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Bring the Ascension Deckbuilding Game to Android and PC with new features like online tournaments, campaign mode, and more!
Bring the Ascension Deckbuilding Game to Android and PC with new features like online tournaments, campaign mode, and more!
2,754 backers pledged $184,563 to help bring this project to life.

Ascension Online for Android is Here!

Posted by Stone Blade Entertainment (Creator)

Most of the Stone Blade Entertainment team spent the last week in Indianapolis for GenCon, and while we were at the show, a wonderful thing happened. Thanks to your support of this Kickstarter, we were finally able to give people asking when Ascension was coming to Android an answer they were happy with.

"It's out right now!" 

"What?! It is? I'm downloading it right away!" 

The number of times this exact interaction happened at the convention was incredible, and showed just how many Ascension fans are out there, and just how passionate they are. And you all made it possible, so we cannot thank you enough. 

But we aren't done yet! 

We still have promises to keep to you, and we are working on fulfilling them. 

The next step is getting everyone all of the digital rewards that you were promised. We are working with Playdek to ensure that all of your accounts have the appropriate "flags" that we discussed in our earlier update to give you access to the appropriate sets for free on every platform, including the "Ascension for Life" tier. 

We anticipate this will come next month, along with the release of Darkness Unleashed on both iOS and Android. We're also working toward the release of the PC version of Ascension, which should be ready before the end of the year. 

We're going to continue to work with Playdek to fulfill the other digital rewards, like unique avatars, the digital expansion, and game skins and will provide you with updates as they are available. 

On the physical reward front, we're also working on revising the Ultimate Collector's Edition based on your feedback. We want to ensure that this is an awesome product that you're happy with, so we're going to come back to you with more information as we have it.

If you have any issues with any of your rewards, be sure to contact us at and we'll work to resolve your problems as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for your support. We're happy that the eternal question of "When is Ascension Coming to Android" has finally been answered, and it's thanks to you. 

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    1. Corey Squire on

      I am in pretty much the same boat. I was told 2 weeks ago that I would get an invitation to the beta backer version. That was the last I heard from Playdek support.

      I have to say that I am regretting getting involved in this Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      So Playdek is now saying they can't do anything either. I filled out the form maybe 2 weeks ago and still haven't been given access to the backer version. I'm feeling like I would have been better off not backing because then I would just buy the expansions on the app. Since I refuse to pay again for what I already paid for I can only play with the original ascension set.

      I understand delays and getting swamped but I should have at least gotten a real response and had someone look into getting me the backer version of the app. Please work on communication with those who have supported you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ionitor on

      According to Playdek support, with regards to getting the Kickstarter rewards on Android:

      Unfortunately the ability to gift these rewards is not ready at this time. You can read more about this here:

      So, it's still in progress. After the delays thus far, I know that shouldn't bother me as much as it does...

    4. Missing avatar

      John Jankowski on

      So I have filled out the form to associate my Kickstarter email with my Google Play/Playdek emails and I'm wondering what the next step is going to be.

      Will I get an email letting me know that I'm now eligible to get my rewards or will I have to check the store for an update to the app?

      Will the update just be on the Play Store or will I have to opt in somewhere else like Google+ (where some beta opt-ins are located)?

      How long will I have to wait for the association to be completed after completing the form? I completed it a few days ago and I'm not sure whether I should expect results in days or weeks at the moment.

      Any clarification on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

    5. Stone Blade Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Hi all - apologies for the delays and briefness in our customer service replies. The team has been pretty swamped for the past week or so. As Patrick said below, in order to receive your digital rewards, we need to associate your Kickstarter email with your Google play account email, as well as the email address that you either currently use or intend to use for your Playdeck account. This will allow us to add you to the backer version of the Android app as well as associate all of your appropriate rewards with your account.

      As a reminder, you can find that form here:

    6. Zack Pretend Object Jones on

      @Justin I received the same e-mail. This is some really poor communication and customer service.

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      What the hell? I asked about my digital rewards and got this:

      nick fiorillo (Stone Blade Entertainment)
      Aug 25 06:33 PM


      PlayDek has taken over all operations ascociated with the digtial side of Ascension as a game. Any and all questions regarding digital ascension should be addressed directly to them and there customer service team. To contact them please go to

      Thank you"

      I waited days for a response and got told to go somewhere else. This is crap. Fix this.

    8. Corey Squire on

      @TonganJedi, I think the playdek account question was to get digital rewards into the iphone version.

      @Patrick Bailey, I tried that but it didn't help. The email I got implied there is a problem with people who have different kickstarter and google play emails, which is where I fit in. Of course, my issue may be that I never got into the beta.

    9. TonganJedi on

      The backer survey asked for a Playdek account, but I don't have one, nor did I see anything on their site for creating one. Are they just asking for an email so they can create an account?

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Still never got any email or anything for digital rewards. So I only have access to the free ascension everyone now has access to. At least this update included a support email to contact. Hope I can at least get access to the digital expansions soon.

    11. Patrick Bailey on

      Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience. A while back I got an email saying to take this Backer Survey, which just asks for my Kickstarter email, my Google Play email, and my Playdek email, so the digital rewards could be assigned to my app. Today, I went to Google Play and searched for Ascension from there, and manually updated the app (previously I had the Beta app installed). I opened up the app and checked the in-app store and all my Kickstarter rewards were there as purchased expansions. So maybe just fill out the survey, wait a day or two, and then manually update your app?

      Link to survey:

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Carlson

      Will these flags include one to stop showing me advertisements halfway through my game?

    13. Adam 'Anouilh' Davies on

      Hiya, how do we go about collecting the digital rewards for the $40 pledge please? :)

    14. schild

      Is the Ultimate Collector's Edition going to end up the same as the publicly available one? And if not, how are you going to account for what to us is a $300 difference?

      Guys, this has been a mess. A huge, sloppy mess. We're getting close to the accountant on my shoulder wondering if refunds should be offered for people of that tier.

    15. Zack Pretend Object Jones on

      Second this account thing. How do we connect it all together? This has been a frustrating kickstarter.

    16. Laszlo Stadler on

      Still no info about why we reveived an NDA when the beta is already over.

    17. Scott Koon on

      When you mention "accounts" for digital Ascension, what account do you mean? Our Apple account? Google Play? A Playdek account?

    18. Mike Costello on

      @Derik - I haven't seen an open discussion about it either, but I bellyached about it on the Ascension Facebook back in March when I saw an image surface that showed a mockup of some foil cards with the new layout. I normally buy my new Ascension releases from, and they have had a preorder page up for most of the year for a tin boxed set with foils of all the Year One cards. So, I assumed that this could be the mass market version of the cards that we will receive in the KS Ultimate Collector's Edition. That image can be seen here:

      Since I would not have pledged at that high of a level if the cards were announced as being the new layout with some of the new artwork, I have been hoping with all my might that they opt to keep everything original for us.

    19. Derik Duley

      Like Michael, I too am hoping for the original art, but what feedback are you referring to? I have not seen ANYTHING from Stoneblade about the collector's edition aside from it's still coming. So, who is giving feedback about what you do with a huge chunk of my money?

    20. Mike Costello on

      Revisions, eh? Does this mean that the Ultimate Collector's Edition might have the original, all-Sabee art treatment now? *cautious hope*

    21. Puggimer ( Michael Carter )

      Can we get this on Amazon for the kindle fire?