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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

650k achieved, free stuff, and some announcements...


Hi backers,

PS! You do not need to load pictures for this update ;)

We just hit the 650k mini-stretch goal on our Kickstarter which is fantastic news! This means that everybody who pledged a total of $50 or more (irrespective of reward tier) will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible and character pack #3 at no additional cost! Keep in mind that we have 13k from PayPal on top of this so the grand total sits at around 664k currently. If we hit 750k either before or after the Kickstarter campaign (the pledges on BackerKit later will count towards stretch goals), everybody who pledged $25 or higher will get the same digital add-ons as well.

Since we have had a rather busy schedule, it took us a bit longer than expected to deliver on some of our social stretch goals. Now, however, we are happy to present you all with “Garret’s crappy sketches volume 1” (trademark pending). It is a 16 MB PDF and contains a mix of black&white sketches as well as paintovers for interactive screens. There are quite a few logos and other smaller things which we have not shown externally before. Some of these may or may not end up being used in the final game. Also, due to popular demand, we have created a PDF that chronologically lists Anastasia's twitter messages. CLICK HERE to download both!

On the topic of Empress Anastasia, based on a discussion with the community over on Kickstarter comments pages earlier today we are adding two new stretch goals:

  • 805k - 20 page (minimum) novella about Anastasia before she became Empress
  • 810k - 20 page (minimum) novella about the early life of Admiral Suvarov

Everybody who pledged $25 or higher will get these at no additional cost! Alternatively if you pledged less than $25 then you can get both novellas as one digital add-on for $5 when we open the BackerKit store (this will happen 1-2 weeks from now). There are unconfirmed rumours that these novellas may also include new art. Just rumours, just rumours. Remember, BackerKit pledges after the Kickstarter is over will also count towards these stretch goals (as well as all previously announced stretch goals).

Also, we are adding a new 900k stretch goal:

  • 900k - "More of everything" (kudos to the backer who first mentioned it!)

At 900k we will add more crew events and life on the ship, more quests and types of away missions, more ship sections etc. In addition all players will start the game with an NPC onboard called "Ryback" who is an average chef but excels in boarding operations (reference to the movie "Under Siege"). You don't want to sneak in the queue in this guy's kitchen! More details about this stretch goal to come.

IMPORTANT: We will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on this Sunday to answer questions as a count down towards the end of the campaign. We expect to start around 9 PM CET / 8 PM GMT / 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST and will keep it running for several hours until we a) pass out or b) you stop asking questions. The location of the AMA will be announced both via our Twitter and Facebook page.

Final note: We have removed the cap on the $25 tier since now there is an actual difference between $20 and $25 (they were identical before). The $25 will get extra benefits once we hit 750k, 805k and 810k (which may also happen after the Kickstarter campaign concludes, as we open up the BackerKit store).

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Jesse Dylan Watson on December 1, 2013

      It's such a relief to see so much enthusiasm for this project.

      I know everyone is already aware, but Deathfire still needs a lot more help! I want both these games to succeed and make my childhood complete! Deathfire and Mandate are different, but I think they're similar enough that they'll appeal to fans of each other. Would have loved them both as a kid.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adham Sherif on December 1, 2013

      I backed it for 40$...and proud! Will I be able to up my pledge after the kickstarter ends with Backerkit? And is it going to be a sandbox similar to Mount&Blade:Warband?

    3. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on December 1, 2013

      Well, if the drunk obviously Russian officer does his job well, or even better then some or most of his sober counterparts, I'd be prepared to give a spot on my ship any day ;)

    4. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on December 1, 2013

      @Godewijn: Thank you for the kind words. This campaign has been a lot of work, but we have learnt a tonne, and seeing you guys all so excited about The Mandate as we are, sharing in our vision, is just awesome. Yes, we will do our utmost to ensure The Mandate is a top notch experience and we how it will also affect how future sci-fi RPGs are designed (more focus on crew, deeper story etc, yet not at the expensive of gameplay depth).

    5. Richard Luijten on December 1, 2013

      But Jason, isn't that exactly the kind of officer you'd want to hire?
      I know it is for me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on December 1, 2013

      Have to say this is I think the best organized and well-planned (video game) kickstarter ever. It's better than so many I have seen and supported! And that's very many.

      The amount of info released and the different ways of releasing them were awesome, the interactive tools, the text adventure, the posts, the art, the twitter messages, the social stretch goals, the new trailers with poems and awesome voice actor, how it all came together on time, the easy links everywhere, the consistent and good information, handily organized.
      And now, a compilation of Anastasia Twitter messages, the one thing I was sad about that I would probably miss reading, has been compiled for our benefit.

      Simply amazing and on grounds of the way you guys ran this kickstarter you deserve to be funded a hundred times over. And if you plan your development and game anywhere near you did this kickstarter you guys are going to ace The Mandate game itself!

      My deepest compliments and thanks!

    7. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on December 1, 2013

      We have gotten some mixed feedback on both the Russian, English and Spanish version. Rest assured we will follow up on this after the campaign. But I think we can all agree that David Bradley is a perfect fit for Suvarov. Remember, Suvarov in our game is not really from the Romanov faction, on his mother's side he is Black Eagle for example (the Black Eagle being a mix of Prussia and Cossack)

    8. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on December 1, 2013

      @Jason D: Remember, our writers and designers have final say on what goes into the game ;)

    9. Jason Garner on December 1, 2013

      @Konstantin Denin, Now that you've brought up Russians and Vodka some smartass is bound to use their NPC sheet to create a Russian 1st Officer who's permanently drunk lol.

    10. Kjell E on December 1, 2013

      Nice additional stretch-goals at 805k & 810k for those of us who prefer a bit of actual lore behind the gameplay :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Konstantin Denin on December 1, 2013

      As a backer, I'm happy, that such heights are achieved!
      As native Russian, with Cossack blood in my veins, I'm three times happy.
      We are stuck seeing stereotypes in the games, movies and so on: vodka, banya, babushka, selyodka, matryoshka, AK-47, bears in the streets, mafia, KGB, e.t.c.
      Threre is as many good guys and girls here as in other countries.
      I won't reveal a secret if I say that many people from Russia became bakers of Mandate. That's because authors tend to treat our culture with respect (unlike some WW2 game developers), and chose the exteriors of a very interesting age of our past (era of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, as we say here).
      Only one thing that sounded strange to me yet is a voice acting in recent trailer. The text is surprisingly correct (not usual for US game developers, who usually do lots of mistakes in Russian names, phrases, and so on), but the actress sounded like hurrying up somewhere, so she sounded far from an Empress. As Stanislavsky would have said: "I don't beleive that!". :)

    12. John Gardner on December 1, 2013

      Thanks for both PDF's the drawing look very nice, will be looking at them more later but looks very interesting. Also very glad you made the Twitter log into a pdf as well, it been fun reading all the tweets.

    13. Mario Malnar on December 1, 2013

      I want more events and better battles not stories! And away on planets and stations should be a must. Tactical battles in space need more explaining. Check stardrive!!!

    14. IamHowie on December 1, 2013

      Really wish the 800k stretch goal, but I threw in almost half my payroll already lol.

    15. J.L. on December 1, 2013

      Thanks for the PDF, great for posterity too! (c:

      And darnit, wish I was made out of money, then I could give up a thumb or so. (c;

    16. Eman Slitheran on December 1, 2013

      That's great to hear! Dammit I wish I had an extra $5 to pledge

    17. graylobo on December 1, 2013

      Congratulations! Keep going! Keeping in mind the 12k on paypal that means we are only 38k away from station boarding actions!

    18. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on December 1, 2013

      @All: We removed the cap on the $25 tier since now there is an actual difference between $20 and $25. E.g. at $25 you will get the novella goals at 805k and 810k at no additional charge and if we hit 750k you will get the strategy guide, art bible and charachter pack #3 at no additional charge as well.

    19. LordCrash on December 1, 2013

      Cool, love the new goals! :)