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Update #47

Rise of the Forgeborn & Patch 2.0 Now Available!


Hello SolForge fans! We are excited to announce that we just released a major update that not only includes the first big new card set – called “Rise of the Forgeborn” – but also a number of additional exciting features. Let’s jump right in to the details, shall we?

The latest patch includes the release of the Rise of the Forgeborn expansion, featuring 100 all-new cards for you to collect and play with. The biggest new features of the set are the Forgeborn themselves and the Allied mechanic.

The Forgeborn are larger-than-life allies who, much like you as a player, can draw upon the magic of the SolForge itself to wield incredible power. As a result, the Forgeborn are the first cards in the game that can reach Level 4, and when they do so, they have some pretty amazing abilities. Head over and check out some of the Forgeborn previews we posted leading up to the release!

The Allied mechanic offers rewards for players who choose to use specific faction combinations in their decks. Not all of the factions in the world of SolForge get along very well. The Nekrium and Uterra are constantly at each other’s throats, and the Alloyin and Temyps have very different ways of looking at the world that lead to them. But in the regions at the territorial borders of the other factions, alliances have been made, and the inhabitants have learned to harness powers beyond those of their homeland.

In addition to these new mechanics, these are tons of cool new cards for you to experiment with in constructed and draft alike! Be sure to hop on SolForge and check them out today!

We got a lot of feedback from players soon after our initial release that they wanted some kind of use for the copies of a card they collected past the three they could use in decks. As a result, the new release includes our Card Forging system, which allows you to sell excess copies of cards for silver. You can also use Silver to directly purchase cards you want, which should make it easier to fill out your decks with what you’re looking for.

You can access the Card Forging menu in the deck builder screen by opening the large card view of any card in your collection. You can also use the new Advanced Search Options to find cards you don’t own, so you can access the Forging menu to buy them with Silver.

We are also making a lot of changes to our store. Our goals are to make the store less confusing, and to make the collection experience more affordable and accessible for players.

Booster Pack
Price: 5,000 Silver or 200 Gold
Replaces: Basic Pack
Description: Contains 6 cards including at least one Rare card, with a chance to open a Heroic or Legendary card.

Rise of the Forgeborn Pack
Price: 560 Gold
Normal Pack
Description: Contains 8 cards from the Rise of the Forgeborn set, including at least 1 Heroic card and a chance at opening a Legendary card.

Legendary Chest
Price: 2,500 Gold
Replaces: Premium Pack
Description: Identical to current Premium Pack, but renamed, re-skinned, and cheaper!

As you can see, we’ve removed the old Basic Pack. Originally, our goal with the Basic Pack was to provide players with a cheap pack so they could experience the fun of opening packs regularly. The feedback we received from many players, however, was getting so many Basic Packs made them feel like they had very low value, and the actual pack opening experience was more of a chore than it was exciting.

As a result of this feedback, we replaced the old Basic Pack with a new Booster Pack with twice as many cards and a much higher chance of receiving Heroic and Legendary cards. This pack can contain any of the cards we have released so far, including Rise of the Forgeborn content. We’ve also increased the amount of Silver players will earn on average per day, so if you’re completing all of your daily rewards, you should be able to afford to purchase at least one of the new Booster Packs each day.

For players who are only looking to get their hands on the new cards, we are adding a new pack to the store that is Rise of the Forgeborn only. This pack has the same cost and rarity breakdown as our old Normal pack.

We have also reworked the old Premium pack. We’ve reduced the price to make it a better deal, and also changed the name and graphics to avoid confusion and make it stand out more from the other packs on the store. Now it is called the Legendary Chest. This chest contains not only a guaranteed legendary card (and possibly more than one) but also guaranteed heroics and more – providing the best value for collectors!

In addition, every player will be able to purchase one Legendary Chest for only 200 gold! This chest is just like any other Legendary Chest, except you will only be able to purchase it once. Now is your chance to grab a legendary for a fraction of the normal price.

In addition to all kinds of cool cards and exciting changes to the game itself, the Rise of the Forgeborn update includes the images of many of our backers who earned the right to appear on a card in a SolForge set! Check out some of them below!

As always, thank you all so much for your support in making SolForge a reality. It’s been a crazy ride getting to this point, and while we’ve come so far, we still have a ways to go before we’ve given you the full experience we committed to when you backed this campaign. But, thanks to you all, we’re going to get there, and so far we’ve had a lot of fun with the journey. We hope you have too. Have fun with Rise of the Forgeborn!

Update #46

Winter Sale, Cheaper Event Tickets & Kickstarter Promos


Hello SolForge fans! We hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the New Year so far, and that you’ve been keeping warm this winter. We’ve got some news for you that will hopefully help get your blood pumping , as well as a friend coming your way who should help heat things up!

First of all, we wanted to let you know that we just kicked off our huge Winter Sale this week! For the duration of the sale, all items in our in-game store are 50% off their normal gold prices! That includes everything from booster packs and faction decks to event tickets and deck slots. It also covers any card posted with our new Card of the Day feature and Alternate Art of the Week, so be sure to check in each day to see what deals are available!

We’ve also made some changes that should make our free-to-play users very happy. We wanted to give all of our players more opportunities to compete in our tournaments and try out our Draft mode. To that end, we not only changed the First Online Win daily reward to guarantee a free Event Ticket every day, but we also cut the Silver price of event tickets in half! These changes are not tied to the Winter Sale and will remain in place after that ends.

With the tools for Alternate Art cards in place, it’s time that you all got your exclusive Kickstarter backer promo cards--and they look pretty awesome! Because we reached the promo card playset stretch goal, all of you who backed at the $25 tier or higher will be receiving a full three copies of this awesome new rendition of a fan favorite, which just happens to be the first SolForge card we ever designed – Scorchmane Dragon!

Additionally, we’re also going to be delivering the promo card for those who joined during our post-Kickstarter PayPal campaign, which we also promised to all of you who backed at the $25 or higher level. They means you’ll also be receiving a copy of the alternate art Ionic Warcharger!

We are still finalizing the delivery of both of these promo cards, but you should find them waiting for you in your accounts soon. Get ready to show off your fancy bling!

Last, but not least, we wanted to give you some insight into the next features you can expect to see in SolForge. We’re currently hard at work on a second large set, and development is well underway. So far we’re having a blast drafting and building constructed decks with the new cards, and we’re looking forward to the time when you can too!

We’re also finalizing the details of our Forging system. While we haven’t finalized everything let, our current plan will allow players the opportunity to convert excess cards into Silver. That Silver can then be used on whatever the player wants, from specific single cards, which will be available to purchase with Silver once Forging is live, to event tickets, booster packs, and more. Our goal is that the Forging system provides players with both a use for cards they don’t want as well as a way to acquire the specific cards they’re looking for.

It’s been an incredible journey bringing SolForge this far, and we couldn’t have done it without you. As always, thank you for your support. Be sure to come by the website on a regular basis for more news from us here at Stone Blade Entertainment as well as strategy articles from the amazing community that has sprung up around this game.

Update #45

Android Closed Beta & Card of the Day Coming Soon!


Hello SolForge fans, and Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a great holiday season so far playing with all of the new cards and new features of our latest update. We’ve gotten a great response to the new iPhone client, draft mode, and tournament play so far, and we’re thrilled that everyone has been having as much fun playing it as we had making it.

We just wanted to touch base before the end of the year and let you know that we are getting ready to begin our closed beta for SolForge on Android. We sent out an email to all of you last week with a link to a survey to gather information about what Android devices you use. We are going to begin rolling out invitations to the Android closed beta based on the devices on which we’re initially focusing our testing. This may mean that someone you know may get a closed beta invite before you do, but don't worry - you will get yours too. Over time, we will be expanding the closed beta pool for Android to include all of our backers, but we have to roll things out this way initially in order to manage the process.

Our current Android client is quite an early version, and there are a number of known issues. The deck builder is currently still very raw and rather difficult to use – it is functional, but not very user friendly. It is also currently impossible to purchase gold from within the Android app itself, but you can use the store with gold you purchase via our website.

All of that said, we’re very excited to be getting an Android version of SolForge into some of your hands very soon. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and can’t wait until we can see people playing SolForge on their phones wherever we go! If you filled out our Android device survey, keep your eyes on your inbox! A beta invitation could be coming your way soon!

For those of you who play SolForge on other clients, we have news for you too! We're going to be releasing a new "Card of the Day" feature starting next week. Card of the Day will make a selected single card available in the in-game store, with the available card rotating each day. We will be kicking off the feature with cards from the most recent update, so if you haven't had a chance to pick yours up just yet, be sure to check back into the store each day!

Update #44

iPhone Release, Tournaments, New Cards & More!


Hello SolForge fans! Today is a very exciting day that we know you have been awaiting for quite some time. We certainly have!

We've just released a major update with a bunch of major new features. Let’s take a look at the list, shall we?

We’ve envisioned SolForge as a mobile game from the beginning. We’ve always wanted to create a complete collectable game experience we could carry with us and play wherever we go. Now that dream is finally a reality.

This latest update brings the complete SolForge experience to iPhone, allowing you to carry SolForge with you in the palm of your hand. You can battle with your friends across the country over lunch, tinker with your favorite deck while waiting for the bus, and pass the time in your boring classes by cracking booster packs. Or, if you’re anything like us, now you have a new favorite way to spend your time in the bathroom…

Due to screen size constraints, some features such as the deck builder look a bit different on iPhone, but all of the major components are there, so you can take the full experience of SolForge wherever you may go. For those of you without iPhones, do not fret – our Android client is well underway, and we plan to begin the beta for it very soon. 

Think your deck is the best around? Want to test your skills in a competitive environment? Well, you’re in luck. The new update introduces tournament play, which allows players to compete against one another for prizes.

Tournaments in SolForge are unlike those in many similar games in that you never need to worry about setting aside a big block of time to play. SolForge was designed from the ground up to be mobile friendly, and tournaments are no different. No need to wait around for other players to finish their rounds or for enough players to enter the event. You can play your rounds in a SolForge tournament whenever is convenient for you, and you’ll be paired against someone else at a similar place in their event. Once you finish your three matches, which you can complete over the course of days if that’s what you want, you’ll receive prizes based on your results.

Entering tournaments requires Event Tickets, which can be purchased with either Gold or Silver, as well as earned through daily rewards. All players receive prizes, and players who go undefeated in a tournament are guaranteed to receive at least enough Event Tickets to enter another tournament of that type as part of their prize.

Once we have some time to ensure our tournament system is running properly, we'll have more news to bring you about the Backer Only tournament. We are currently aiming to hold it in the first quarter of next year.

For more information about tournaments, visit

As competitive collectible game players ourselves, one of our favorite things to do is draft. Drafting is a special kind of tournament in which you build your deck as you go instead of choosing one of your saved decks to play. This not only creates a level playing field for everyone no matter how long they may have been playing or how big a collection they might have, but also means that you have a totally new experience each time since you’re always playing with a different deck. It’s also a great way for players to grow their collections, since in addition to whatever prizes you might win, you also keep all of the cards that you draft.

Much like the rest of the SolForge experience, drafting is designed to be conducive to the mobile experience. You can draft wherever and whenever you want, and you don’t have to wait for a queue to fill or for other players to make their picks. The evaluations of other players still impact your draft, however. The algorithm used to generate the content of draft packs takes into account how frequently cards are picked by the community at large, so if you correctly identify a hidden gem, you’ll have a chance to grab them with your later picks.

We’ve been having a blast testing out the SolForge draft format over the past few months, and we’re incredibly excited that the rest of the world is going to have a chance to experience it too. The concurrent release of both drafting and the iPhone app means that you can always be drafting wherever you might go! If that isn’t exciting, I’m not sure what is!

For more information about drafts, including a video walkthrough, visit

The update introduces twenty-four brand-new cards across all rarities, including six from each of the four different factions. These cards are now available from packs that are purchased from the store or acquired through daily rewards. These new packs can be identified in your inventory by their new artwork.

Additionally, changes have been made to a number of existing cards. These changes were made to improve gameplay in both Constructed and Draft play. For a full list of the changes, view the full patch notes on our website.

While we still have quite a few features we want to add to SolForge before we’ll consider it truly complete, this update is a huge step in that direction. We appreciate your support as we build this game we all love. Without our fans, SolForge would have never happened, and now people can draft from their phones! While we’re thrilled to have come this far, we have no intentions of resting on any laurels. We’re already hard at work on the second SolForge set and more features, which include tools for us to be able to introduce new content faster in the future.

In the meantime – we hope you enjoy playing SolForge this holiday season! We certainly will!

Update #43

Tournaments & Other Upcoming Features!


Hello SolForge fans! We are in the process of testing a major update for SolForge that will add a bunch of new major features and we wanted to let you know what’s coming. We were hoping to have it ready to go by now, but unfortunately we hit some snags that have pushed it back until later this month. It will be worth the wait, though, since this update includes a whole lot of awesomeness that will give every SolForge fan all kinds of new things to do. Let’s take a look at what those include, shall we?

The biggest new feature going live with the new update is Tournament play, including Draft mode. Tournaments give players an opportunity to compete against other players for a chance to win prizes.

Tournaments in SolForge work a bit differently than tournaments in most other digital collectible games. Rather than force players to set aside a big block of time to play in an event and force them to wait for other players to finish their rounds, we created the tournament structure in SolForge to mesh with the mobile friendly philosophy of the game. In a SolForge tournament, you can play your games whenever is convenient for you.

Rather than “sit-and-go” style events, SolForge tournaments are like mini ongoing leagues in which players are paired against someone else with a similar record to themselves whenever they decide to play a tournament game. You can sign up for a tournament and play your first round during breakfast, your second at lunch, and your third round at dinner, or even next week. Once you finish playing your rounds, you’ll receive prizes based on your final record.

Ultimately, our goal with tournaments is to provide an opportunity for players who want to find a bit more competition and a chance to prove that they’re among the best –and win prizes in the process! Check out the tournament screen – coming soon to a SolForge near you!

Coming along with the tournament system is the SolForge Draft mode. Draft is a kind of tournament in which you don’t play one of your own decks. Instead, you pick cards from random selections and build a whole new deck as you go, and then use that deck to play your rounds against other players who did the same thing. If you’re an experienced CCG player, you know how awesome drafting can be, and if you’re new to this kind of game – well, you’re about to find out!

Much like our tournament system in general, our drafts are a bit different from traditional CCG drafting. Drafts in SolForge are a solo experience that you can take at your own pace. There’s no need to wait for other people to draft with you, no waiting on anyone else to make their picks, nor any timer counting down as you try to make your own decisions.

In SolForge draft, you pick cards out of random selections that diminish and replenish as you go. You’ll pick a card first from a group of six, then five cards, then four, then three, then two, before returning to six and starting again. You’ll keep doing this until you have thirty total cards, at which point you’re ready to start playing. The first six card pack you see is guaranteed to contain six cards of at least Heroic rarity, and you keep all of the cards that you pick, so not only is draft a lot of fun, but it’s a great way to build up your collection as you play!

Being an entirely digital game allows us to do some pretty cool things with SolForge draft. First of all, there’s the obvious fact that you can draft without waiting for anyone else because the game can generate your cards for you. We can also ensure that you can always end up with the right faction cards to build a legal deck. At the start of the draft, you’ll be able to see cards from all four of the factions, but as the draft progresses and you select cards from two separate factions, you’ll only see cards from those factions for the remainder of the draft. Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that despite draft in SolForge being an individual endeavor, your experience is shaped by your fellow players and vice versa. We’ve implemented an algorithm that keeps track of the cards players choose to take out of each pack, and the diminishing packs are in fact built by generating full six card packs and removing cards based on the wisdom of the crowds. That means that if you can find uses for cards that other players aren’t picking, you can take advantage of that and pick those cards up much later in your drafts!

We’ve been playing the draft format in-house for a while now and having an absolute blast with it. We’re incredibly excited for the rest of the world to get a chance to play. Here’s a glimpse at what things look like in the draft screen:

Another advantage of the digital nature of SolForge is the fact that we aren’t beholden to the printing schedules of traditional CCGs. We have the ability to add new content in small batches without having to worry about firing up a printing press and putting out some whole huge new set. The next update will include 24 all new cards to add to your SolForge decks. Each of the four factions will be getting two new Common cards, two new Rare cards, one new Heroic card, and one new Legendary card. These cards will be available in packs or via your daily rewards once the update goes live.

Here’s a first look at one of the cards - and a real mean one, at that.

We’re also updating a number of existing cards, making some things stronger and toning some others down a bit.

Check out the new Palladium Pulsemage, who can do a whole lot more pulsing!

Between the new cards and the changes to cards already out there, the next patch is going to bring quite a few things that will shake things up in the world of SolForge!

Check this out:

That’s right – SolForge is coming to iPhone! We're very nearly done with everything we need to complete to get SolForge ready to run on iPhone, and we're hoping to have it ready for this coming update. Our original vision for SolForge was that it would be a mobile game that you could take with you everywhere you go, and that time is finally close. We’d be lying if we told you we hadn’t done at least a draft or two from the bathroom already…

Android users, don’t despair – we’re hard at work on an Android version of SolForge as well! It’s still in the testing phase, but it’s coming along very well, and we’re still hoping to have it out by the end of the year.

And More on the Way!

That’s quite a bit for one update, but there’s still more coming, both later this year and into the next. In addition to SolForge for Android, we’re working on another big set of cards, Auction house and card exchange functionality, achievements and leaderboards, campaign mode, and more! SolForge has come an incredibly long way already thanks to your support, but we’re not going to stop until it’s everything we promised you during our Kickstarter campaign last year and more. Thank you so much for making this all possible!

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