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Help me in developing a Large, Relief Painting Installation that reflects the changing, dynamic landscape of New York City

I am developing a large Relief Painting Installation ( RPI ) that reflects the changing, dynamic landscape of New York City. I will be building a large scale relief of painted floating panels that reflects the environment that only New York can radiate. The shapes and sizes will vary but look very much like the colored floating panels you see between the buildings in the above photo and will resemble my most current work which can be viewed at I will also be including drawings and images in my updates.

My painting as a relief represents the changing view and shifting of the landscape we move through. It’s about the experience of viewing painting as the environment it replaces. The world we exist in is in flux, creating an evolving landscape that shapes all aspects of our surroundings. The idea is to show how nothing is as motionless as it appears and that there are a variety of ways to see the beauty around us. In the end I aim to pass an environmental experience back to the viewer as they interact with my relief.

I will produce 250-350 individual panels for the relief to be composed of. There will be panels touching, overlapping in clusters, as well free-floating solitary panels. They will create one large (20 x 10 x 2 ft.) painting that uses spacial relationships between the panels to tie together the composition.
Panels will be built of wood and extruded polystyrene (EPS) and be expertly coated with a variety of enamel paints, primers and industrial top coats to add to the visual interest.

W 20’ x H 10’ x D 2’

$7,000 pledge goal = the time and materials to build and install such a large piece of art. This goal is a low estimate but would be a great help to further this idea. To build it = to share it.

IF PROJECT PLEDGES EXCEED THE FUNDING GOAL I WILL EXPAND ON THE PAINTING BY ADDING 1 FOOT TO THE WIDTH FOR EVERY $1000 PLEDGED OVER THE ORIGINAL GOAL! (phase one is limited to a thirty foot width at this time, more funding does equal the option to get more space and expand)
-Also with extra funding I will be able to then invest in marketing, assistance, research and development.
-And of course the more money I raise the better the party I can throw at the end of this phase of the project.

Jack Aguirre
Ryan Inzana
Jesse Koechling


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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    1 backer

    You get a THANK YOU from me on my website, I will list everyone that has pledged and made this project a success. If you like I can also post a message from you there. You can comment on the project, on me, or on art in general.

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    12 backers Limited (188 left of 200)

    Pack of three STICKERS that you can use to show your support for this project and the arts in general. They are specially designed by me and professionally printed.

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    16 backers

    You get an postcard with a personal thank you. This postcard is also your INVITATION to the premier party to celebrate my completed painting. There will be live Brooklyn bands, local beer, artists and all the fun that adds up to. (each postcard admits one to the party)

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    15 backers Limited (35 left of 50)

    You get a limited edition professionally SILK SCREENED T-SHIRT print collaboration with artist/ designer Jack Aguirre. The title of the project will be included along with really cool imagery. check out his work to see what I mean.

  • Pledge $75 or more
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    12 backers Limited (38 left of 50)

    You get 8.5 x 11limited edition PRINT of a painting collage made by Brian Hogan. This print is 100% archival, signed, numbered and ready to frame. A great edition to any collection.

  • Pledge $125 or more
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    7 backers Limited (18 left of 25)

    You get a 8.25 x 11 DRAWING, by Brian Hogan from the planning stage of the project. It will be graphite and other materials on paper. The drawings will be of details, ideas and design work. They will be of high quality and ready to frame.

  • Pledge $200 or more
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    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    You get a 11 x 14 Black and White FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH by Brooklyn Artist Jesse Koechling documenting the construction stage of the project development process. Print will be signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Pledge $225 or more
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    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    You get a 11 x 17 silk screened MINI-POSTER collaboration with Graphic Novelist, Illustrator and Artist Ryan Inzana. The imagery will reference the title and idea of the project. It's a 100% archival and signed and numbered by both artist.

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    1 backer All gone!

    You get a case of a select French WINE, generously donated for this project by a wine professional. (limited to the New York City area)

  • Pledge $515 or more
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    0 backers Limited (20 left of 20)

    You get a HARDCOVER BOOK full of color and black and white photos, reproductions of drawings and project notes. You get the full story so you can begin to understand what it takes to create artwork on this large of a scale.

  • Pledge $750 or more
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    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    You get original PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT used in the book, plus you get the HARDCOVER BOOK. Which I will also sign and number it leaving you a personal message on the inside cover.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    1 backer Limited (6 left of 7)

    You get a RELIEF PAINTING of your very own. I will design a brand new piece of artwork for you. I will show you some sketches and then assemble a 4-6 panel painting approx. 2’ x 2’ x 10”, with an original color scheme for you art collection. It's a great deal for an original piece of artwork that will bring you years of happiness.

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