have a licence its a pelivage not a right

    26. Michael on

      for one this sint a "demo" its a beta. beta is a pice of software that isnt complete/is known to have issues. the reasion for beta testing is to remove all the issues they can when they are reported.
      second who says Steam is the only distro they will be doing AFTER the beta?
      steam is useful for beta testing as it makes sure ALL copys of the game are the same version and easy to release patches for. one problem with beta testing is people testing old versions where the bugs have changed/removed

      your whole DRM rant isnt justified as this is a beta and not the offical final release of the game... they might be only using steam for beta only and then give it over to GOG guys as well as steam to distro the game

      no one if forceing you to try this BETA, its something you got to do because of your pledge or the devs thought it be nice to give out to us backers

    27. Greek Winter Media on

      And in case it was lost between all the people telling me and other earlier commentors how they should feel about the DRM that's being forced on us:

      The demo doesnt work at all for me. Infinite loading screen. Has anyone else got stuck on the loading screen no matter what they do?

    28. Greek Winter Media on

      @Matthew Lam Steam's offline mode still requires you to constantly run the Steam service to play any of your games. Whether or not you are connected online to their store and social network is irrelevant since you are REQUIRED to be logged into the platform (online or offline) to play your games. This is the definition of DRM: third party software between you and your game which restricts access and often collects usage statistics and runs software unrelated to the game itself by force in the background monitoring your usage. That is what Steam does online or offline.

      Stone Blade, in your future endeavors, please inform the people funding your projects that you intend to force Steam DRM on your games so that people can make an informed decision. Many commentators here, myself included are not happy about this at all. I know many people out there love Steam, and that's great for them, but there was no indication that this third party bloatware was going to be forced on your customers when you were asking for our money. Please be HONEST and forthright in the future.

    29. Chris Schreiber on

      No problems with Steam, totally fine by me. And the game was so much more than fine. Really enjoyed my first run through and was thoroughly satisfied. My first thought---MORE. DECKS. NOW! Very pleased.

    30. Matthew Lam on

      @Jeffery Dean - Steam has an offline mode. You do not need to be constantly logged in for it to function.

      As far as your technical issues, it is a beta, so please report your issue on the forums.

    31. Greek Winter Media on

      @wraith808 If I cannot load the game without first loading and constantly running the Steam platform/store/social network which I must be logged into at all times, that IS DRM. If you don;t think that's DRM, I dont think you know what the term means.

      If Steam was just a distribution system, I would only need to log in to download and maybe install the game (like say, the GOG distribution system), but that is not the case with Steam. It ceases being about distribution when I MUST log in and run a separate platform any time I want to run the Solforge software.

      That being said, I bit the bullet and loaded up Steam because I want to play this game so badly. Unfortunately, the no matter what I choose on the initial screen where I can choose 1 player, Tutorial, etc... the game goes to a loading screen and stays there forever with the eternal drums playing. Appears that even after dealing with Steam this beta is broken for me. So glad I payed for this.

    32. Frank Talbot on

      Awesome, I wasn't expecting this tonight. This is great news! I'm downloading my copy and will gladly provide feedback within the next few days. Thanks! :)

    33. Chuck Dee

      @Jeffrey - no, steam is not by definition DRM. It's a distribution platform, plain and simple. at one time it was DRM, but they've made changes so that it can be used for just distribution.

    34. Ber on

      Awesome, thanks! I've got my Steam beta loaded up already :) Also, Steam is the best thing that has ever happened to PC gaming. I just can't fathom people having a strong dislike for it. Maybe, you haven't seen it since 2007 or something?

    35. Denkstrum on

      oh and steam as DRM? that is like saying windows is DRM. some people just aren't satisfied with anything probably.

    36. Denkstrum on

      nice, just tried it out and it works great, i can't wait for the other decks to get added now

    37. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      Not sure why all the hate for steam, but it's fine by me. Downloading the beta, and glad to finally be able to check it out.

    38. Jerry on

      kind of confused what's a beta and what is not. Is the iOS app beta now? I just have access to the starter decks and I had thought beta was more then just a demo.

    39. Greek Winter Media on

      @TheChosenOne Steam is by definition DRM, so no, it's impossible for a Steam version of a game to be DRM free.

      Very disappointed.

    40. TheChosenOne on

      And nobody who stopped you from asking those either.

    41. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      I have to agree with other posters, I hate Steam and find this highly annoying.
      Could have ask sooner? In theory, but then there are any number of questions we could have asked.

    42. TheChosenOne on

      And complaining in hindsight is well hindsight. Could SBE have said more about it? Sure, but you could have asked sooner aswell.

      And Dota 2 = Steam so more good news. :)

    43. Brandon Reed on

      @Matthew, you level up after a certain number of turns, the cards level after being played.

    44. TheChosenOne on

      Told ya. :)
      People just complain before they even think about why companies like to use Steam. Having something stand alone isn't allways smart for a (small) company.
      And if you think Steam is invasive you better not use computers at all... Or a PC without an OS.
      Since Steam can be DRM free aswell I see no problems.
      Love using Steam. Love Steamsales. <3
      And as far as I know/have read they also never said they would provide a DRM free copy so point nullified aswell.

    45. Matthew Lam on

      No, forced Origin would be obnoxious. Steam is just, the norm.

      Excited that I can finally play! The tutorial seemed well done, except it didn't really explain how leveling up works.

    46. Kevin McCarthy on

      Will we be able to play on PC and Android (when available) or do we have to buy the game separately for each device?

    47. Greek Winter Media on

      Forced Steam? Really? I cannot properly express how obnoxious and dismaying this news is.

    48. Scott Snider on

      Will the final release be steam free? I feel like I have been lied to because there was no mention of steam in the Kickstarter campaign and I would not have supported it had there been proper disclosure. What a waste. If you knew how invasive steam was to your computer you would not support it either

    49. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Jason: The beta keys are unique and will only allow one download.

      James: We don't have an ETA on the Android beta at this time.