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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

Perfidious treachery!!!

Posted by Perihelion Interactive LLC (Creator)
Hi backers,

We have passed our funding goal of 500.000 and we are very happy!!! Thank you to all backers who believed in us, Brian Fargo, Kevin Saunders, Angry Joe, Scott Manley and everybody else who supported the campaign! Thanks too to everyone who supports us from this point on.  

To celebrate this fact, we bring you a special message from Anastasia. CLICK HERE to read it.

As some of you may be aware, there was a bit of drama with our $10.000 backer pulling out when we were just $5.000 shy of the 500.000 goal. This was only a minor setback and we quickly recovered but this kind of scam could have been a major blow to a smaller campaign. 

So how do we chose to respond to this? Do we ignore it? NOOOO WAY! After getting some input from the most active backers in the comments field over on Kickstarter, we have decided to run a little community activity:

  • There is no precedence for trying a Lord High Admiral [which is the $10,000 pledge rank] on a court martial and since all members of a court martial must have equal or higher rank than the accused, well, there is only one Lord High Admiral so...
  • Instead the accused will be tried by a grand jury of his peers [for the sake of story we assume this event takes place before all of you were disgraced after your own court martial ;) ]
  • Our lead writer will act as Judge Advocate General of the Grand Fleet and draft the charges, basically violations of the Articles of War
  • You, as captains of the fleet, will decide whether the charges are true or false
  • You, as captains of the fleet, will perform sentencing (by popular vote)

We hope this can turn something negative into a fun little community event. The court martial will be in session most likely in early to mid December. In other news we are releasing some cool stuff over the next few days so stay tuned for more. Also, later in the week there will be a dev log update which talks about the different reward tiers and what you will get with each.

As a preview we thought we would answer a few questions about the Great Captain Doc and show a preview of one captain you may recognize from the Scourge of The Mandate text adventure released earlier.

Q: What exactly is the Great Captain Doc?
A: The Great Captain Doc is a high quality PDF that contains the backstory, character visuals and flagship for all the backers who have pledged at $200 or above as well as all backers who picked the digital add-on $75 design a captain. We will set aside minimum one page per captain, possibly more. Currently this document will be at least 250 pages long, and it is still growing... 

Q: Why is the Great Captain Doc such a big deal?
A: When you work for the different factions in The Mandate, you accumulate faction reputation. In some games you grind faction and become best friends forever. In The Mandate reputation is a currency and can be spent to call in various favours. Different factions have different services but most will allow you to call in a captain who is allied to them. The captain will join and serve under your command. The Great Captain Doc will be an easy reference so you can read about the different captains before you spend precious reputation points to call them in.

Q: Who gets the Great Captain Doc?
A: All backers from the $75 reward tier (Cossack Captain) and above will get a copy. In addition all backers who buy the $75 digital add-on to design their own captain will also get a copy.

Also, today we released a new developer log called “Anatomy of the game”. CLICK HERE to view it. Interesting trivia: The dev diary was in fact shot on the command bridge of a Grand Fleet cruiser in orbit above Novy Petersburg!

Before we round off for today we thought we would share a game that has been on our radar for some time and which we pledged to: STASIS is an isometric sci-fi adventure with very eye catchy graphics and the entire action takes place aboard a spaceship! It looks cool and sounds cool [Mark Morgan is doing the music!] and they got a nice endorsement as well:

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Emiliano Cruz on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal. :D

    2. Xavier Sanson on

      Still, we do not judge him/her/it directly but his/her/its tier abandoning the post allowed/chosen.
      Why boosting his/her/its ego while we just want a way to have fun & forget him/her/it ?

    3. Peter Jacob on

      I've heard that the more common scam is to pledge the highest tier, wait till X physical rewards ship, then do a charge back on the credit card.

      Giving attention to a scam artist like this may be counterproductive. Even if you change their name or whatever, you immortalize their infamy in a way no honorable backer can hope for. For the scumbag in question, it would be quite an ego boost.

    4. Xavier Sanson on

      Condemning the Lord High Admiral by all the admiralty & the loyal officers will just be roleplay fun.

      There is not so much drama about it since we have reach the goal without those 10k but it is also a severe loss. It can be really serious for some project. Hopefully, the rally of forces for the Mandate was strong enough.

      Cheer up, backers, and sail to victory ! :)

    5. Thomas Shadle on

      A Court Martial certainly sounds like it would be entertaining.

      Justice must be done. For the Mandate.

    6. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on

      @Inquisitioner: You are paying to create in-game content that will be added to the shipped game. If you name a Captain, say, Nelson, then we all will meet a NPC Captain named Nelson with the background you gave him/her. The same with naming a Marine, or a Ship, or making a Legendary weapon (300$ tier) etc.

      You are still creating your own Captain and crew, but those exist in your save files alone, as usual, while the payed ones are seen by everyone :)

    7. Helena on

      @ ",": Someone pledged $10,000, but didn't reply to the devs when they contacted him/her to verify the pledge. S/he then pulled out just as the campaign was about to pass the funding goal, without giving a reason. It's still possible that they had some good reason for doing so, but the likelihood of it being a troll is extremely high, especially given how many times the same thing has happened in other campaigns.

      As for the 'trial', it's all in fun - obviously they're not actually going to 'go after' this person in any way. When the pullout happened, some people in the comments thread joked about holding a court-martial for desertion, and Perihelion took the idea and ran with it.

    8. Helena on

      @ Inquisitioner: You will be able to do those things for free. The 'name a captain' and similar rewards allow you to name one of the NPC characters in the game, as opposed to your own captain and crew.

    9. LuckyLuigi on

      Congratulations on reaching 100% funding !

    10. Inquisitioner on

      I'm out

      Your supposed to mod game and get your own captain for free, not fucking pay for it. Or is this some MMO?? Doubt it.

    11. Lagomorph on

      Incidentally, thank you to Perihelion for the tip about STASIS. Holy space horror adventure, that looks amazing.

    12. Lagomorph on

      Not labeled a scammer, necessarily - more a general consensus that, if you hit that button that says "I will pledge ten thousand dollars to this project", you ought to mean it.

    13. Missing avatar

      , on

      Was something left out from this update? Not having followed any drama, the update gives the impression that someone got labeled a scammer just for backing out.

    14. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on

      @Brian: You pay to design named character(s) and name a ship that will be there for every shipped copy of the game. These are extra, and while you can hire the people you design, they have nothing else to do with YOUR ship and crew :)

    15. euansmith

      " Creator Perihelion Interactive LLC about 6 hours ago

      @Sarah: If you want to add additional captain designs, feel free to do so. With Christmas coming up we do encourage you all to show a bit of restraint and you can always upgrade your pledges on BackerKit in the New Year. "

      This comment was fabricated from pure Winonium by the Rainbow Unicorns of Carecuddles.

      Thanks for showing some concideration for your backers and especial thanks for running such an ambitious Kickstarter. Congratulations on funding.

    16. Piers Mundy on

      So if I buy the digital add on to design a captain in January will I still get the great captains doc?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tory Middlebrooks

      I don't think that is entirely correct. You can pay extra to design NPCs that will be put into the game world, but you get to build your ship for free (I assume this includes naming rights).

    18. Missing avatar

      Candid on

      I wasn't exactly gutted when I saw the Lord High Admiral withdraw prematurely from our collective engagement. We were still too close to fail with so much time left. But I recall itching to pledge further resources of my own to spite the loss and I still regret that I couldn't. The court martial should soothe my temper and ease my conscience, so I look forward to it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ray Naula on

      ... has The Mandate become an ARG (Alternate Reality Game)? We're having a court martial... and timeline wise it makes sense. The court martial is happening before our own. The game isn't out yet so we couldn't of disgraced ourself yet. hehe

      A shared piece of Lore Among the backers, a Kickstarter Exclusive :P
      Perhaps one of us brought a cemra to the event

    20. Brian Lo on

      This game is getting expensive fast!
      I have to pay extra to design my crew and name my own ship?

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      @sleet I can fully understand the sentiment on "But what if he pledged more then he could afford, and had to pull out" if it was a lower pledge level. However, given a) several Kickstarters have been hit by a scammer(including Reaper's Bones II and White Wolf's Changing Breeds deluxe kickstarter), and this was $10,000 tell me you would not realize you didn't have $10, 000 to spend....And, given how slow funding has been rising for this kickstarter, his/her dropping out could have prevented this from getting funded...

    22. Wolfgang ten Weges on

      Not being a native english speaker, i'd love if the videos were subtitled ! It's really hard to understand else ;_;

    23. Xavier Sanson on

      Of course ! Until then, all the better. :)

    24. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Xavier: The court martial is scheduled for early to mid December, we need to give the writer some time to draft a proper trial document as this is not normally part of his tasks and may require a bit of research ;)

    25. Xavier Sanson on

      Congratulations for the funding.
      I just want to know where the 'fun' trial event will take place ? It is a shame for the admiralty and shall not be unpunished by the mandate ;)

    26. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Sarah: If you want to add additional captain designs, feel free to do so. With Christmas coming up we do encourage you all to show a bit of restraint and you can always upgrade your pledges on BackerKit in the New Year.
      @Benjamin: We are awaiting offers and feedback from different merchandise vendors. We want them to offer a) high quality b) fair price c) international shipping. We will not settle for sub-par products so we may need a bit of time to finalize this. We are checking multiple merchandise vendors and if you have experience with any that satisfy the three criterias above, we would like to hear from you
      @Rino: We will do this in a tasteful way, and we will not reveal the identity of the ex-backer. If this makes us look a bit silly, then fine. We are a bit tired after 60 days and need a chance to smile a bit ;)

    27. Matthew Hunt on

      @ Alexander Coffman Exactly.

      This is all a bot of fun for the Creators/Developers and us Backers.

      It's an excuse to add to the story and expand the game universe.

    28. gandalf.nho

      Congrats for the funding!

    29. Jayson Richard on

      I'll admit I had a few moments of doubt over the course of the campaign, but you guys made the goal and I couldn't be happier.

      I love the trial idea, it ties real world events to the lore which I think helps immersion. I'd love to see more such events.

    30. Thrashie on

      @Rino - It's not like they are going to name and shame him. (well there might be some shaming perhaps)
      But in worst case people like that can cause projects to not reach funding on the last day if they barely made it over the set goal.. and thus destroying weeks/months of work for people that have put effort and money into getting their dreams funded.
      As long as the trial won't break too far from the game setting you at least get some extra things to do while playing. ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander Coffman on

      This is all in good fun- like the devs said, it is trying to turn something negative into a positive roleplaying experience for the backers. No one is actually going to space jail!

    32. Jörn Huxhorn

      Pulling a pledge during the funding period is perfectly valid behavior.

      I agree that this person was probably a troll and pulling a pledge, especially this high, isn't a very nice thing - but this is in no way comparable with receiving rewards and disputing the money transfer.

      Beside that, it would actually be possible to troll in an even worse way. One could pledge at the $1 tier and just raise the money - but not the tier - to $10k. That way it would appear as if the money was from many people at smaller tiers and pulling it would be an even bigger surprise.

      The trial could be kind of fun but if that person was really a troll then the trial isn't punishment but some kind of award.
      "Look at my magnificent trolling power! They even did a trial for me!"
      Trolls are doing it for the attention.

    33. Matthew Hunt on

      I would love to be involved in the Court Martial.

      Heck, work it into the story as part of character creation.

      "Your Captain was involved in the Grand Jury Of Lord High Admiral Whatchamacallit.

      After much deliberation and attention, the trial was resolved and you were thanked for your service by Grand Admiral Overseer.

      While you and your peers tried the case in fairness and impartiality, some scheming members of the nobility took it upon themselves to make an example of you and others including the Grand Admiral following the conclusion of the case. It would seem they were not happy with the outcome.

      You were offered enticing rewards for lending a favourable result in the case for certain anonymous interested parties. While your influence was not discovered until the trial had been resolved, Grand Admiral Overseer did not take kindly to your subversive actions, and personally assured your fate."

    34. Missing avatar

      Sarah D

      @ Perihelion - so can we add on more than one design a captain? I really tempted to design a captain for each of the factions (or at least the major ones)

    35. Benjamin Penney on

      When are the physical reward tiers or add-ons going to be announced? You're not giving us much time to choose them.

    36. Rino Bondesen on

      @Thomas Ian Smith - I still fail to see what this "trial" will accomplice other than make Perihelion Interactive look silly and childish especially to people who are not in the know about the situation.

      Also solving the problem with ghostpledgers is really kickstarters problem and not Perihelion Interactive who at this moment really should be celebrating the fact that they got funded rather than staging some mock trial for no purpose.

      It seems ..odd to me.

    37. Thomas Ian Smith on

      @Rino, look it is fraud as far as I am concerned, someone before pledged the highest amount and then disputed the charges with his bank but kept all the rewards sent to him by the kickstarter and ever since then people have been trolling well mean developers who want to create something and others to share in there dream.

      If people mistakenly put the wrong amount in then they could simply alter the pledge and send a message with an added apology, this person did not do that, he put the highest amount and pulled it at the last moment when this project was getting close to raising the ful amount of moneym stunts like that can crush the momentum of a game and break confidence in the developers and backers.

      I hope the guy gets banned.

    38. Tan Lek Tiong on

      congratulations! work hard guys! I hope this game will surpass all hopes and dreams and bring something refreshing to the gaming world.I hope the best for all of you and hope to see the court Marshall and the admiral hang from the gallows

    39. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Just wanted to say Congrats on passing the magical limit. I really looking forward how this project evolves and for the final game. It looks to be a really fun game so keep up the good work guys.

    40. Rino Bondesen on

      @Sleet - i imagine something like : IMAGINARY JUSTICE! People who promise to make game goes after guy who promised them money!

    41. Mr Propellerhead on

      Woohoo... a trial!
      I finally have a reason to wear my powdered wig.

    42. alcaray on

      It would be helpful to see if these interruptus guys are the same guy. You might get ahold of the other ks's that have had similar experiences and compare notes.

      If it is a supertroll, having a trial for him will only feed his need for fame.

    43. Rino Bondesen on

      @Perihelion Interactive LLC - sorry but i can help it, I still think it's childish.

    44. Insert Disk 2 on

      Great, can we now have some physical copies to pledge to ? Thank you in advance !

    45. Missing avatar


      Alrighty, just try to be careful with how you go about it. I'd hate to see some journalist twist a little game into 'When Kickstarters Bite Back,' or some such nightmare.

    46. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Sleet: Also we will of course maintain full anonymity

    47. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @Sleet: The pledge was at 10.000 and was removed when we were 5.000 away from hitting 500.000. We had contacted the individual when the pledge was made to ensure it was correct. We did not get as much as a reason for the removal of the pledge. If the person had told us that he/she had to reduce from 10.000 to 40 bucks or something due to personal reasons, that would have been ok.

    48. Missing avatar


      This kind of behavior is starting to become really irritating. The Bones II had a pledge troll who would slowly increment his pledge up to a couple of K, and then pull it right before a stretch goal.

      I hope Kickstarter starts addressing this kind of issue.

    49. Missing avatar


      I understand what you're trying to do with this Lord High Admiral thing, but honestly, I can't condone it. Sometimes people pledge more than they can reasonably afford, and sometimes they have to back out, but if we're going to start setting precedents of mocking people for at least trying to show support, what's to encourage people to make those large pledges in future Kickstarters?
      I just hope you manage to do this tastefully, and avoid potential bad PR.

    50. Perihelion Interactive LLC Creator on

      @pierrotgarcia: We have notified Kickstarter and provided details about the scam as well as the profile for the ex-backer in question, the rest is up to Kickstarter
      @Zalgo: There will be plenty of clothing options for you to play with in the final game, this is just the tip of the iceberg ;)