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Lumafit automatically tracks your cardio sessions, at the gym, at home or out on a run. See your heart age reduce as you get fitter. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 6, 2014.

Lumafit automatically tracks your cardio sessions, at the gym, at home or out on a run. See your heart age reduce as you get fitter.

About this project

Thank you to all our Backers!

Our Kickstarter campaign has been a great success. If you missed us during the campaign you can still get your hands on the Lumafit by ordering at

What does Lumafit Do?

Why is Lumafit Unique?

Lumafit in the Press

INQUISITR - "Lumafit Might just Revolutionize Wearable Fitness Technology."

TECHCRUNCH - "What if you could put on a wearable that would coach you through your workouts. That's what Lumafit is all about."

VENTUREBEAT - "Lumafit is one of the most interesting wearables on Kickstarter. It comes with it's own beautiful apps and integrates with the major fitness apps you already use."

The Lumafit Vision.

At Lumafit we wanted to go way beyond what's possible with a wrist worn sensor. We wanted to know what exercise you are doing and how well you are doing it.

We knew that identifying exact motion at the wrist was difficult as the wrist goes through such large motions that are unrelated to core body movement.

The Lumafit tracks motion at the head rather than the wrist so it can precisely identify and rate cardio workouts. At home the Lumafit allows you to track bootcamp sessions including exercises such as lunges, sit-ups or squats. At the gym it tracks your workout with precision allowing you to own your stats and visualize progress over time.

At Lumafit we also believe it's important to be mindfit as well as bodyfit. The Lumafit provides medical grade heart data allowing us to develop apps that guide and analyze yoga breathing sessions.

We are developing three apps for iPhone and Android that link with the Lumafit and will help you build strength and stamina as well as improve focus and relaxation.

  • Gym Tracker:    Track your gym sessions with precision!
  • Home Fitness:  Interactive Bootcamp sessions: Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes anytime.
  • Yoga Breathing: Supercharge your mind with a 10 minute interactive mindful breathing session.

Combined the Lumafit gets you feeling good inside and out!

The Apps: GymTracker, BootCamp and Meditation Coach.
The Apps: GymTracker, BootCamp and Meditation Coach.

$100k Stretch Goal: Running Analytics

We'll add a great new feature to the Lumafit, the ability to analyze and improve your running style. The Lumafit has an onboard high resolution motion sensor that gathers a huge amount of statistics on your running style, these include:

  • Impact force
  • Air time (ratio of time in the air per stride)
  • Cadence
  • Symmetry
  • Stride variance

With these statistics we will be able to compare your style to expert runners and suggest actions you can make to improve your style over time. If you're into running we think you'll love this cool new feature!

What's Your Heart Age?

The Lumafit measures heart activity accurately throughout your workout. The response of the heart to exercise is different depending on age and fitness level. The Lumafit can give you an estimate of your heart age based on heart activity during your workouts. If you're extremely fit you will see that your heart age can be significantly less than you actual age.

It takes real commitment to reduce your heart age. At least 4-6 months of regular exercise are needed to see a reduction of 1-2 years. If your looking to get fit setting a target to reduce your heart age is a great way to track real improvements in your physical wellbeing.

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Can't make the gym today? Keep yourself on track with our interactive bootcamp application. Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes anytime. Lumafit can track individual exercises such as squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, running on the spot, jumping jacks and even burpees.


The sensor tracks your heart rate as accurately as a chest worn strap throughout your exercises. It also measure calorie burn, pace and form. You can select from programs for all fitness levels or custom create your own. The apps let you review your session results and see your progress improve over time.


Ever go to the gym and wish you could take home your session stats automatically? Your Lumafit lets you do this with ease as it tracks your cardio workout with precision.

Whether it's the rowing machine, treadmill, cross trainer, stepper or bike, the Lumafit measures your cadence, pace, heart rate, calorie burn and symmetry.


Set your gym goals, whether it's running 5 miles on the treadmill within 6 weeks, or burning an extra 5000 calories in a month!

We'll also let you sync your workout data with your favorite tracking apps. We're now linking with MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal. We'll be adding others before launch so stay tuned for updates.


Keeping fit is important for overall health but so is the ability to relax. With Lumafit a ten minute mindful breathing session is all that is needed to relax, refocus and reboot.

The apps track your heart waveform as well as breathing rate and stress level. Our mindfulness apps aim to make a five or ten minute breathing session fun and energizing.


The Lumafit measures tiny variations in the beat to beat timings of your heart activity (called heart rate variability analysis) to measure stress and breathing activity.

Our app supercharger is similar to an iTunes visualizer, changing visuals in real time based on your relaxation and focus. It rewards you for regular practice by unlocking new visualizations. Lumafit makes it easy to relax or boost focus anytime.


  • Built with comfort in mind. Super soft spring technology means you don't even realize your wearing it.
  • Sleek behind the ear design.
  • Secure fit. Designed to stay on during vigorous exercise.
  • Compact and ultra light design at only 38g.
  • Worn only when you need it for a workout or meditation rather than all day.
The Lumafit sensor.
The Lumafit sensor.
Color Choice: Ocean Teal or Urban Slate.
Color Choice: Ocean Teal or Urban Slate.

Medical Grade Heart Data

The Lumafit uses optical light sensors (Red and Infrared) to measure heart activity. The key to the measurement is the fact that hemoglobin in the blood absorbs light differently depending on whether it is carrying an oxygen molecule or not. Every time your heart beats it pushes oxygenated hemoglobin though the arteries. This waveform can be picked up in high resolution though our optical sensors.

The head motion is measured via  a 3 axis accelerometer. This allows the Lumafit to track head trajectory over time and identify specific types of individual motion (such as a sit-up) or continuous motion (such as on a cross trainer).

Real Time Access

The Lumafit SDK gives you access to the sensor data in real time. Data access includes the raw heart and motion data as well as processed output such as calorie burn and heart rate. Our SDK will be available for both iOS and Android.

Potential Lumafit Applications

  • Sports and Fitness Apps.
  • Gesture Tracking.
  • Biofeedback or Meditation apps.
  • Track stress during online games.
  • Head Tracking for Golf or Tennis apps.
  • Smart Watch Apps for Fitness

The potential is limitless and we are eager to work with the developer community to build fantastic new applications.


Lumafit was brought to life by Darran Hughes and Stephen Hughes both previously at MIT MediaLab. Stephen is a world expert in sensor design having consulting for companies such as Nokia and Samsung. Darran's background combines biomedical engineering with game development on Xbox and PlayStation. As a company our vision is to create user experiences that make getting healthy fun.

The Lumafit team is now 12 people with over 150 years of experience between us and the expertise to bring products to market. It's a really exciting time for us. We're passionate about the Lumafit and eager to see people using it all over the world.

Design meeting at Lumafit.
Design meeting at Lumafit.


We started design work on the sensor in 2012. We knew that accurately identifying bootcamp exercises at the wrist was not feasible. We also knew that the earlobe and fingertips were the two best locations on the body to get strong heart data using optical sensors. Medical device companies use these locations in hospitals.

We saw that the ear was the ideal location to get the best of both. Medical grade heart data together with motion data that fully reflected core body motion. We built and tested a number of early prototypes. We focused on a sleek sporty design that fits securely, is very light and is comfortable to wear. 


We're delighted to have partnered with PCH International as part of their Accelerator Program. PCH are a 5000 employee company with huge expertise on how to turn prototypes into ready for sale products. We'd like to send a big thank you out to Liam Casey, Tony Garvey, Tom Kitt, Fergal Dempsey, Bob Wang, Matthieu Charlier and all the team at PCH.


It's been an awesome journey in getting to here. Now we need your help to get the Lumafit out into the world. Hitting our funding goal will allow us to cover initial costs for tooling and materials and kick off our first mass production run. Please support us in making the world's first fitness tracker for body and mind.

Be part of the Lumafit story and back us on Kickstarter!

Thank you very much!

Risks and challenges

We've spent two years of research and development honing our technology and design to reach the highest industry standards.The prototype sensors have been extensively tested across multiple platforms. Our applications are currently in development on both Android and iOS and progressing extremely well.

As with any hardware product unforeseen issues can occur. Finalizing certification as well as access to critical material parts for the sensor can delay the project. We are committed to keeping you informed of our progress in the months following the campaign.

We are working with manufacturing and supply chain partner PCH International who are a billion dollar company with a proven track record in delivering the highest quality products to market. We are very confident of shipping the Lumfit to our kickstarter supporters in October 2014.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The Lumafit will work perfectly with all of the latest iOS and Android smartphones and tablets released that include Bluetooth 4.0.

    The Lumafit will also work with older phones and tablets that use classic Bluetooth 2.0 and later.

    Last updated:
  • We are initially focused on Android and iOS development so at launch time we won't have a Windows 8 version of the apps. That said we are working on a Windows 8 SDK which will allow the developer community to develop new apps as well as integrate Lumafit data into existing applications.

    Last updated:
  • The Lumafit is rainproof for outdoor sessions but it isn't designed to be used while swimming I'm afraid.

    Last updated:
  • We will have a pre-order webstore when the kickstarter campaign ends. It will be possible to order multiple units here no problem.

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    THE RESEARCHER PACK - API and tools for research of heart data. Includes heart rate variability output as well as data visualization tool for windows. Includes export tool that works with Kubios HRV. Includes developer pack SDKs. Ships with Lumafit sensor.

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