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Bring the Ascension Deckbuilding Game to Android and PC with new features like online tournaments, campaign mode, and more!
Bring the Ascension Deckbuilding Game to Android and PC with new features like online tournaments, campaign mode, and more!
Bring the Ascension Deckbuilding Game to Android and PC with new features like online tournaments, campaign mode, and more!
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June Update


Hello Kickstarter Backers!

It is already looking to be a hot summer here at the Stone Blade offices. We’ve got lots of exciting news on the Horizon.

Previewed at the Origins Game Fair, Ascension Alliances is the first ever Team-based expansion for Ascension. Inspired by the Two-Headed Giant Magic format, players share a turn and honor total and can acquire unique Banner Cards that Benefit Both players.

For only $9.99, Ascension Alliances can be combined with any full set of Ascension for 2 v 2 Battles! Check out the preview article featured on our website. Releases in stores in July!

We will be having our biggest ever World Championship event at the 50th Gen Con Indianapolis August 19th. First prize is $2500 cash, along with a chance to get your face immortalized on an Ascension card! Additional prizes include custom backpacks, watches, playmats and more!

This will be an amazing event and the Stone Blade team will be there to watch and say hello. Sign up here. Space is limited!

Our next full expansion, Ascension: Valley of the Ancients, is going to be previewed at Gen Con, and will release in the Fall. Stay tuned to for previews and updates!

For our Kickstarter Ultimate Collector’s Edition backers, we have good news. The missing components are currently being printed and we are still on track for an October 2017 delivery. All backers will be given a chance to update their mailing address prior to shipment.

That’s it for this month's update! We hope to see many of you online and at Gen Con!

Ultimate Collector's Edition Update


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Ultimate Collectors Edition!!


Hello Backers!

It’s finally here!

At long last, we’ve finally got the assembled Collector’s Edition Box ready to ship! Each box includes a personally signed and numbered certificate of authenticity along with all the previously promised goodies. There are only 150 of these in existence and your limited edition numbered copy is ready!

There is only one step left. For everyone who backed at the Collector’s Edition tier, we are asking that you confirm your mailing address so that we can make sure it gets to the right place. Please email with your current address. If you are in the process of or about to be in the process of moving please let us know and we can plan accordingly so that everything goes where it should.

We can’t thank you enough for all your patience and support. This product is SHINY and AWESOME and we hope you will agree it is worth the wait.

In case you missed it, we announced the 10th Ascension Expansion, War of Shadows which will be coming to stores in July! Here is an exclusive preview card from that set:

And for those of you more interested in digital content, don’t worry! We are hard at work translating Dreamscape into digital and will have it in your hands as soon as we can.

In other news, we’ve just opened up a limited edition preorder for the newest SolForge Set, Raiders Unchained.

This set will coincide with the release of our brand new game client, which includes ranked mode play, improved timer, new user interface, and more! Check out the preorder now to get the best deal before the release.

Backer Only Tournament WINNER!


 And the champion is.............. Goblin Hero!!! Congratulations from all of us at Stone Blade Entertainment. You have definitely show your skills with all these formats. 

We'd also like to say thank you to everyone who competed in the tournament. We all had a great time playing against so many of you along the way. We had such a great time in fact that this is something we will definitely try and do again in the future. Now if we do that it will not be run through KickStarter so keep an eye out for any future tournaments on our FaceBook page that is where we will announce it if/when we do this again. 

Now for prizes, we didn't release the prize information before the tournament because we felt like this was more for fun and than for prizes and we were so excited to see so many of you show up just to play games of ascension with us. That being said there will be prizes for the Top 16 and they are:

9th-16th - $10 store credit to our online store. 

5th-8th - $20 store credit to our online store.

3rd-4th - $30 store credit to our online store.

2nd place - $40 store credit to our online store.

1st place - $50 store credit to our online store.

Players in the top 16 please contact and let us know which email address you would like us to send your store credit to. 

Again thank you so much to everyone who played and we hope everyone had fun.

Backer Only Tournament FINAL ROUND!

Congratulations to "Goblin Hero" and "Neuromancer" on winning their pods. Now it's time to see who is the best of the best as they say. 

The round duration and timing will stay the same. Each week the pairings will be posted here on Tuesday at 12:00(ish) PM PST and all results must be reported by the winner, with a screenshot no later than the Following Monday at 12:00 PM PST. If your opponent does not accept the challenge by end of day Wednesday let us know and we will reach out to them directly. As always match results and no show messages should be sent to as well as any other questions you may have.


For the final match the finalists will be using the following sets:

Ascension: Realms Unraveled 
Ascension: Dawn of Champions

Pairings are here:

Good Luck