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As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
16,408 backers pledged $701,010 to help bring this project to life.

New trailer, LAN support and ... fashion tips?!?


Hi backers,

PS! Turn on displaying of images if you are reading this update as an email or head over to the Kickstarter link to read it there.

First of all the last weekend has been great! When we did our planning before the weekend, we had expected to start off on Monday at around 400.000 but instead we were almost at 470.000! Barring divine intervention or the internet going down, we are confident that we will reach and exceed our minimum funding goal. Huzzah! We also have over $5000 from PayPal donations that will help count towards stretch goals.

Last update we shared a work in progress of a pirate grunt, and we thought we would show the very latest version which has some interesting tweaks. Don’t try to sneak past this guy in a queue!

One backer asked if he could dress like a pirate. If you are playing as a pirate it may make sense to dress as one, too! By default you start the game as the Empress’ Corsair, and there are few restrictions on what you can do so feel free to dress as a pirate. However, if you prefer to pursue the path of getting reinstated into the Grand Fleet (and there are both roleplay and gameplay incentives for doing this), you will be expected to dress as a proper captain in Her Majesty’s Navy. Do not worry, you will have several uniforms to choose from, but prancing about like a pirate would raise some eyebrows and turn heads among your crew. Has the captain lost his mind? Will he procure a cyber parrot next?!?

Also, we are announcing LAN support for The Mandate. That way you can enjoy playing in cooperative mode while sitting physically together with friends and family, and you will not need internet access. Remember, cooperative mode will be completely optional in The Mandate and is not some lame excuse on our side to avoid creating a deep single player experience. Rather it is in addition, and we believe that we have some really cool cooperative features planned that will work in and outside of combat. More on this in a future update.

Thirdly, this week will be quite feature packed, and we kick off this week with our second piece featuring the wonderful David Bradley. This new trailer is called “The Captain We Need” and ties in with the last week of roleplay tweets over at @AnaEmpress on Twitter. Enjoy!

Your friends at Perihelion Interactive

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    1. Richard on

      You know, I am three quarters through the new video but I had to pause it to tell you that.
      The clothing and armor designs are simply amazing.
      Please give whoever drew them a raise.

    2. Nadan Hotić on

      SWTOR guild Outbreak from ToFN salutes you and pledges its support!! go go Mandate!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Wade Clemons on

      Nice it is fully funded! Now I need to put myself in cyro until the beta, so I can help so more!

    4. Slightly Mad on

      I have been waiting for this since the start of the campaign. Take this to a higher level! Great job all you backers, let the fun continue.
      Congratulations all of you at Perihelion and keep up the good work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Markus Rechberger on

      let me be the first ;) (on KS) to congratulate you on getting funded!

      good job! have some victory borscht!

    6. irongamer on

      What is this L.. A.. N you speak of? Some kind of 20th century technobabble? Finally decided to throw in my support. Grats on making your funding.

    7. Charlie Cochrane on

      Thanks for LAN access, that's great!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Baillie on

      Woo, my comment got in an update! :D

      I think things will slow down for the next few days after all the publicity on youtube and websites occured. Then last 2 days will pick up again when everyone who 'starred' this project gets their e-mail reminder and see's the goal hit. I'm hopeful we can make 2 stretch goals, but at this stage unsure. Feel confident that we can get to $600k though!

    9. Mario Malnar on

      Great video, show us more battle management and playing in battles!

    10. Wolfgang ten Weges on

      Uh, the net balance of pledge for today is... -7991$ O_o ? It looks like one very big pledge was removed.

    11. Irx on

      Coop will eat lots of resources from maingame, not a good thing. :(

    12. Canyon

      Fantastic video, excellent delivery & dialogue, wonderful artwork.

    13. Christopher Wolfe on

      I like the pirates, particularly the way the rust color and the scratches on the armor give it an almost patchwork, worn look. I also appreciate the orc maw on the helmet. Up until yesterday, I was worried that this project wasn't going to get funded, which would have been a tragedy, because it's the one I'm looking forward to the most.

    14. TheChosenOne on

      Pirates look pretty decent. Nothing to eleborate but still fitting.

    15. James Henry on

      Did anyone else notice that the male noble at 1:26 is looking at a schematic of the first starship Enterprise?

    16. euansmith

      David Bradley certainly brings a sense of menace to the part of the Admiral. The visuals are very nice. Clean and high-tech but with enough character to be interesting. Roll on $500,000 :D

    17. John Lacy

      Very nice, has me finally having to decide if I want to be Rebel or Loyalist. normally it's the former...

    18. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      What a great video! Good text, good voice, good visuals. Awesome :)

    19. Pyth0n on

      LAN support sounds great. I like it. :)

    20. Evmeister on

      Holy crap that trailer was bone chilling! I don't think it could have been any better, unless John Hurt was voicing. But man, Bradley's voice really brought it home.

    21. ThomasN on

      A future LAN party, using me as intermediate proxy, salutes you!

    22. John Gardner on

      Lan Support is pretty cool !! wish I had friends around to use it with.. The new Trailer is Incredible !!! Love it... This needs to be used as part of the game into...

    23. Robin Andersson on


    24. Kjell E on

      Indeed "The video is "goose-bump" awesome!!" Impressive ! :-)

    25. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on

      @Sankfang Well, there was that nudist colony in Ultima 7...which was right next a nest of giant hornets if I remember correctly...sadly, they did not have a pirate flag or cyber parrot.

    26. fedsoatk on

      The video is "goose-bump" awesome!! It would be amazing if you could keep making short videos throughout the production up to release and use them as a long introduction to prepare and give us player the common knowledge that our character is expected to have at the beginning of the game. We (players) would basically start the game feeling already part of the universe.

    27. twinchenzo - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Good god, David Bradley is awesome.

    28. Dennis Peter Gudbrandsen Schmidt on

      Coop... God i love you guys!!!!
      butterflies in my stomach already! Weeeeee!!!

      Hmm.. Can i just donate, and automatically be updated to a higher pledge? or will i have to use some special link to do so???

    29. xlynx on

      This trailer is spine tinglingly good.

    30. Ramsez Stamper on

      I want a robo-parrot!!! :-D , love these videos and how they add to the lore. :)

    31. Kennyrules on


      Yup. I have a new goal for my first run through the game.

    32. Magnus Aadnøy on

      Do the Star Citizen!

    33. Amenomade on

      Happy kickstarter in advance for tomorrow. I wish you will continue update after the kickstarter
      @Branko look at the front page

    34. Missing avatar

      AnotherMe on

      Many thanks for the co-op and LAN support so often neglected!

    35. Missing avatar

      GamerWolfOps on

      That looked like Angry Joe :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Sankfang on

      What about being naked? A ship of nudists? Crazy pirate Nudists? I joke but I am liking the design for the pirates.

    37. Missing avatar

      deflated on

      There is less than 20k left needed to be funded with 6 days left. I just want to tell you all (both) good luck. We're all counting on you.

    38. Craig Stern on

      "One backer asked if he could dress like a pirate."

      Well, you know what they say: do what you want, 'cause a pirate is free.