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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
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Captain Wrack's Thanksgiving

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)
Hey backers,

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Captain Wrack and all his friends wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving (PS! That is a cyber-parrot, not a turkey!)

On the topic of Captain Wrack our design example from the Great Captain Doc in our previous update (Page 1 and Page 2) generated some internal discussion about the length of each captain backstory. We have decided that each Great Captain will be assigned a full two pages for text and pictures so you can really flesh out the lore and backstory similar to our Captain Wrack example. The Great Captain Doc with nearly 300 captains will be a minimum of 600 pages long (lore captain’s from our writers will come on top!). Our writers and designers will work with those of you who have set out to design captains and ensure both language and content is of high quality.

As shown above our devs are currently hard at work on a new piece that will be out before the Kickstarter campaign concludes. Therefore we have not yet fulfilled all our promises for the social stretch goals. So we thought the best way was to jump the gun and give you guys the 5100 Facebook share social reward ahead of time: Both Mandate music tracks in 5.1 sound are being uploaded so CLICK HERE to get them.

One of the social stretch goals that got delayed was "Garret's crappy sketches volume 1" and above you can see a quick preview. We are sure you can recognize some of the characters from the text adventure Scourge of The Mandate which we launched earlier in the campaign. If you have not tried to play it yet, we encourage you to check it out now.

We are almost at $550.000 on Kickstarter and we have $11.000 from PayPal in addition. This means that we have passed our first mini-stretch goal ($550.000) and so backers at $100 or above will get the digital add-ons Strategy Guide, Art Bible and character pack #3 without extra cost (value $25). If we hit $650.000 then everybody who donated at $50 or above will get the same benefits etc. Just a quick reminder of our "real" stretch goals:

  • $600.000: Away Missions on Planets
  • $700.000: Starbase Boarding Operations
  • $800.000: Mod Support

We round off this update with a shout out to a cool game we think you will enjoy called Lords of Xulima. It comes out early next year and offers plenty of value for your cash!:

Years ago, a detailed fantasy mythology was created to serve as the foundation for an epic novel. Eventually, passion for writing met passion for RPGs, and a new project was born. Take on the mantle of Gaulen the Explorer and his companions, as they travel the ocean and set foot on a dangerous, mystical land. You may survive the struggles ahead, but in the end no one escapes the will of the Xulnari and their creations.

Lords of Xulima weaves together the traditional feel of isometric games with polished RPG features, and a mix of 2D & 3D art. Gameplay-wise, it is inspired by many of the greatest classics developed in the last decades by western and eastern talents. Veterans of the genre will appreciate the challenge and depth, while newcomers will be welcomed by a modern, player-friendly interface.

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Timothy Cook on

      For what it's worth, the Arcwright Breach-Flare Generator doesn't seem to fit the profile of Captain Wrack at all. If most pirate crews are ferocious and sloppy, but Wrack brought discipline, what is he doing with a weapon that has "ferocious and sloppy" written all over it?

    2. NAMDORG on

      To me, the look of the second screenshot is reminiscent of the first Knights of the Old Republic... and that makes me sooooo happy.

    3. Nadan Hotić on

      AWAY MISSION, AWAY MISSONS!!! gogogogo!!!!

      but i would like to get my grubby hands on a Great captain doc too as a digital addon or something... otherwise ill have to up my pledge like Terrence Ow, coz we are on the same tier.

    4. Jason Garner on

      Dammit I already find myself humming The Mandate music wherever I go now you've just made it 5 times worse grrr!

    5. Terence Ow on

      is it possible to buy the great captain doc as a digital add-on? anyone know? im currently pledging at the 40 dollars level and would rather not up it to 75 due to cash flow

    6. Jannick on

      hmm i may have to up my pledge to 100 bucks now

    7. Evmeister on

      Still holding out hope that you guys do a shout out for astrobase.

    8. Victor Britto Camello on

      Good sirs, I demand a cyber parret! :P

      Simply genius lol

    9. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Great update and really like the cross promotion between this and Xulima :)
      Now on to those stretch goals ;)

    10. Numantian Games on

      Greetings from Numantian Games! Thank you very much for mentioning Lords of Xulima. We still have 16 hours until our campaign ends. We wish you the best for your team and this awesome Sci-Fi RPG.
      Best wishes from your friends at Numantian Games!

    11. Amenomade on

      FREE the turkey !!!