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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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Mod support, community designs, NEW FACTION++

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)
Hi backers,

Time for another update. On the menu today we have a funding and mod support update as well as details on the community design process. We will also briefly cover the connection between rooms, the crew and the bridge. Oh, on the topic of the bridge, since it is such an important room we decided to take another look at it and do some important upgrades. Finally, we have a new faction reveal today which may affect your loyalties.

First things first, back when we ran the Kickstarter we announced a series of mini-stretch goals. We had one each at $550k, $650k and $750k and are happy to report that we have now passed the $750k threshold. This means that everybody who backed minimum $25 or more will also get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible and character pack #3 at no additional cost! 

Furthermore, since we fully expect to hit the $800k stretch goal (extended mod support) during 2014, we decided to go ahead as if this stretch goal was already met. Having more powerful mod tools will be useful not only to modders after launch but also help developers before launch since we invest in more robust tools that save us time. We have a lot of respect for the time and effort put in by mod communities to extend the lifespan of games like Mount&Blade, Elder Scrolls/Fallout, Total War, X3, Torchlight and many others. We look forward to seeing what kind of mods will pop up for The Mandate as well as total conversion projects for <insert your favourite sci-fi universe>.

Moving on, let’s talk a bit about the community design process where backers can help create part of the backstory and content for The Mandate. First off, we are releasing more information about the last 1500 years (CLICK HERE) as well as the last 100 years (CLICK HERE). Over on the new forums we have outlined how this community design process will work. Login to read the details in the pledge sub-forums. If you forgot your password or never logged in to the community site CLICK HERE. We have pre-generated all 17000 backers so you are already in the system and must use the email that matches the one you are registered with from Kickstarter or PayPal. If you want us to change your email then send us a private message with your old and new email via Kickstarter.

For each design tier we will be adding examples made by our writers. Do not despair if an example does not yet exist for your design tier as it will be added soon. Currently our writers are fleshing out the key NPCs for each faction as well as the various sub-factions. What are sub-factions? Well, a major faction is not a singular entity. Not all Romanovs or Arkwrights think the same. There are differences of opinion and we represent this via sub-factions. Some sub-factions have agendas that conflict with each other or their “parent” faction. Others may support each other or are ignorant of each other. Instead of throwing a bunch of sub-factions in the player’s face at the start of The Mandate, we believe sub-factions will improve the immersion of the game as well as be an incentive to replay The Mandate and work for different major factions 

We talked earlier about mod support and this is keeping the programmers and designers quite busy. As for the art team you saw some of their latest work in the Battle Orchestrator trailer we released a while back. While we are pretty happy with how the ships look, we are not 100% done with them. For now, though, we are focusing on the ship interiors as this is important both for boarding gameplay and how our chain of command will work. So how will this work exactly? Each room will have a number of consoles which must be staffed by crew. If a console is unmanned or damaged, this can impact your ship in a number of ways. Broadly speaking each room will have one or more of the following consoles:

  • Basic consoles which allow a room to function (normally placed in the center)
  • Specialist consoles which add new equipment or abilities (walls and corners)
  • Command consoles which confer bonuses to all other consoles in the room (corner)

To put things into perspective, let’s look at a series of tactical consoles which are used to control some of the ship’s weapons. We have different types of basic consoles that allow us to operate the weapons on the ship. In addition we have specialist consoles that allow us to install more or better weapons and finally we have a command console which is operated by a warrant officer who is in direct contact with the bridge.

On the topic of the bridge we will have a series of command consoles here which are operated by officers. These officers direct the warrant officers in the various rooms around the ship and interface with the captain (you!). Since the bridge is such an important room we decided to iterate on the old bridge concept. With some outside input we explored sketches of modern-day bridge layouts and used this as input when revamping our bridge.

Here is the front and back of the revamped command bridge on a frigate vessel. Naturally larger ships may have more expansive bridge facilities. Notice also that our old friend the battle orchestrator features quite prominently in the center of the room. In addition there are access elevators that connect the bridge both with the other decks as well as directly to the shuttle bay. In case you are wondering, the big screens at the front are not made of glass - the risk of an A-wing accidentally crashing through the screens is minimal due to a) sturdy construction and b) being in the wrong sci-fi universe.

When the new community site launched, we added a poll which made references to two new factions. Several backers were confused and asked who these new factions were and whether they had missed out on important lore information. Today we are revealing one of these factions, the Osmani, which is inspired by the Ottoman Empire. CLICK HERE to read more about this mysterious faction. This faction at the same time demonstrates how we are inspired by but not constrained by history.

Backers, meet the Osmani faction leader, Sultana Sadeet.

CLICK HERE to read more about her.

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Arvid Granat on

      Liking pretty much everything in this update. The backstory is cool and quite believable. Also reminds me a bit of that old Escape Velocity game, and maybe about Asimov's sci-fi books.
      Overall, this sounds promising.

    2. Sam Garamy

      Very much liking the Osmani faction. If there aren't any Osmani in the Grand Fleet, does that mean that you can't play as one since the Corsairs tend to be disgraced Fleet captains?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthias Nickel on

      @sas. If Someone attackes your bridge, your ship is pretty much lost anyway. You don't Need sentry guns or special cover on The bridge.
      Most Ships nowadays have a warroom and a bridge. You can command from either. The warroom is just inside The ship, with better armor Protection from outside hits with antiship weapons.
      But okay.
      Looks really good.

    4. Helena on

      So, the Osmani: Ottoman Empire with a cyborg twist? Interesting.

    5. dulBIRAKAN on

      Really liked the new faction!

    6. Missing avatar

      SAS on

      Matthias Nickel. Strange that military officer don't like my ideas. Real life you would like that your bridge have two weak points instead one. That when doors are hacked/breached you would be in crossfire and in little cover. I would think that these simple things would make game better and more true to idea of military designed ship as lore tells us. Modular design in ship parts but not in screens size.

      I fully understand realities of game design but these ideas are simple things that make big difference to how game feels. I would like game to feel like it's designed like real world military would design them in future. Thinking things like backups for everything, fighting boarders, fixing parts all that common stuff you take granted in real life.

      I don't mean that i am not happy how they do things now, but that they could do this better. Its all about immersion for me and noticing some idiot things breaks that immersion. Example. Stargate TV series and its location of Stargate. No real life military would defend that Stargate so poorly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthias Nickel on

      @SAS. I was an active officer. Your ideas are really fiction. Mandate does a really good job by designing these.
      Please don't implement SAS ideas.

    8. Missing avatar

      SAS on

      Devon Mullane, I really don't understand what was your post point. I think my suggestion were good. About my reference if you read those books, you would know that its written by retired navy officer.
      About those ideas, they are basic military principles. 1 door point: "In the vast majority of hostage rescue and other dynamic CQC operations, it is desirable to use multiple simultaneous attacks from different entry points to overload the target's ability to react effectively. The more entry points the attackers can choose from, the better their chances." source : . Door being fatal tunnel source: Found these by quick use of google.

    9. Devon Mullane on

      SAS, you may be confusing intelligent design with fiction. Sci-fi is not sci-fact. There are so many problems with your suggestions, the best I can say is you have a really romantic idea of combat and it would take far too many words to dig into it. What I recommend though is you read about command structure and naval warfare before you start listing sci-fi as a good reference for 'intelligent design'.

      What you mean to say is, "These ideas sound great on paper, but I have no idea what actually goes into these sorts of decisions."

    10. Missing avatar

      SAS on

      Few things about bridge design. Bridge looks like it is designed by civilian. This i think is bad. My points:
      1. Every station should have chairs so you don't fly away from your post during battle.
      2. Every station should be same in way that you can do all task in every station.
      3. Sentry guns in ceiling to fire to outside corridor. Grenade launcher also to fire in corridor.
      4. 1 door only because if you lose bridge and engineer, you lose the ship. More means more weak points. Also not close to any shuttle bay.
      5. Bridge located most defended part of the ship and longest distance from boarding places.
      6. Bridge self contained armored unit with one armored door and around door is places for soldier to fire back, front of door is also protected against fire, no station is line of fire and you have big weapon locker in bridge.

      These is only few quick things that i noticed and there may be lots more.

      Read least The Lost Fleet by Jack campbell book series for good tips.

      Don't take this wrong way, i only want the game look intelligently designed and not like Stargate style pretty design with little of military defence value.

    11. Rand Chua TL on

      So Osmani faction did plot for the downfall of Mandate.

    12. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys!!

    13. Nathan Camp on

      I really like the sound of this Osmani faction. The lore for this game thus far has been very welcome and I have enjoyed reading about it. So many RTS games have quite weak lore and world building.

    14. Octopus_Pancake on

      I'm absolutely loving the idea for sub-factions. It brings alot of potential for nice twists and turns for the story since not everyone of a major faction think alike. It reminds me ALOT of drow society. Very cool keep up the good work! Haven't read the lore as of yet but will definatly read up on it soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      "sturdy construction" implies that the screen opens to space, rather than keeping the bridge deep inside the ship under a lot of armour and less important components. You could argue that it lets you see out when everything else has failed, but that screen also has a very limited view (see any modern warship, where there are windows facing a lot more directions), limiting situational awareness as far as visual goes.

    16. Chris on

      I'm honestly about as hyped for this game, as I am for Star Citizen. I was expecting a semi-fun RTS. But the stuff you've guys have announced, and shown for this game, has blown me away. I'm rooting for you hard!

      Wish I could back more now heh.

    17. Paul Krause on

      Wait.... a console for sonar........... in space?
      May be that should be Radar/LIDAR or sensors?

    18. Anaxphone

      I came here to note the same errors, Florestan.

      Also, I'm liking the Osmani history and the Sultana's design. I look forward to getting more information on them and the other factions (and sub-factions, and sub-sub-factions...)

    19. Missing avatar

      Florestan Trément on

      Seems like there are 3 copy-paste errors in the recent history text, at the beginning of the second 15 years ago and the next two paragraphs, like “The Rebellion Spreads: The Rebellion Spreads: ”, etc.

    20. Patrick on

      Wow, that is a nice update! The lore is key and I think that's a great backstory to kick things off with! Looking forward to things even more now!

    21. J.L. on

      I don't mind being in the "wrong" sci-fi universe at all, it is the right one for this! (c:

      But at least my bridge crew can nap without fear of an A-wing smacking into their snooze-place... (c;

    22. Amenomade on

      login and retry ? no error for me.
      Nice update, can't wait to create my design tier.

    23. Count Thalim on

      All good now.


    24. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @all: try again now, there were a few minutes of delay from we published until the system updated the pages to be accessible
      @Voronwer: no everybody can read the pages

    25. Ronald Wanders on

      Indeed, I'm getting 403s as well. ^_^

    26. Voronwer on

      Are the links restricted to certain back tiers? I keep having a 403 (access denied) error despite having logged into the site.

    27. Count Thalim on

      I'm clearly too enthusiastic as I the links don't seem to be live yet?
      - Access denied (403)


    28. GragGunslinger on

      After hours card games and craps matches totally occur on the battle orchestrator table.